Phloggers (Wizshade)

Climate / Terrain: The Phlogiston
Frequency: Rare
Organisation: Cliques
Activity Cycle: nil
Diet    None has yet found out what keeps them alive.
Intelligence:    Very (12-14)
Treasure:    nil
Alignment:    varies

No. Appearing: 2-8
Armor Class: 3
Movement: 12, Phlog: 48(B)
HitDice: 4
THAC0: 17
No. Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-4 or special
Speciel Attacks: Phlogiston fire
Special Defences: Fire, Incorporeal, magic absorption
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M (6-8feet)
XP Value: 420

Sailing the waves of the Phlogiston, on their boards. These human-like figures, have their own set order and will only deal with outsiders if properly contacted. They are the only way sofar that mankind, humanoids, and alike can navigate the Flow. One of their traits is that they know the flow like the back of their hand, they just how and when to hit a phlogiston river, and like they say: "Tubing a wave, ma'n, is The Feeling". This trait of theirs is very valuable to the spelljammers as they can cut down travel times in the flow. Or in uncharted areas find a safe harbor. These favours are not without a cost though - some say it's quite hefty. Payments are those of magical nature - Items that has been enchanted, expensive spell components, rare spells either on scrolls or in spell-books, spells cast in a certain manner or with a special purpose, and last diamonds (cut or uncut) of great value.

Combat: Forcing Phloggers into direct combat is not recommended, as they are one with the flow. You are very lucky if they just hit with their fist for 1d4 points of damage, you'll be far worse of if they decide to set the Phlog aflame, possibly disintegrating the entire ship in a few seconds.They are though very reluctant to use this ability as they are killed in the process.

Habitat / Society: Small groups (known as cliques) and some are sometimes seen on their own. They have their own list of do's and don'ts that each clique and clique members live by. This list is not written down anywhere nut is more a heirachy list, that decides who get to ride this or that wave. Its generally that the one with more skill is given the right to the better waves or lanes.

Ecology: None has ever seen a phlogger eat or drink, some speculate that they of live of the magic they receive as payments for the services. Research has sofar proved fruitless, with one exception - giving cursed items angers the phloggers greatly. This is the greatest argument for the fact that they actually 'eats' magic, and some sages means that cursed items gives them a 'bad trip'. This fact has cost many men and women their lives, and those that actually lived to tell this tale has never venture into wildspace, or anywhere else for that matter, again as they fear greatly for their lives.