Built by: Humans & Half Orcs
Used Primarily by: Humans& Half Orcs, sometimes Elves and Lizard Men.
Tonnage: 100
Hull Points: 100
Crew: 30/100
Maneaverability Class: F
Landing land: Yes
Landing Water: No
Armour Rating: 5
Saves as: Thick Wood
Powertype: Major or Minor Helm
Ship Rating: As for spelljammer

Standard Armament:

2 Medium Catapults, Crew: 3 each
2 Heavy Ballista, Crew: 3 each
2 Medium Billista, Crew: 3 each

Cargo: 94 tons
Keel: 250'
Beam: 200'


The Void Beast is a massive transport ship. Mainly used by goverments, private armies and trading companies too transport large amounts of goods or troops. While the Void is, well armed it is still very clumsy in battle, Maneaverability class: F. For this reason more agile ships are sent with the Void Beast if their is reason too suspect it will be attacked.


The Void Beast can house any humanoid creatures, it's design being very generic for this exact reason. Inspite of this, the Void Beast is still not very popular among most races. The Elves have been know too use this ship, when they've need to transports a great number of troops and no armadas were in the area, other then that the Elves avoid using the Void Beast. Many human companies who can afford escorts, have been using the Void Beast to transport large amounts of cargo from sphere too sphere.

Ship Uses:

Militray: The Void Beast is able too carry hundreds of soldiers in converted cargo holds, in relative comfort, when a goverment needs to transport a large army from one plante to another, the Void Beast is quite useful.

Other Configurations:

The Void Beast has very few uses out side transports goods or soldiers. It is possible to use a Void Beast, loaded with explosive material to break a blockade, other then that the Void Beast is only used by the military with any conversions.