lulnpic.jpgThis highly addictive, very dangerous drug,  will most certainly get you out of the chair, one way or the other.
Description: A Luln is a small ball about the size of your thumbnail, with transparent jelly-ish shell around a deep-blue core. It looks very "save". You can easily squash one with one of your fingers. Its effects are almost instantaneous, kicking in just one round after digestion.
Common street prices varies between 3-10gp pr unit, weight is 20units pr lbs. They are most commonly found in a container with 5units.

If you have any ideas as to what might become an cool effect, feel free to email me

Roll D20 Visual effect / Nick Game Effect
1 Death Save vs death or die
2 Funny Colors See a lot of funny color (automatically awestruck). Roll vs petrification of loss your sanity. Anything less than either a Heal or Wish will bring it back. A Limited Wish will only bring it back in a limited period, 2d8 days and a second save for another 2d6, then 2d5, 2d4, 2d3, and 1day.
3 Aggressive Colors The color have a threatening effect and subject attacks vigorously, +2 to hit, +1 to Dmg, -3 AC penalty.
4 Drug effect halted The subject sits down and chill out, any effect comes in next round with a +1 to roll
5 Look I'm Flying The subject thinks he can fly, and will ultimately throw himself of cliffs and other tall building if not stopped. Somehow they always manage to survive these "Crash-landings". Instead of the normal d10 damage they only sustain 50% of such damage.
6 Don Juan, Zthe Gretezt Loower inz zhe worldz Subject think he is the most charming, handsome looking fella / lady on the planet. He/ she will start alluring everybody with reach (i.e. sight). Sex is not a hindrance. Saves vs Charms etc are made at -4.
7 Heavy Dude The subject takes on body weight and mass (if save vs polymorph fails). Normal weight (and mass save if fails) are multiplied by 2d4
8 Drug effect halted The subject sits down and chills out, any effect comes in next round.
9 Slowmo Any stated action occur 1d4+2rounds later than expected.
10 Wow Subject start seeing whirling colors for his eyes, and will instantaneous try to have other people stop and see what he sees. If he / she is in possession of drawing tools will (s)he try to paint it.
11 Drug effect halted The subject sits down and chills out, any effect comes in next round with a -1d3 to roll
12 Light Dude The Subject looses body weight and height-(if save vs polymorph fails). Normal weight (and height) are divided by 1d3+1
13 Drug effect halted The subject sits down and chills out, any effect comes in next round with a +1d3 to roll
14 Speedy The subject becomes very fast, 1d4+2 times normal speed. Knocked down opponents suffer falling damage as distance traveled (d10*speed multiplier). Lasts for turns equal to subjects Con. It is possible to defy normal gravity rules.
15 Invisible stalker The subject thinks he is invisible and that no-one can see him. In the 2nd turn he actually becomes partly invisible (+2 AC, -2 to detection rolls), in the 3rd he become invisible, in the 4th is he completely incorporeal after begins to come back at the same rate. until the 6th turn where he is back to normal.
16 Drug effect halted The subject sits down and chill out, any effect comes in next round with a -1 to roll
17 Tees iss you captain speeking The Subject will gain the ability to fly. At a mere MV 16 (C), the subject will circle around, making loops and other airily shows, while making buzz sounds with his mouth. The effect will last for 1d6 turns pr Luln taken over what's needed for effect
18 Body of health Gains 2d3 times normal hitpoints for Con/3 rounds. Then loose same amount after this.
19 Roll Twice Gaining both or player chooses which number he likes best. Opposite effects take turns (1st turn/round: effect 1, 2nd turn/round: effect 2 etc)
20 DMs Choice...

+1 to roll / Luln taken over what is needed for effect.

Addiction: As stated before is these Luln highly addictively. First: It is not possible to get an effect with just one Luln (well the first time it is). After the first use you'll one extra pr 3uses +1. I.e: One Luln the first time, Two Lulns from the 2nd time, three Luln from the 5th time.
    Stage 1: At the First time you use it, you roll against your System Shock and any subsequent uses are there a +10% cumulative penalty to that roll, this continues until you fail, where you now goes to -

    Stage 2: Each morning must you roll against your Wis / willpower, or become desperate for another "shot". If you fail this roll, is it outermost important that you get hold of your daily quota. Failing to get the correct quote, will result in Con check -the number you are of the quote -The days from you last "shot". This is merely to hold your guts. When it is not possible to make any successful Con saves you go to -

    Stage 3: We are now talking about a full-blown addict. It is simply a matter of getting your quote of Luln every 12hours or die. Remember that the quote rises after each 3 uses, and we are easily talking about 20+ Luln every 12 hours. Alignment, ethics, faith, what-ever does not matter anymore only getting gold to next time matters. Count it as being CE, with no moral code, no ethics, no nothing.

Getting Out: Sure at stage 1, maybe at stage 2, stage 3 is as if you are hovering at deaths door. At stage 1 is all you need a bunch of friends. Each day they talk they talk /keep the Subject away from the Luln as +2% Cumulative per day. After the Subject becomes clean, that is when his System Shock roll is back to normal, he still have to make weekly saves for a year, or become trapped again.
At stage 2 are we talking about a Heal or Wish just to get the subject poison free, you still have to rebuild his self-esteem. Check is Con - Luln missed - days + Friends help (+1/ day). This will bring the subject back to stage 1.