Name: Nimbus Class
Built By: Mindspace Humans(and others native to the sphere)
Used Primarily By: Mindspace Humans(and others)
Cost: 600, 000 gp
Tonnage: 200 tons
Hull Points: 200
Crew: 75/200
Maneuverability Class: C
Landing-Land: Yes
Landing-Water: Yes
Armor Rating: 2
Save As: Metal
Power Type: Warp Engine
Ship's Rating: As per helmsman(special)
Ship Armament:

1 Heavy Ballista(A)
Crew: 3

2 Light Ballistae(P,S)
Crew: 1

1 Medium Ballista(F)
Crew: 2

4 Major Psychic Cannon Turrets(P, S)
Crew: 2

5 Minor Psychic Cannon Turrets(F, A)
Crew: 1
Cargo Capacity: 100 tons
Keel Length: 950'
Beam Length: 80'

Description: Created and used by the races of Mindspace, the Nimbus and is complement of Zephyr scouts is a sight to behold. Noone has puzzled out how the silly things work(and Mindspace natives are smart enough not to let Krynnish Tinker Gnomes near them to find out, even the Arcane are scratching their head about this one). Mindspace is a sphere where magic is generally scoffed at, the natives preferring psionics instead. And so the warp engine is made to use psychic rather than magical power to run the ship. The landing ratings are deceptive. Docking bays for the Nimbus on Mindspace worlds hold the craft aloft however it is watertight and should a captain choose to, it can become a submarine. However the balistae cannot be used if this is done so the option is rarely used. The PCTs are unique to the Nimbus and its scout craft, the Zephyr, each rely on a psionicist of some sort to power them. Minor Cannons inflict 2 hull points per strike(2d10 to crew) and costs the Psionicist sitting in the gunnery chair 10 PSPs per shot. Major cannons require two psionically active characters working in tandem and drains 10 PSPs from each but the damage caused is double that of a minor cannon. Magic users be they mages or priests can still use the cannons and the engine however not as well as a psionically powered character. Each shot costs a mage or priest in question one spell and does half as much damage as a psionically active one. The Warp Engine functions like a major helm for a psionic character draining them of all PSPs which can be rejuvenated but a psionicist can only sit on the chair linked to the engine once per day without suffering ill effects. Characters who have not rested after sitting in the chair but with full PSPs are treated as mages for the second trip and afterwards they find they cannot replenish PSPs except through sleep however they may still operate a cannon instead of the helm with no ill effects. Rates of fire for the cannons are 4 for a minor cannon and 2 for a major one with non-psionicists getting half the rate of fire as well.

Nimbus and Zephyrs look rather odd as well. Rotors and screws provide propulsion and keep the ship hovering as well as aid in take off. Over all they look like huge triangles, the Nimbus having circles on top for turrets and a long rectangular strip for the Zephyrs. The heavy and light ballistae sit on top of a control tower that acts like a helm in some vessels, or just a control tower for the Zephyrs in others. Zephyrs are raised and lowered from a platform that rises from below. Watertight doors open to allow passage from the hanger to the deck. A single Nimbus carries as many as 30 Zephyrs or as few as 10 depending on whether the ship is designated as a warship, a trader or an explorer Armament is the same however traders on the whole carry less Zephyrs unless selling them. The number of Nimbus depends largely on what type it is and where it is found. Normally there is a single warship on patrol within the sphere of Mindspace itself at any one time with a full crew. In times of war this ups to three. Traders travel singly or in caravans of up to five with a crew of anywhere between skeleton to full. Exporers generally travel alone but in some cases there may be as many as three each more than likely with a minimum crew. Most rarely (read PCs mainly) are pirate/privateer Nimbus which only appears singly with an individual crew size and number of Zephyrs running the gamut of a full compliment to maybe two or three or even none. One more thing should be mentioned; the air envelope of Nimbus and Zephyrs is enclosed and cannot be stolen, nor can they steal from another's air envelope. Visiting an air body can fill up the ship's air tanks and the ship must hover inside while doing so. No PSPs are drained at this time however the pilot cannot rejuvenate PSPs or get out of the apperatus that siphons them off, the pilots can look about however.

Name: Zephyr Class Scout
Built By: Mindspace races
Used Primarily By: Mindspace races
Cost: 375 gp
Tonnage: 1, 000
Hull Points: 4
Maneuverability Class: A
Landing-Land: Yes
Landing-Water: Yes
Armor Rating: 4
Save As: Metal
Power Type: Warp Engine
Ship's Rating: Per Helmsman
Ship Armament:
 1 Minor Psychic Cannon(F)
Crew: 1
Cargo Capacity: 1/2 ton(Pilot's personal gear)
Keel Length: 14'
Beam Length: 4'

Description: Zephyrs are the fighter planes of the Mindspace sphere. Each has limited space enough for the pilot and her personal gear. The engine is the same as that of its mothership and has much the same requirements. However single classed rangers and paladins of spell casting level have an advantage over their counterparts in piloting a Zephyr, while they still control the ship as a mage they use their actual level rather than their spell casting level to determine the ship's rating(note that this is only for single classed rangers and paladins and if the DM is feeling generous, Bards). Psychic cannons function like on board a Nimbus with the only exception being they don't cost PSPs and can only fire forward everything else is the same. See the Nimbus for its general description.

Piloting (1 slot/4 CP)
Group: General

The character is well versed in how to pilot a Zephyr or a Nimbus and can fly either with no problem. Without this proficiency a Zephyr or Nimbus can still be flown, however the pilot stands a chance of crashing in normal circumstances and deffinately will crash if hit. Pilots can crash land safely with this proficiency. Those attempting to crash land without this proficiency mus save vs. death magic or be killed in the crash. Survivors take 1d20 damage with experience pilots taking half damage if the fail their save or none at all if they succeed. A critical failure results in instant death for either. It's up to individual DMs to determine how mangled the corpse is to warrant a ressurrection attempt.

Maintenance (1 slot/2 CP)
Group: Warrior, Rogue

The character can perform routing maintenance on his Zephyr or the systems of a Nimbus which is chosen when bought. Spending a second slots allows maitenance attempts on either.