The Hive is a colonial insect that lives on small worlds (A-D). It is made up of many different castes- workers, breeders, hunters, warriors, guards and thinkers and many more. They are found in asteroid belts, and in such great numbers, they can cover up to 5000 such asteroids! Their goal is the same as clockwork horrors- species survival. They do not attack major worlds and do not migrate, except for the breeders.

Although the castes look very different, they all have the same charateristics: air supply- the system of gas exchange tubes in their body has been enlarged allowing them to have an air envolope that lasts 25% longer; chameleon powers- tha ability to change their coloration to that of the background; and alarm pheromones- which calls all combat castes (guard, warrior, and hunter) within 500'. Note that the receiving insect then emits more of the pheromone and calls even more insects from all over the Hive.

Hive Infrastructure

The hive tunnels through ateroids. There are several chambers common to all: farms- dead and dissolved animal corpses feed a form of olive slime that can't affect insects. Waste chamber-treasure maybe found here alond with the unedible trash of the Hive. And in one of the largest asteroids, an egg chamber, larva chamber, and breeder chamber.

Their origins are unknown but their magic resistance indicates to sage that they may have been created by a wizard for some unknown purpose.


             Small       Medium       Large
Cl/Terr                -Asteroid-
Freq                -C-                UC
Org                     -Swarm-

Act Cyc                  -Any-
Diet                   -Omnivore-
IQ                       -Low-
TT                       -None-
AL                        -N-
#             3d10        2d10        1d10
AC             5           4           3
Move           20                -18-
HD             1           12          27
Atts                      -1-
Dmg           2d3         2d8         3d10
SA                       -None-
SD                       -Camo-
MR            10%         20%         30%
Size         S (2')      H (15')     G(40')
Mor                       -12-

Desc All workers appear as giant ants, but with feathery antennae- not clubbed. Comb Workers do not attack on their own. They will return with deadly force if attacked, and will emit the alarm pheromone.

Soc Small workers are the clean up crew of the Hive. And they also groom the other Hive members.

Eco Workers feed on the food from the farms and dead bodies (both other members and anything killed). The small workers also feed on the parasite on the other members.


        small                large
Freq      R                  V
IQ                -low-
#       1d20                 1d6
AC        3                  2
Move     22                  20
HD       8                  35
Atts                 4
Dmg   2d4(X2), 2d2       6d8, 2d6(X2), 2d4
SA     poison (F at -2)         poison (F at -3)
SD                 camo
MR        30%                 50%
Size       M (7')               G (50')
Mor        16                18

Desc These members look like scorpions except the pincers are formed from the maxillary palps (grasping mouth parts). They, like all Hive members have feathery antennae and 6 legs.

Cmbt Warriors attack with a bite, 2 pincers and a tail sting. They use numbers to kill or drive off invaders.

Soc Warriors are the active defense of the Hive. Small warriors are allways running around looking for invaders. Large warriors are kept asleep to save on resources. They are found near major breeders and are awakened by thinkers.

Eco Warriors feed on the slime grown in the farms and what they kill.


           small         large
Freq        UC            VR
IQ                Average
#                      1
AC          1          -2
Move                   3
HD          20          40
Atts         1 or 1        1
Dmg     4d8 or 3d8         8d8
SA                 stun
SD       camo, immune to poison,acid, and heat
MR          60%         80%
Size         G(25')        G(60')
Mor               20

Desc These insect have small bodies and large heads shaped as corks, used to plug tunnels. Unlike other Hive castes, guards have very small antennae.

Cmbt If attacked, guards emit the alarm pheromone and uses its bite to hold off intruders until help arrives. If driven back to an area that is large enough to manuver, a small guard will attempt to smash the aggressor with its head. This attack (at -2 THAC0) stuns the target for 3-6 rounds (save vs wands at -4 to avoid). The stunned creature will be ignored by the guard, but is prefered by warriors.

Soc Guards are an integral part of the Hive. They act as check points in sensative areas.

Eco They are fed by workers as they do not move from their post.


          small                  large
Freq        C                     UC
IQ                    very
#          3d10                  2d10
AC          4                     3
Move       14 fly 28               18 fly 24
HD          3                     10
Atts                   1
dmg         3d4                   2d8
SA            acid, paralytic poison
SD                  camo
MR          45%                  65%
Size          S (4')                  L (12')
Mor                   16

Desc These members resemble flies. They are the only Hives members that fly. They have special salivary glands that produce a acid or a paralytic poison. They move thru a vacuum via special gas jets in the abdomen.

Cmbt If off hunting H-F have a paralytic poison (save at -2 or paralysed for 1d10 days). They swarm animals and paralyse them for food for the farms. If in the Hive, they have an acid (2d4/rnd for 1d4 rnds) to dissolve the animals to allow the slime to feed.

Soc H-F are the only members which can be found outside the Hive. They are vital to the Hive, as they provide most of the food used by the Hive.

Eco H-F are major predators in the asteroids where they are found. They are intelligent enough to not overhunt any specific area of the belt.


         small                large
Freq                 VR
IQ                   non
TT                    H
#         1d6                 1
AC         6                  4
Move                  9
HD        1/2                 60
Atts                   1
dmg       1d4                  8d10
SA                   none
SD                  camo
MR         60%                 80%
Size        T (1')               G (80')
Mor                   8

Desc These insects look like termites- the males as workers and the females as queens.

Cmbt Breeders will defend themselves if attacked. The females are dangerous because of their great size. Normally they can not see, unless they are young about to migrate.

Soc They are completely taken care of by workers. A few large workers are always near the female as to move her in case of danger.

Eco They are the egg producers, a female (not queen since they have no control over the Hive) can produce 1000-5000 eggs, depending on circumstances. The amount of the different caste members is somewhat random and the workers will kill and unneeded castes.

Freq         VR
IQ           genius
TT           G
#            1d4
AC           0
Move         3
HD           6
Atts           1
dmg         2d6
SA           psionics
SD          psionics and camo
MR          90%
Size          L (9')
Mor          15

Psionic summary
Lvl    Dis/Sci/Dev    A/D       PS      PSPs
10      4/9/15     all/all     IQ    4d20+10d10

Telepathy Sci- PS, TW, probe, mindlink Dev- EW,MT,II,PsC, inflict pain, contact

Metapsionics Sci- psychic clone (range-1000'), ultrablast Dev- psionic sense, psychic drain

Psychporportation Sci- teleport other Dev- time shift

Psychokinesis Sci- detonate, project force, TK Dev- any 5 and inertial barrier


Psychmetabolism Sci- any 3 except death field Dev any 5 and cell adjustment

Desc Thinkers look like a long thin earwig with large eyes and no pincers. They are always found near the breeders.

Cmbt Thinkers will defend themselves and the breeders with their psionics. They always attack spell casters and other psis first. They use their bite only if desperate.

Soc Thinkers lead the hive using telepathy and pheromones.

Eco They feed on the slime from the farms and will also feed on the psychic energy of intelligent beings.