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Welcome to my Spelljammer Section. Spelljammer is an AD&D setting, which links (almost) all the other AD&D worlds / settings (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Birthright, Greyhawk, etc.) together via a form of magical spacetravel: Spelljamming.

Personally I think that Spelljammer as a campaign world had the highest potential of all the AD&D "worlds", but alas it was apparently not that much of a success and so the series got canceled. In my opinion this is due to the lack of decent adventures - for example the background of the Forgotten Realms is not superior to the other settings, but the FR adventures were simply the best AD&D adventures and that is what is most important to the survival of a campaign world.

Anyway, the first Spelljammer campaign of mine, was a multisphere campaign, which ended with a transition of the characters to Birthright. Last year in December I started another Spelljammer campaign, which is set in the Astromundi Cluster. This time around I am experimenting with a lot of additional rules, which might but hopefully won't destroy the play balance. Below are the Gamereports and the Characterstats of players and important NPCs.

Please note that the copyright to Birthright, Spelljammer, Dragonlance, Forgotton Realms, Greyhawk, the Astromundi Cluster and several other things I mention on my homepage belongs to TSR, while the copyright for Full Thrust belongs to Ground Zero Games.

The Destiny's Blade Campaign

Many things in the Destiny's Blade Campaign are inspired by books, movies and games.

Experimental Rules

Full Thrust Rules for Spelljammer

Chapter 1 Polkor Murx Bont Turmalis Esteemia Ara Thay Bespa Distel
Chapter 2 Polkor Murx Bont Turmalis Ara Thay Bespa Distel Caerin
Thrain Antole Iron Erat Ri
Chapter 3 Polkor Murx Bont Turmalis Ara Thay Bespa Distel