Built by: Humans
Used Primarily by: Humans & Half Orcs
Tonnage: 10
Hull Points: 20
Crew: 2/10
Maneaverability class: C
Landing land: Yes
Landing Water: No
Armour Rating: 8
Saves as: Thin Wood
Powertype: Minor Helm
Ship Rating: As for spelljammer

Standard Armament:

1 Medium Billista mounted on turrets, Crew: 2
2 Medium Catapults, Crew: 3 each

Keel: 100'
Beam: 20'


The Bat is a small ship, most often used as a scout ship. Some are used for package runs and delivering important people though. The wings of The Bat can be folded to allow the ship too land in smaller areas.


The Bat has enough room for 8 crew men and two officers, most often the Captain and the Helmsmen.

Ship Uses:

Ships Boat: The Bat is perfect for scouting missions. It is large enough to sustain it's crew on fairly long missions, and it is well armed enough to be able to fight off ships of equal or smaller size. And larger ships can be slowed down long enough for The Bat too excape.

Other Configurations:

There have been no other configurations on this ship since it is still new, and relativly unknown.