The Center Lands

Local Name: Kingdom of Ierendi, Languages: Iere (main), Trade (common),
Setting: Medieval (standard AD&D)
Economy: Good
Notable Cities: Melpheggi
Common names:

Current year is Kings Rule 835, King Raimon's 6th year.

Lying in the center of the Centerlands this place holds an enormous tradecenter, also known as Melpheggi. Melpheggi the place where culture clashes and trade rules. Everything is available at the right price at the right place, you just need to know who and where to ask and before you seen the next street will you have what you need. Shops are numerous, guilds are countless and thieves are beyond the scope of man to count. To list all the available shops in town is impossible, so I make this rule of thumb - Every legit shop is easy to find, there is atleast one representing each kind of business. Of the more special shops, like a special Wizards guild, a Monster shop, The Psionic guild, and other special shops) do you need to check your contacts (i.e asking the right question to the right kind of people for the right price). Seeking nonlegit shops, oh boy, "depends on who is asking" - "Are you a 'Guch', you look like a 'Guch' " - "Are you alone" - "What do you want" - "Wait here" - "Don't call us, we'll contact you" - "Double cross me, and you will regret it - the last two seconds of your life".

Thieves guilds are strangely enough not very large or strong represented. The city council, in co-operation with the garrison, has to a broad extent managed to keep the guilds down to a minimum. With that consequence that "The Free-Trade" has flourished meaning a lot of the thieves are non-organized and in most cases working single.A single non-organized thief has a few advantages first is not necessary for to steal quite so much as it all goes into his own pockets, secondly he knows who to count on (himself), who needs to know what (himself), who will be credited for a job well done (himself). On the other hand is it also easier for the officials to track down the thieves as they do not a place to hide, they will with the right information know who to arrest for what crime.

Churches and the like are strongly represented here, which shouldn't be that much of a surprise. The city is a major center of culture, people, trade, and new ideas. Churches:
Balaxa, Cuane, Gintuse, Noanna, Pacoane, Pektos, Poen, Seloku, Talisiasia
Berenash, Chiantu, Cuvanill, Dalodill, Matacha, Oralea, Senean, Sho, Tean
Outside of town: Cooperate Shrines to the druids.

With all those churches roaming the area, are they also to reckoned with respect as they hold quite a lot power and has even more to say in matters directly related to their portfolio.

Overall Mentality: Melpheggi townsfolk are generally very dear feeling towards their looks and smells. Almost all new fashion starts here in one of the many cloth shops, uh sorry - Life Houses. You either walks and shows yourself in the most expensive fashion cloth or walk naked. The town foster great passion, in both directions, i.e Love is comes from the innermost depth within and so does hatred, there is simply no middle way. It might be that you are the hero one moment, but if something irregularly happens then are you the great villain. (Look at Italy as reference guide)

GuCH - Guild of Crime Hunters, counting common bounty hunters, city officials (i.e the garrison, Special Unit Force SUF), Mercs, adventures looking for fame. It is possible to purchase a Crime Hunter Letter of Marquee, for just about 200-300gp.