Built by: Commission
Used Primarily by: ???
Tonnage: 80
Hull Points: 100
Crew: 10/70
Maneaverability class: B
Landing land: No
Landing Water: Yes
Armour Rating: 5
Saves as: Metal
Powertype: Major Helm
Ship Rating: As for spelljammer

Standard Armament:

2 Medium Catapults, Crew: 3
2 Heavy Ballista mounted on turrets, Crew: 3
2 Medium Billista mounted on turrets, Crew: 3
2 Medium BNillista, Crew: 3

Cargo: 30 tons
Keel: 200'
Beam: 300'


The "false" Spelljammer was built by a Sivak Draconian from Krynn after a ship, he was first mate on, was destroyed by the Spelljammer. Her had the "false" Spelljammer built too look like the real Spelljammer. The "false" Spelljammer is a fairly large ship, with room for many crew members and many heavy weapons. It's ideal for pirate ship or war ship. The lowest deck, is a flight deck, small ships ships like the Dragonfly can be stored here for quick excapes or too scout.


The "false" Spelljammer was built with humansoids and Draconians in mind. The ship can be used by a military with housing for the various ranks, or by otger groups who don't have many if any ranks below captain.

Ship Uses:

Piracy: The "false" Spelljammer was built with Piraing in mind. The is room too house many raiders and hold the heavy weapons neeeded, there is plenty of storage space for plunder and the foreward weapons pit is a perfect place to boar enemy ships from.

Military: The "false" Spelljammer would make a good warship, the room for so many heavy weapons would far out gun most other ships. And the cargo space can be used for still more heavy weapons.

Other Configurations:

There have been no other configurations on this ship since it is so new. And Kang holds the only copies of the plans, and so the only other wat to build others ships like thie one would be too take the original apart, and no one is willing to try that.