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Name of ship:

Blue Stradler
Built By:
The Protectors of Dawn Space
Used Primarily By: The Protectors of Dawn Space
Cost: 875000gp
Tonnage: 250
Hull Points: 250
Crew: 47/127
Maneuver Class: F
Landing-Land: No
Landing-Water: Yes
Armor Rating: 8
Saves As: Thick Wood
Power Type: Chain (Network) helm w/ 4nodes
Ship's Rating: As per Helmsman
Standard Armament:
    2 Lgt ballista, Fp Fs,
    2 Med ballista Star Port,
    2 Med catapults As Ap,
    1 Hvy catapult B turret
Cargo: 50T
Keel Length: 310
Beam Length: 50

    This ship is build by the Protectors as a colonist transporter, for when the inhabitants of Dawn finds out that there are several other planets to inhabitant. It currently holds 4 suites, 10 luxurious rooms, 10 Spacious, and 30 standard rooms. Atop this is there room for 10 officers in spacious rooms and 47 crew members. The well equiped kitchen has room for 64 eating men/women at a time and in the spare til the room used as a general inn, with all the facilities that may include, such as singing, drinking, and what else might come up.
    Beside the large cargo area does the Stradler has docking facilities for 2 30T ships used for protection and shuttle duty to/from planets. As the Stradler has the ability to land on water, but rarely does due to the fact that they have a heavy catapult on the bottom of the ship. The Stradler also have a 30T escape shuttle, but using this is a once in the ship's lifetime as it ruins the ship.