Built by: Groundlings & Humans
Used Primarily by: Groundlings & Humans,
   sometiems Elves, Half Orcs & Lizard Men
Tonnage: 60
Hull Points: 60
Crew: 24/60
Maneaverability class: D
Landing land: Yes
Landing Water: Yes
Armour Rating: 6
Saves as: Thick Wood
Powertype: Major or Minor Helm
Ship Rating: As for spelljammer

Standard Armament:

2 Medium Catapults, Crew: 3 each (On the Claws)
1 Heavy Ballista, Crew: 3 each (At the head)
2 Medium Billista, Crew: 3 each (In the tail)
2 Medium Catapults, Crew: 3 each (On the Forecastle)
1 Medium Billista, Crew 3 each (On the Aftcastle)

Cargo: 30 tons
Keel: 250'
Beam: 30'


The Lobster ship looks like a giant lobster, the claws act as blunt rams. And the legs allow the ship too land on land, the ship is also able to land on the water as well.


The Lobster ship is most often used by humans and Groundlings. Half Orcs will use the ship as transports and often as trade ships. The Lizard men use the Lobster ship in much the same way as they do the Hammer ship. The Elves, on occasion will use a Lobster ship too transport supplies or troops.

Ship Uses:

Piracy: The Lobster makes a good pirate ship. The amor can be increased too allow the ship too take more damage, thus allowing the pirates too get closer to teh ship they wish to board.

Military: The Lobster is often used a transport by many factions. With it's normal armament the Lobster can still carry a large amount of supplies and/or soldiers. And if weapons are removes the cargo space in increased.

Other Configurations:

The catapults and the billista on the fore and aft castle can be mounted on turrets alowing them too fire in a 360' angle.