Characters that are ready for play.

  1. Boe Marsh (Human Male, Cleric 6th, kit: Scholar, Lightbringer of Solaris) (Part AD&D core, part PO: S&P) (inactive TableTop Character (TTC))
  2. Polan The Wanderer "Lone Wolf" (Elf Ranger(6)) (PO: S&P) (inactive TTC/Quest)
  3. Emariuel "Silverhair" Sah'ruiella (GreyElf Male, Fighter/Mage(5/5), Kit: Noble) (PO: S&P) (inactive TTC/KIA)
  4. Rolfar BrittleRock (Dwarf Cleric(7), Kit: Crusader of Clanggeddin Silverbeard) (PO: S&P) (active TTC)
  5. Tommy Maifar (HalfElf Male Bard, kit: Jester) (AD&D core) (inactive TTC)
  6. Ian McLeom (Human Male, Dual-Fighter/Cleric 8/15, Kit: Crusader, Battleguard of Tempus) (PO: S&P)
  7. Corin Tavlen (Halfelf Male Bard) (AD&D core)
  8. Alan Munech (Human Male W(T)) (AD&D core) (Active TTC at 11th level).
  9. Calvermun "Cal" Wisman (Elf Male Warrior, Kit: Soldier) (AD&D core and PO:S&P) (inactive TTC/KIA)

²: Accepted in a PBeM game. You can for further information on the character

Tommy Maifar

   Being Scald, Jester, and troublemaker will certainly keep a man busy all day. But Tommy doesn't mind, and his Polly don't mind either as long as she gets her share. Yes Tommy and Polly the Pig get their share of fun, exercise, excitement, and adventure. And there is enough to spare. One man (and a pig) can only take so much before it overflows and spreads out. Before you know it will you be laughing your hoses off, while running from the cityguards on the way to the next town.

   I have used the Tommy Maifar at a tabletop game, and he was instantly everybody's hate-friend. The mage of the group first response to him was to put a Sleep spell on him (he saved).

Ian McLeom

Ian is a huge red-haired man, with some Irish blood flowing in his veins. He is a Battleguard of Tempus the Foehammer, and one of his greater delights is to swing his big Two-handed Claymore in battle. Of the more silent occupations he enjoys on the side - is drinking ale with a beautiful maid on his lab singing the old tales of magic and great battles.

He commands a group of warriors:
Dragon Team - 8 Mounted knights in platemail, with lances, l.swords, and medium shields.
Viper Team - 15 Long Bow Archers in Studded Leather, with Short Swords on the side.
Turtle Team - 10 Halberdiers in chainmail, with Halberds, Short Sword and large shields.
Rave Team - 10 Long Sword men in chainmal with medium shields.

Special trained tactics:
Turtle Hide - Forming an almost unpenetrable shieldwall on all sides.
Turtle Spike - Forming the same shield, but with the Turtle Team as center. The formation is three ranks deep, with halberd sticking out as a serious hazard to everyone on the outer-side of the wall.
Viper Attack - Long bow archers sends a volley against the target..
Dragon Run - The knights makes one pass through enemy lines overrunning all those standing in their way, and then heads on, while the Viper Team covers their withdrawal.
Dragon Breath - The knights charges in and slaughter as they pleases.
Ravers Prepare ("Rave")- It is most usual the Ravers that joins Ian in the Berserker Rage.

Corin Tavlen

  Sir! I bring news. Oh Captain - Wait up. You requested some reliable info on those orcs that raid the area. ... No???! What do you mean by "No" ? "No" you don't need the information or "No" I would not be able to procure that sort of 'reliable' information? ... You say it's because I'm an elf. His voice rises a few tones. "I Am Not An Elf, I Am A Human Just Like Anybody Else Here. As a matter of fact am I just maybe a bit more reliable than you my friend. I was doing my first goblin, long before you let go of mummy's skirt. So Don't Tell Me I'm Not Reliable. You know what this means - it means I've spend, what three week out there in the dirt for NOTHING.
  Walks away grumbling something about officers don't knowing dung about reality. Later in the evening in the general barracks of the men. Corin sits in the corner playing a new tune on a lute, and when the majority of the men are gathered, does he raise his voice and start singing a song: About an officer that didn't talk to his men, and paid dearly for the mistake. not with his own life but with the life of all his men. The morale is - stick with your friends and you will live longer.   

Alan Munech "The Fish"

   Me name is Alan Munech some of te otter boiz call me "te fish" tey tink I am a bit wierd. I wanna show yu someting. I hafe stolen a book, see. I read in it all te time, and can unterstann some of it. te otter boiz tinks i am dumb, but i know someting tey don't. tis, watch - he mumbles a few words and suddenly he changes shape to a girl. See if te otter can do tis. Your eyes wanders of his body, and you see that he is dressed what might be catagorised as little above rags. His eyes tingle with curiosity and intelligence, and a bit joy of what he is able to do, that none of these 'Boiz' can do. 'Ey snap out of it friend, I wanna show you some more. He leads you through a lot of secret corridors of the mansion and stops suddenly. This is me study. Looking around do you see little that would usually point out that this could be some sort of study, beside a plank is it complete bare. Don't be so stun friend, I look trough here, pointing out a peephole, and I learn almost all tey do. 'They'? as you look through the hole you see young wizard apprentices that studies hard in their books.

Calvermun "Cal" Wisman

  Reporting Sir! The men are ready and at your disposal as you requested, Sir! Before you stands an obvious seasoned soldier, his uniform spotless, the salute tight and correct. Sorry Cal, I've have changed my mind, have the men dismissed and return. The soldier name Cal, salutes and says "Yes Sir", then walks out and a moment later returns. 'Stands ease soldier' is the officer's next comment, and so Cal does. I have given the order to assign you to adventure duty, Calvermun Wisman, Cal looks puzzled for a moment, him on adventure duty. But he likes it here, the discipline, the spotless uniforms, and the recon duties in the woods keeping the orc- and goblin-raids at a minimum. But not least the watch duty at the Moonflower housing, and the occasional sights of the lovely Elisian Moonflower. Why him, could the the old Senior Moonflower, might he have finger in this. The Moonflower family is a bit above his station, them nobles of the court and him just a common soldier.
   The Captain continues: You are to follow a band of adventures and report to me only, they will inform you of their mission, here are your order. Dismissed.
He is to follow a band of common men and women, with no discipline, and no military experience, by golly is he going to miss it here. On a second thought it could be good news. Some adventures gain a lot of reputation, and station. Maybe would he also get enough station to be worthy of courting Miss Elisian Moonflower. Oh the lovely Elisian, I promise I will come back.
   A Snap! of fingers, Cal is Torn out of his daydream. "Hello Tree to Soil, calling Cal, Soldier Maiwell calling Cal, Hello". "Where were you?" Cal explain the situation and greets old friends.

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