Imperial Spelljammer Heavy Warship

The D'deridex class Terran Spelljammer "Dagor Bragollach" was constructed in secrecy at the Carnil Istari station orbiting Terra in the Sol system. It was designed by Brüithwir Sílmar as a heavy battleship to combat the increasing humanoid incursions into elven space. It was constructed using elven engineers, techniques and materials, but without the knowledge of the Elven Navy. While his motives were in parallel with the Elven Navy, he felt they would be reluctant to allow such a powerful ship of Elven design in private hands.

To this end, he enlisted the assistance of the renegade naval officer Viscount Bel Riose of House Silmara to gain access to information, personnel and material. In order to prevent detection by the Naval base at Bral, Brüithwir used a combination of concealment and timing. The construction of the ship was begun as Bral passed just over the horizon of that systems star. This allowed enough time to construct the ship while the contact from the base was at a minimum. The ship was constructed inside the station and, whenever other ships approached, they were informed the station was not yet operational by the Man-O-Wars "Stormbringer" and "Maelstrom." Everyone involved in the construction was geased to not speak of the ship and deny its existence. The engineers involved in design and most of the builders are still in the employ of Brüithwir .

As a price for his assistance, Bel Riose was granted command of the vessel. The viscount's previous command was a primary reason for the addition of the ram.

Although the ship is nearly twice the size of a normal 100 ton ship, this is illusory (in the non-magical sense). The rear section is largely empty and open to space. While this gives the ship a somewhat fragile appearance, anyone with experience in the construction of spelljamming ships will recognize that is it quite structurally sound, well able to withstand the rigors of ramming. The ethereal emerald color of the hull will immediately alert all but the most novice of spacefarers of the elven design and materials.

Captain: Bel Riose Silmara
Gunner Mage: Pippin Le Magne
Helmsman: Myrddin Wildt
Battlepoet: Niobe Silmar
1st officer: Adron E'Kieron
2nd Officer: Faelivrin Elemmire (Navigation,Signal)
3rd Officer: Arminas Greymantle (Weapons, Damage Control)
4th Officer: Nenya Vinyamar (Sail Master,Repair)

24 Weapon Loaders - 11 Catapult, 11 Ballista, 2 Jettison
24 Weapon Specialists - 11 Catapult, 11 Ballista, 2 Jettison
12 Weapon Crew
17 Sailors
4 small craft pilots
10 Archers (Longbow)