"Welcome the Light of Dawn!"

"Cos' it'll be the only thing that will keep you alive on those endless trips. When your best pal decides you've don' him wrong, and the stars are the only one to hear your sorrow, and when the Mate orders you on pot duty, and says he wants'em jettisoned ASAY!*. And when the jetter decides now is a good time to jam. So take my advice, berk: Welcome the Light of Dawn as if your life depends on it. Especially if it involves a hot bath."

*Asay: As Soon As Yesterday.

This page is dedicated primarily to the AD&D Roleplay setting called SJ Netlogo, plus some other stuff.

So what'll be:

DawnSpace (my RPG world).

General AD&D Stuff.

Theories of Wildspace.

Magical Technology or just plain technology for AD&D.

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