New creations for AD&D™

Luln - The dangerous drug from Dawn.
The Hybrid Plate Armor, a living armor that protects you against different types of damages, if you survive wearing it...
The Blue Stradler - A huge 250T Spelljammer.
Iron Rock -  Weapons and Tools made of rock.
Flash Tube - Choose when to have Light or Darkness
Necklace of the Librarian - An artifact of my own.
New Names - This is addition to the list found the net.
New Races And Monsters in addition to the current list

I am also collecting a list of better Net-additions and helpful tools. It found under A Collection of Usable stuff.

Another area I'll like to enter is PBEM gaming (Play By Email). As a few others am I also looking for an opening in a game - I have these PC ready for play go have a look and see if any of them would fit in your game. I currently use Irony Games as my lookout point. Being a player is not enough for me, I have therefor started my own PBEM called: Dawn Breakers

Iron Rock: This black stone is only found on Black Rock where the Black Minotaurs rule. This rock is jet black, so black that it doesn't take light very well, you can't cast any kind of light spell on this rock type. If you handle this rock well and work it into a weapon, you will get a weapon that is immune to acid and corrosion. The weapon is also slightly heavier that a weapon of same type and size made in metal (15%). These heavy weapons also gives a bit more damage, any Bludgeoning and Slashing weapons does +1 damage, while Piercing weapon does not gain by this increase in weight. The Iron Rock is also very difficult to to work and it takes 2,5 times longer to work than metal does..

Flash tube (New edition): This is the further development of the one Aurora is selling, instead of having just one end in which a Light / Cont. light spell is cast, you will two openings.In one end you cast your preferred Light version and in the other you cast the reverse version (Darkness). This way you can have light when you want that and darkness when that is called for. Its a bit more expensive than the regular one, as the smith have to insert a divider in the middle.
            Cost: 20gp         Weight: 10lbs

Necklace of the Librarian: This artifact was created by a ancient, but amazingly still living, mage. He intended to have a portable library, so he may conduct his research on the spot. After several years of research and several failed attempt did he succeed all to well. He managed to gather all the ingredients (books worth of several thousand goldpieces, a necklace, and a bunch of other relevant stuff) and cast the spells. He had to expend his very own life-force to complete the casting. When I said he is still alive do I mean that he still lives within the necklace, and the user might run into him from time to time. The library exist on a side-plane, just as a bag holding, and in time has the different users added to the original library so that its resources is now close to limitless. The mage allows the users to store his/her spellbooks and other written material in the library, under the silent agreement that the book may never leave the library ever again and they fall to the library should the user die. Another benefit is that the user may conduct spell-research on the spot, he just has to find a calm spot sit down to meditate and enter the library. The higher the level of the research is the more likely is it that you meet the Librarian, and the more likely is it that he (The Librarian) needs some-kind of material components, books, information that the user must supply before proceeding in his own research. Dropping by several times will also attract the librarians attention, with the same demands as before. Killing the librarian is not an option as the magic used in the casting needs a life-force to keep it functional, not to say that killing the original mage (librarian) is close to impossible. You are on his homeground, the librarian is quite accomplished in the art of spell casting, and the necklace has its own defence routines. But anyway if you succeed in killing the librarian will you automatically become the next librarian, meaning you are never to leave, (this also applies if you happen to die in the attempt, whereupon you will become an apprentice under the librarian).
            Cost: Yep, its up for sale (what do you think).
            XP: Like you ever want to make one of these :).

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