Normal Queen Dark
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Forest, Hills Forest, Hills Any
FREQUENCY: Rare Rare Rare
ORGANIZATION: Tribal/family Tribal/family Tribal/family
DIET: Omnivore Omnivore Omnivore
INTELLIGENCE: Average High Average
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral Lawful Neutral Lawful Evil
NO. OF APPEARING: 2-8 (lair: 10d4) 1 2-8
MOVE: 12 2 12
HIT DICE: 2 10 2
THAC0: 16 10 16
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-5/2-5/1-4 5-8/5-8/3-18 2-5/2-5/1-4
SPECIAL DEFENSES: See Below See Below See Below
MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard Standard Standard
SIZE: M (5'-6') L (8' tall) M (5'-6')
MORALE: Elite (14) Elite (14) Elite (14)
XP VALUE: 60 2000 60

Brakkar are a race distantly related to lizard men, looking like lizard men except for their triangular heads, large scales, and long thin arms and legs. On closer inspection their arms and legs seem to have insect-like joints. They are a very orderly race, and all follow the directions of their queen. They are rather civilized, use tools, wear simple clothing, and have a written language.

Combat: Considering weapons barbaric for combat, brakkar will fight to defend themselves and their queen, using their natural weapons.

Since they do not use weapons, they have devised ingenious methods to trap prey. Therefore all brakkar are able to set and detect traps with 50% accuracy. Working in concert, each brakkar above 3 adds 10% to the effective level of their trap setting ability. These traps are normally used to trap game and quickly (and humanely) disable it but they are also often set up near their caves as protection.

Habitat/Society: The brakkar can live in most any environment except for arctic and desert climate, but prefer forests and hills. They prefer to home in large caves due to the requirements of their queen. Their society is based upon respect for their fellows and protection of their queen. The queen lays the eggs for the tribe, and the other protect her.

The eggs take up to 6 months to hatch, and the hatchlings are mature within 2 years. About once a year the queen lays a queen egg. If that tribe currently has a high population, this egg will be allowed to hatch and become a new queen, which will establish a new tribe with some of the old tribe's members. Otherwise this egg is put into storage, which it can stay in for up to 3 years. A tribe always has 1-2 queen eggs in storage in case the queen sickens or dies. Upon reaching maturity, the queen mates once, after which it will not need to mate again for the rest of its life.

If a tribe is deprived of its queen it will change locations and become aggressively defensive until the new queen is hatched laying eggs.

Ecology: Brakkar are omnivores, trapping nearby small animals, although if game is scarce then they can survive on plants alone. Brakkar have more efficient metabolisms than most creatures their size, so they use only half as much air.

Queen Brakkar:/> The queen brakkar is a huge bloated creature, with a swollen stomach almost 5 feet in diameter. Her main function is to lay the eggs that perpetuate the species. Her huge body is hard to move because her limbs are only slightly larger than the males of her race, resulting in a move rate of 2. If she is believed to be in danger, all brakkar within one mile will have +2 to hit and a morale of 20 (Fearless) until this danger is negated. She herself has adequate defenses to compensate for her near-immobility. Her claws and teeth are more effective than that or her children, and she can communicate telepathically with any intelligent being within 10 yards of her. This range is one mile for members of her race. She is also able to cast three cure light wounds spells per day.

Dark Brakkar:/> Dark Brakkar are normal brakkar that have been enchanted by an evil wizard. They are not able to communicate with the queen, and their minds have been corrupted in such a fashion that they become evil. As such they are very good servants, for they unhesitatingly obey the wizard as if he were their queen. This enslavement and corruption is achieved by giving a brakkar a special potion while it is under the influence of a charm monster spell. The ingredients are not too rare, but the amounts required and the time and equipment needed boosts the production cost to 500 gp per potion.

In my campaign, a wizard of the PC's world had made his way into space and discovered the brakkar lair, where he used his magics to fathom the potion for making the Dark Brakkar and bringing them under his control. The wizard (who is the brother of one of my PC's) has a large ship powered by a lifejammer and a dragonfly powered by a furnace. He sends the brakkar down to the planet to gather strong young men (as well as small magic items) and bring them to his secret base on the moon, where he has the men train in gladiatorial combat (in order to increase their skill, and thus improve their performance in the lifejammer).

When he has a sufficient number of "high-energy" victims for the lifejammer (usable on a rotational basis to make them last longer), he plans to conquer a nation and all the typical evil plots that follow from that.

Anyway, I hope y'all find the brakkar useful.