The Complete List of Cast and Props.

On this page will I collect some nonlethal items and Nonweapon Proficiencies to go with the other High-Tech lethal items to be found.
20th Century Cast and Props
Tale of the Comet - Cast and Props houserules.
New NonWeapon Proficiencies (NWP)

Tale of the Comet:
I have a few additions and some modifications to The Tale Of The Comet Boxed-set.

House Rules:
- I have exchanged the "HitPoint" word of the vehicles to "HullPoint" and added a HullPoint damage value to all the weapons. I have used the base of 10HitPoints = 1HullPoint, and you need to do atleast 10HitPoints worth of damage in one single round for it to be noted. The Doomed (infantry) has kept their hitpoint value.
- I have also renamed the "Intelligence" to "Independence Factor" as intelligence is for humans and covers how we think over and solve problems, I think it easier to use the value this way. Each time an action is called for that might involve some independence, I would call for a check. But continuing in the same line as earlier would not call for an IF check. I.e.: If a higher rank unit is destroyed, and the subordinate unit was given the order to attack, it would, but it would not move to get a better attack without calling for an IF check. The lower the IF value is the more accurate must the command be. With IF 6-8 must the commands be very accurate as in "attack target bearing 103, distance 30yards", where someone with and IF 13-15 can you get by with commands like "attack largest enemy" or "defend position". In the first example would all you had to do is avoid that area that is "bearing 103, distance 30yds".

Other Equipment (Tale of the Comet):


(in Rael Credit (cr))

Weight (lbs)


Blaster Clips 20 0,5lbs Holds: 20charges. Take 1round to replace.
Flame Thrower fuel tanks 45 20lbs Holds 20charges. Takes 4round to replace
Armor 130 20lbs Giving: AC3
Comlink 80 5lbs Communication max 10miles, larger version may allow communication from orbit
Gasmask 70 15lbs Heavy and bulky, warm and unpleasant. -2 on surprise and attack rolls
Infrared / Lowlights Binoculars 100 2lbs x5 vision
Medikit 80 10lbs May give 1d3hp if care for within 5rounds. Heal twice as fast if remain in care. Holds 20doses (charges)
Personal Motion Scanner 120 2lbs  
Survival Tent 250 25lbs (folded)  

AD&D gold to Rael credits: I have no interest in how you exchange between to two monetary system. In fact: I would probably not let my PCs do it, as the AD&D gold is not 'clean' enough to be remolded and used in Rael equipment.