100 Tons
100 Hull Points
300ft keel
60ft beam
Major helm SR 6
Water: Yes
Land: no
Crew: 25/100 (Current 100)
10 Bombards (4 FPA, 4 FSA, 2 F)
2 accelerators * (2 PFS)
2 heavy jettison (2 A)
Piercing ram (F)

* This weapon use Mage Shot (WCC bk1) currently in stock are 10 snow shot 5 Ring shot 5 Dust shot

Ship also carries 10 tack fighters stored in the belly of the ships

The Iron Vulture looks like a large oval with the head of a vulture and 6 rotors on the on the top (gnomish) and two large rudders on the rear. The Rotor are powered my a pair of Giant Space Hamsters (see MC7 or MC9).

Tack Fighter

5 tons; 5 Hull Points; 50ft keel 25 beam
MC B; SR 3; Land:Yes; Water: Yes
Helm Minor helm/non magical
Crew 1/15
Medium Ballista (360 deg)

Resembles a Corbiana with out the feathers and with large skids on the bottom.



Don Carnage (Hm F12 AC 2* hp 93)
* bracers of defense AC 5 and ring OF pro +3 cutlass +1

He Styles himself a ladies man with a dashing charm about him. But he is really rather bumbling and quite the opposite. He also see himself as a mastermind which also not the case. When I use him in combat or in any other situation He tend to be very brash and always making mistakes with the a flare for the dramatic. I use a d30 for all roll he must make especial combat, on the die 1 to 10 I treat as a Creative and dramatic outcome like a wild surge with out a negative effect. 11 to 30 are considered 1 to 20 in term of an attack. No matter the outcome don Carnage always act as if it was the intended outcome.


Millian Halfelven (HeF Wiz13 AC 5 hp40)

She is beautiful Half elven woman of 100years, with a sadistic sense of humor.

Two Gnomish technician/handlers
Ratchet and Lugnut these two gnome are responsible for design and up keep of the Iron Vulture and the Tack Fighter and care for nibbles and tiddlywinks the hamsters.

Baaloo and Kit Star Rider a tack fighter team with a reputation for get out a any jam no matter the odds. Baaloo is a 7level mage kit is a level 4 fighter,

The rest of the crew is up to the local sphere or just those expendable crewman.

This is a spot of comic relief and not be over run for the Iron vulture, Don Carnage always finds a way out of the jam a always dramatic and usually comic escape.