Type: Maxwell's Demon (Special Design)
Built By: Itsari
Used By: Itsari
Tonnage: 7
Hull Points: 14 (due to excellent craftmanship)
Crew: 1/5
Maneuver Class: B
Landing-Land: Yes
Landing-Water: No* (see special features)
Armor Rating: 2
Saves As: Steel Alloy
Power Type: Pulse Helm (special features)
Ship's Rating: 7 (Itsari's)
Standard Armament:
1 Flow Rizza (See special features)
2 light ballista with modifications (See special features)
Cargo: 2 tons
Keel: 20"
Beam: 14"


Itsari designed the Rho for his own personal use. After collecting several remains from his personal collection of spelljamming ships his army had gathered and the loss of his last ship, he decided that he would like to have a ship too for show. It is designed as a powerhouse single man craft. It has several items borrowed from several other ships. He and his factions reside in the Omega spheres. They are far off crystal spheres from the known worlds that they sit and wait; wait for another chance to visit the known spheres to play in.

Itsari: (LN fighter 10th vampire/kai/elven race)/> Born in a crystal sphere that was destroyed when he was a child, Itsari grew up at a refugee outpost that he grew up quickly. He looks very similar to an elf, an untrained eye would mistake him for one. He had his share of adventures, being captured by the alien race known as the Kai, finding new crystal spheres, transformed into a part vampire, finding a home for his followers are just a few. He has several powers which mortal men can only dream about possessing, but mainly enjoys "playing" with the Imperial Elven Navy and other powerhouses of the spelljamming universe. He sends opponents to challenge empires or causes events to happen which are viewed as chaotic by many but he sees as fun for him as he watches over the events that unfold. One adventurer described him as, "a fun loving criminal who had the adventuring life, now he provides the adventures." He is an outlaw by several nations, but also friend to many as well. The Terren Republics list him as, "a character who has to be watched cause you can't predict his next move." He is outlawed by the Spelljamming K'r'r'r for shrinking one of their ships and crew to one half of their original size. He eventually returned them back to their original size, but not before having his fun with them. He is known to have the power of telekinesis. He is an entertaining character and should be approached with caution.

Special Features:

Pulse Helm-

This helm has several sensors, the main being the bubble in the rear of the craft, which charges the helm (for a maxim of 132 charges, for a maxim time of 132 hours) by draining magical energy sources, such as artifacts, mages, helms, or any other magic possessing items or people. The object or person must come within 50' of the main sensor to charge the helm. It is a very rare helm and cannot power a ship over 20 tons. It takes the helm 10 minutes to collect enough energy for a charge. In addition to powering the ship, the helm can spend 100 charges to open a rift to jump spheres. This can save months of traveling for the people or objects inside the Rho. It is a true masterpiece of a helm, but only a few people know where this prototype helm really belongs. For now it is on the Rho.

Flow Rizza-

This is a magical "ribbon" which is let out of the rear of the ship by twenty feet. It can be retracted when necessary. Every 2 hours the ribbon is charged up enough to cut through 10 feet of any substance that has an armor rating of 3 or higher. Usually it is used to cut away a necessary part of a ship or do critical damage to it, (such as a helm or rigging.) It is active for 3 rounds, then needs 12 rounds to charge.

Air Cycler-

This box has an always constant opening to the elemental plane of air that keeps the air always fresh.

Light ballistas-

The modifications allow the pilot to load both of these weapons in a turn while in the cockpit flying the ship.

Airtight compartment-

The ship is so air tight that it can go underwater for six rounds. Though underwater, none of the weapons will work right and the ship cannot go under fifty feet of water or the pressure will cause the ship to start to leak. This is done in emergency situations only. The front of the ship is strong enough to act as a blunt ram to ram undersides of ships.