There are very strict rules set by the Protectors as to where, when, how, and why you may or may not set down you're SJ ship, and to what ships may enter.

Here Follow some of the Ports of Call that might be of some interest:

Attarhorn (D+) - Home of the noble knights of the Highlands. Its one the very few places that its allowed to fly to. And all they need right now is to expand their actually landing sites. At this very moment is there only 2 landings (ground) and a 60T water-basin for water-landing. Side note, don't make trouble here as everyone is ready and alert and heavily armed.

Taliesin (C-) - Seeking  knowledge and good workmanship, go to Faeries Height, home of White Elves of Dawn. The only problem with this place shows very fast. Never mind that you have to seek landing permission from the local authorities, but actual landing and setting down the ship is Not possible! So unless you can come up with a way to hold you ship afloat over a longer period, landing be of the type that spells; Close in, Deliver the people needed offboard, Leave, And come back when they are ready to come back onboard. The White elves are working on method to hold the ship in check, but experiments with levitation spell has sofar proved fatal. They have a hard time coming up with the right spell or method that'll keep a 60T hammership in check for a longer period.

Melpheggi (C) - Despite the fact that this town is one of the biggest ever found on this planet, it will not be possible to hire workers and/or find materials that is very useful to any spelljammer ship. Some think that the size of this town could be about the same size as the notable Waterdeep of Toril in Realmspace. Beside this somewhat depressing news, is this town mother of 3 major marketplaces, which gathers people from all over the planet. So if you need information about a particularly part of Dawn, then this is the place to search. And no its not like looking for the famous needle in a haystack. the guilds are numerous and directions easy to come by, just remember to bring a lot of soot and salt or an interpreter.

Port Break-Of-Light (A+) - Home of the Protectors or at least one the two that have being build (a third is being constructed as we speak), and the one that is public area. Every imaginable material is present and if it isn't will it be (for a fee ofcourse) shortly. Stone, Iron, Wood are being brought up from below on a regular basis.


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Spelljammer Port Rating

Seasoned Spelljammers have worked out a simple rating system for ports of call, to save space on sphere maps, which tend to get rather crowded with notation. Instead of a long description, a single-character notation next to a city’s or world’s name can indicate a wealth of information about that particular place, as for as the needs of Spelljammers go. The rating system is as follows.

A: Fully equipped, with most (if not all) possible spelljamming materials such as helms. planetary locators, and so forth. Ports that make their livelihood from spelljamming fall into this category. The Rock of Bral is a good example, as is Ironport in the Astromundi Cluster.

B: Most services and facilities are available, catering to most crew needs, and or the repair and maintenance of a spelljamming ship, Also, such ports are likely to have an Arcane (or a representative) available to provide major spelljamming goods, such as helms. If an Arcane isn’t available, there is probably a Dower around to provide the same service (though the Dower goods tend to be used and/or stolen). Worlds that have steady spelljamming traffic will have at least one port of this level. Waterdeep on Toril is a good example.

C: Most regular services are available, but the selection of spelljamming services is chancy. Regular services such as ship repair will be available, as long as the ship isn’t mad from an exotic material such as mitheral. The purchase of helms and other spelljamming equipment can be done, but special arrangements are usually needed, and waiting periods are common. Most fantasy world with little or no spelljamming activity generally fall into this category. Krynn (with local exception of Palanthus) is an example.

D: While simple services for the crew are available (food, basic lodging) , services for the spelljammer are very slim and far from satisfactory. Any repairs to a ship will be of poor quality, usually because the materials available are inferior to those from which the ship is constructed. Normal supplies such as rope, canvas and provision can be obtained with little persistance. Backwater worlds with little populations fall into this category.

E: Abysmal. There is little or nothing available for the crew (food, lodging, personal equipment), and absolutely nothing in the way of spelljamming services such as sip repair. An unexplored world would fall into this category

*: Not applicable. This planet is a void world, or has a toxic atmosphere. No ports are available.