War Dragon (Light Cruiser)

Built by: Draconians
Used by: Draconians
Tonnage:  80 tons
Hull points:  90
Crew:  20/60
Maneuver Class:  C
Landing Land: Yes
Landing Water: No
Armor Rating:  3
Saves As:  Metal
Power Type:  Major or Minor Helm
Ship's Rating:  As Per Helmsman

Standard  Armament:
    4 Heavy Ballistas
    2 Medium Ballistas
    1 Heavy Catapult
    2 Medium Catapults
    1 Greek fire projector (Optional)

Cargo:  5 tons
Keel Length:  250'
Beam Length:  100' 300' at including the wings


The War Dragon is the Draconians newest ship, it's built too apear as a Blue Dragon in flight, but Green War Dragons exitst also. The War Dragon is to the Draconians what the Man-O-War is too the Elves. The War Dragon is the most common ship in IDS. The IDS fleet's flage ship is a War Dragon painted black.

Other configurations:

There have no other configurations done on this ship. Other Races would like to get their hands on it but the Draconians won't let them.