Boomer (Heavy Cruiser)

Built by: Draconians
Used by: Draconians
Tonnage: 100 tons
Hull points:  100
Crew:  30/60
Maneuver Class: D
Landing Land: No
Landing Water:  No
Armor Rating:   4
Saves As: Metal
Power Type:  Major or Minor Helm
Ship's Rating:  As Per Helmsman
Standard  Armament:
    19 Heavy Ballistas
    4 Medium Ballistas
    7 Heavy Catapults
    4 Mediumd Catapults
    4 Greek Fire Projectors (Optional)

Cargo:  5 tons
Keel Length:  300'
Beam Length:  200'


The Boomer is the Draconians ship of choice when they go are planning on taking over a planet, an asteroid Base of break a blockade. The Boomer is heavily armed and can tear apart mosy other ships and still take alot of damage. The Boomer is also used for support in large scale battles. The Draconians use the Boomer to patrole their home sphere IDS.

Other configurations:

There have been no reports of any othe configurations on the Boomer but is is rumored that the Draconians abd the other races of IDS have been building upe boomers to use as flying bases.