"Ye know, there is a place that haven't even heard of spelljamming, would you believe it. The entire Sphere is guarded by someone called The Protectors of Dawn"

   Inhabited by a single race or single culture. Like some other places are this one a mix of different races, of both unique and common races. Its said that the IEN is involved, which do not deny (or confirm). But the truth is maybe a bit more complex, than it is seen. They atleast had something to do with it, as one of their politics still holds its grip - "One peaceful, united, happy planet" (ofcourse under the guidance of the IEN)."

    "So a multi-cultural, -racial, and protected society, what am I exactly to find here". First you need permission to enter the place, which is not an easy job. After this will you find the normal compliments of most spheres.
Ice and Snow from the Savage and wild Coldlands (Normark). Cattle and sheep from the Noble HighLanders, Common farming products from the frogleg eating Lowlanders (Farkas), this also the place where you'll find the highest most spectacularly city of the entire planet. Wood and lumber are found in great abundance in the dangerous Eastland (Thundiara). Seeking knowledge and advice, go visit the stout White (High) elves on their Faerie-Heights, just make sure not to get caught by the evil  Rock (Drow) elves. And a second note: Don't, I repeat: Don't, get in the middle of these two, you will nothing by sorry for as long as you will live, which might not be for so long (if you get my drift). Looking for some reliable, strong strikeforce, see if you can't strike a deal with the forest Minos, just be sure they are forest minos. At the Moon-island will you find mystery and ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation, This old Shou-lung outpost also holds a backdoor into this realm. Just remember that its a bad idea to get caught with a fake pass." In the center of the northern lands lies the Centerlands (Ierendi) hosting the largest city of the entire Dawn. And then there is the Protectors.

"That very much describes the desirable places you wanna go, but there are also some less desirable places, like the harsh, barren desert of the SouthLands (Arossian and the desert). There is also the the Forgotten lands, with their barbaric culture and their king of the woods the Temorus Rexorus, also known as the T-Rex. Luckily this places is very hard to come to for spelljamming individuals, as it is sealed in a magic-dead capsule. Black Rock, home of the biggest, meanest, and most sadistic Minos of Dawn, and keeper of the socalled Iron Rock.

"Its said that there is still uncharted land on Dawn, places that have never been set foot upon by any man. This will only last 'till the right man or woman comes by". See the list of Available Spelljammer Ports.
What is up for trade, well lad why don't you take a look at this list (economy).
See the overall Map of Dawn.
Godly powers and Deities are also noted down.
There is also a set calendar to see and use.

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These great warriors of the cold, also called the Danes, once ruled the whole of the Northern Coldlands, and all the way down to High-Horn. The Local lord at that time had great trouble keeping the vikings of his land. But a young henpecker named Arthur found a mighty sword, with which he conquered all of the lost land back to the kingdom.

Here will find some of the best diplomats that has ever walked this planet, and some of the best trained soldiers. The place always compete over power and who has the upper-hand at any given time. Their strife and political unrest make this an excellent place to sell prime weapons of any kind. The king holds court in Attarhorn
. SJ Ports

Flat and endless with wavering cornfields covering most of the area during the summer time. Common folks joining hands and doing a tremendous work.While high-up people walk around with their rapiers and fancy clothes.

Also Called the land of the Giants. The people of this area are larger than any other race on  Dawn, the smallest doesn't stand under 220cm at young adult age. It is also said that if you seek the giants of any kin, this is the place to search (Just leave the area once you found'em, cos' it'll be too late if they find you).

High peeks and long canyons are the biggest hazards of this place, if you don't count the high-up Wise elves with their strict heirachy, and the vicious Rock elves. These same mountains has made travelling an artform. Control a corridor (either underground or in the air) and you are financial secured for life (just keep a good sword nearby at all times).
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Forest and Ocean, some "friendly" strife, two Mino races and a Dwarf Clan (The Couhammers). This ought to be fun. The Forest minos control the land, The Ocean Minos the Sea and the Couhammers are in between.

For a very long time ago did the Shou-Lung discover this place by accident. The accident was very well performed, they actually wrecked their SJ ship in the process. The official explanation is somewhat different, They claim It was a deliberate wrecking. Even though they've been separated from the official Shou-Lung Empire for a long time, do they still carry the mentality of the old empire.

Endless, hot, waterless, hostile are some of the words you can tie to this place. Make landfall here and avoid the evil nomads, the lures some of the predators have set up, the Sand Elves (wood), the local Sheikhs, and last the Djinn and avoid these and you will not be in for a "Bad" day.

On the North-East bank of the Southland lies the land of sand and wonders. Many caravans travel this very land some friendly ,some not so friendly. The land is ruled by Sheikh Ab el All a Din, it is public knowledge that he is in possession of an Intelligent flying carpet.

-TimeLess Lands:
There is also the the Forgotten lands, with their barbaric culture and their king of the woods the Temorus Rexorus, also known as the T-Rex. Luckily this places is very hard to come by, as it is sealed in a magic-dead capsule.

- Protectors of Dawn
Handling all Outsiders. Outsider is all those coming in from Wildspace, that'll be traders, Neogi, and whatnot.

Timeline and Current years

Current years:
Attarhorn (HighLands) is 4046 After Second Foundation (ASF)
Pamis (Lowland/Farkas) is Rise of the Tower year 1024 (RT)
Melpheggi (CenterLands/Ierendi) is Kings Rule 835, Raimon III's 6th year. (KR)
Spelljammer year (5042) (as per Unified Timeline of the Spheres)
Arossian (SouthLands/"Golden Coast") is 2021 (Years shift is 96days after Calendar)

Notes on Timelines:

Attarhorn - This is the eldest existing timeline. There is a AFF (After First Foundation), but people rarely uses this as it reminds the Highlanders of a still humiliating defeat (AFF is +123years). The numbers 123 is still a considered a bad omen, and its also therefor that a true Highlander-Elf never reach an age of 123. Most often are they sent to far-away places, to avoid any callings of the number 123. What did happen then. The new castle had just entered its second century, when a very small band of goblinkin managed to bring the castle down. When I say down, do I mean down, as in the entire castle stumbled of the mountain it was set on and into to the bottom of the valley.

Melpheggi -  The Kings Rule is referred to the fact that it is the same family blood line that has ruled the entire time. The wording of the Crownheritage is: "The King's First Born Child , man or other, is entitle to the Full Crown. If none such is found will the King's Second Born Child serve for half a crown while any other King's Child get to share the other half. No none King's Child is never to rule again, Breaking this means doom to the Kingdom. Of the 825 years has there never been any recorded, or should I say - official, breaks in this bloodline.

White-Elves - Does not hold a recorded timeline - they usually count out from notable episodes, such as 15 years after Mount Evins fall, 3years after King Lurin's Disgrace, or similar. This is due the fact that time means little for the close-to-immortal elves.