Economy of Dawn

Buying and selling your goods to and  from the Spelljammer worlds.

This Place Is Buying And Selling Wealth Other notes
Coldlands Tools, Ale Ice, water, snow Low 1 Bello = 1 Bela
Highland Weapons, Mercenaries, Cattle, sheep, mining products Middle Keep your wit with you at all times
LowLands - Farming goods High -
Eastland Iron Wood, Lumber Low -
SouthLands Water Jewelry High -
Moon-Island - - High -
Faerie-Heights - Knowledge (magic, sage, other). High -
Lost Lands Heavy artillery. Iron weapons. Dangerous animals, Gems, antimagic area. - -
Black Rock Slaves "Iron Rock" "Low" Who needs money, when brutality supercedes it.
Arossian Artobjects Slaves Middle -
Melpheggi Fine cloth "Everything" Good To buy 'everything' here you need to ask the right question, at right time, to right person, right :)