Hybrid Plate Armor

These highly magical armors, comes from a time when the elves was very powerful. They look like seeds in the size of a fist. Before they are being "worn". They have different colors resembling found the nature and in metallic variations.

All these different armors must if you want to wear them be pressed against the chest. They will at this time shoot a "root" into the heart of the wearer. After this a roll against system shock must be made. If you make this roll you will be comatose for 1d4+1 days, after this period your new armor is set. If you on the other hand doesn’t make the roll you still fall into a coma for 1d4+1 days, these days resemble the battle your body has with this foreign object. When you wake up you must pass another System shock to see if your are being crippled by the experience or the armor has, this type of armor will under all circumstances be useless be for the player at this moment. Further more must the character make a save versus Death or permanently be reduced one in Con. Under all circumstance will the character be laying helpless for the entire period of 1d4+3 days while the armor settles itself on its wearer.

There several different kinds of armor.

D100 Color Area of effect
1-20 Red-Copper Absorbs 1d10+10hp of fire damage


Red-Brass: Absorbs 2d10+10hp of fire damage


Brown-Iron Absorbs 1d10+10hp of electrical damage


Green-Bronze Absorbs 2d10+15hp of electrical damage


Blue-Chrome Absorbs 1d10+10hp of weapon damage


Blue-Silver Absorbs 2d10+20hp of weapon damage


Green-Gold Absorbs 1d10+10hp of magical damage


Brown-Electrum Absorbs 2d10+25hp of magical damage


Yellow-Platinum Absorbs 1d10+20hp of damage


Yellow-Adamantium Absorbs 1d10+30hp of damage

All these armors gives a standard ArmorClass of 3. These armor can only absorbs up to their maximum, e.g. a armor which absorbs 20hp of fire damage will only absorbs this amount and any additional damage is placed on the wearer. The armor may be healed as per normal healing spells, the spells must be directly cast on the armor to work. If you heal the armor for 6 points then it will absorb 6 points of damage from its designated area. It regenerates as any normal person do, as it takes the healing powers from the wearer, I.e. When the wearer is fully healed then the healing powers is transferred to the armor. When the armor is down to 0hp it falls the to an effective ArmorClass of 5. The armor all have the equal stiffness and qualities of a studded leather armor, I.e. the use of thief abilities, climbing checks, and spellcasting. If the armor has been damaged in any way and you should be hammering on deaths door you loose 2hp pr round instead of one, as the armor tries to heal itself

XP value: nil
Value: 10000-20000gp in nonelven area (60000+ gp in elven areas)

Original concept: Danny Krog Knudsen
Modified by: Piet Rene Kramer


Description of how the long line of save is handled

                        2.1. Made my save then what. Good all fine, you got new armor, Now save vs Death or loose 1Con permanently


1. start
                                                                                                    3.1. crippled (save vs. Death or loose 1 Con)
                        2. 2 Ups! I failed my save. Not good                                     
                                                                                                    3.2. armor crippled (you made u save)


From 1 to 2.x: You need a roll vs. System Shock to see if your body accepts the intruding item. Good to make it.

From 2.1 to 3.1: Roll vs. Death or loose 1 in con permanently

From 2.2 to 3.x: Roll a System Shock, success means your body ruined the armor forever, failure means the armor saved itself, If the roll was a success you must roll against Death to see if you loose 1 in con permanently.