[ Kragthoi Technology ]

Climate/Terrain: Any/>
Frequency: Very Rare/>
Organization: Clan/>
Activity Cycle: Any (Nocturnal Preferred)/>
Diet: Omnivore/>
Intelligence: Genius/>
Treasure: G + F/>
Alignment: LN/>
# Appearing: 1 or 5d4/>
Armor Class: 2 (5)/>
Move: 15/>
Hit Dice: 9+2/>
THAC0: 11/>
# of Attacks: claw/claw/bite or weapon/>
Damage/Attack: 1d8/1d8/1d4 or weapon/>
Special Attack: Magic Items/>
Special Defefence: Magic Items/>
Magic Resistance: 5%/>
Size: L (8' - 12')/>
Morale: Fanatic (17 - 18)/>
XP Value: 5,000/>

The word "Kragthoi" means "Great Hunter" in their language. This embodies all that they hold dear, personal prowess and honor. They roam the Flow looking for interesting things to hunt. They respect hunting ability and a prey that gives a good chase. Occasionally they can be hired as bounty hunters, if they can be convinced the target will give a good hunt.

Kragthoi always have numerous magical items. Some fairly common ones are: Robe of Blending, Ring of Protection +3, Ring of Jumping, Wand of Magic Missiles, Wrist Razors +1, and a Double-Bladed Returning Spear.

Kragthoi also have 30' infravision, and wear masks that extend it to 120 yards with exceptional clarity. It is not definitely known if the Kragthoi have spell casters among them or if they use some other race to provide magical items and services (spelljamming).

Kragthoi Technology

Super Helm /> Similar to a major helm, the super helm has a 3 lvl to 1 SR drive ratio (DR). The difference is that it can power ships of up to 200 tons. The drawback is that each hull design requires a slightly different version of the helm. (Don't ask why, the Arcane didn't tell me) A super helm CAN be retrofitted to a different hull type, but takes up 3d4 tons of cargo space. /> Price: 500,000 gp

Hyper Helm /> A hyper helm is the most powerful helm currently available. It has a 4-1 DR. It also is specific to each hull type, with retrofitting being the same as for a super helm. The hyper helm can power a ship up to 300 tons. /> Price: 1 Mill. gp

Psionic Helm /> This helm is similar in appearance to a series helm. For every active psionic helm linked on the ship 1 SR is provided. Each active helmsman must expend 20 PSP's per 6 hrs. of travel to power the helm. If a helmsman leaves the helm, he is psycically drained (No psionic use) for 2d4 rnds. These helms can be powered by anyone with psionic ability; including wild talents and monsters. Each extra helm on the ship over 2 takes up 1/2 ton of cargo space. /> Price: 100,000 gp per linked helm

NOTE: These helms follow the standard 12 cont. use rules.

Built By:       Kragthoi
Used By:        Kragthoi
Tonnage:        300
HP:             300
Crew:           20/100 for Kragthoi
                  or 80/300 for M-sized
MC:             E (Rigged)
   Land:        No
   Water:       No
AR:             4 (Increased Thickness)
Saves:          Metal
Power Type:     Hyper Helm
SR:             As Helmsman
Standard Arms:  8 M. Cat., 8 M. Ball., 6 H. Cat., 
                6 H. Ball., 3 Bombards, 2 M. Jet., 
				Blunt Ram
Cargo:          70 tons
Keel:           300'
Beam:           150'

The Kragthoi build these ships to roam the Flow and Wildspace in serch of prey to hunt. They will chase down anything that runs, but if approached peacefully will usually not attack. The Behemoth has a large top deck that can hold 3 ships of 20 tons or less to ferry hunting parties to & from the surface. The Behemoth is a virtual jungle of vegetation, serving to replenish the air and feed the livestock. Cargo space is usually used to carry hunting trophies from the expidition.

These hulls can only be bought in Kragthoi - controlled spheres for 3 to 4 mill. gp.