Built by: Draconians
Used by:  Lizard Men
Tonnage:  90 tons
Hull points:  90
Crew:  40/60
Maneuver Class:  B with tale and flippers manned,
   D with tale and flippers un-manned
Landing Land: No
Landing Water: Yes
Armor Rating:   3
Saves As:  Metal
Power Type:  Major or Minor Helm
Ship's Rating:  As Per Helmsman
Standard  Armament:
    6 Heavy Ballistas
    6 Medium Ballistas
    2 Light Ballistas
    3 Heavy Catapults
    3 Medium Catapults
    6 Greek Fire Projectors (Optional)
      Blunt Ram

Cargo:  30 tons
Keel Length:  400'
Beam Length:  350'


The Killer Whale was built by the Draconians for the Lizard Men, too replace their Hammer ships. The Flippers and tale make the Killer Whale a very Maneuverable ship when they are manned. The ship is also heavily armed and armoured.

Ship Uses:

Military: The Killer Whale is used the IDN to patrole their sphere. Since the ship is well armed, armored and Maneuverable they make perfect war ships. The Killer Whale must have alot of crew though to keep the tail and flippers manned.

Transport: When the Killer Whale is being used to transport troops or cargo between planets in the Draconians' sphere, the flippers and tail are left un-manned to make room more troops or cargo. If the Killer Whale is to be venturing into an enemy sphere too drop troops off at a target, the minimun crew are taken so the flippers and Tail are manned, the soldiers man the Heavu weapons. After the troops ate dropped off the Killer Whale relies on it's Maneuverability to out run enemy ships and too dodge their weapons.


A killer Whale always has a squad of Marines on board in case of attack. The Marines have their own offciers who have a room on the crew deck. The Marines have a room across from their offciers.

Other configurations:

The Killer Whale amy be configured to haul cargo or move troops. The Guilds would love to get their hands on this ship, but the IDN, Imperial Draconian Navy, isn't letting anyone get a hole of the ship plans.


Deck Plans Layout:

Battle Deck:

1 Heavy Ballistas
2 Medium Ballistas
3 Heavy Catapults
4 Medium Catapults
5 Light Ballistas
6 Greek Fire Projectors

Command Deck

1 Bridge and Helm
2 Navigation
3 Officers Quarters
4 Flipper Controle
5 Weapons Locker
6 Marines Quaters
7 Captians Quaters
8  Signal Flags
9  Kitchen
10 Officers Galley
11 Pantry
12 Flooded (Storge if ship is used by another race)
13 Marines Galley
14 Storage
15 Tail Controle

Crew Deck

1 Crew Quarters
2 Spare Helm & Navigation
3 Storage/Access to cargo hold
4 Kitchen
5 Pantry
6 Galley
7 Crew Quarters
8 Weapons Locker
9 Heavy Weapons Ammo
10 Brig
11 Storage
12 Storage
13 State Room
14 State Room
15 War Room
16 Research Lab
17 Marine Quarters
18 Marine Officers Quarters
19 Marines Weapons Locker
20 Head

Cargo Deck

1 Anmial Pens
2 Feed Storage
3 Cargo Hold
4 Treasure Storage