Round 13:

The shots from the dragonship speed toward their targets. One of the shots aimed at the tradesman hits the catapult, smashing the mechanisms and putting it out of commission. Fortunately, the crewman operating the weapon dove to the deck and avoided any damage. The other bolt flies wide of the ship and continues its course into the void.

The third shot from the dragonship, aimed at the Starbug, silently shoots behind the damselfly.

The three bolts from the approaching shrikeship all slam into the Starflyer. The first pierces the lower port hull under the lower section of the main deck. The second lodges itself into the tail, and the third bolt smashes through the port tentacle next to the ram.

The shrikeship alters its course slightly to aim directly for the Starflyer.

After recovering from the impacts, Ret begins to sing a dwarven forging song while he loads the catapult. Soon, other members of the crew join in, including one human that can't stay on pitch.

Breaking off his song for a second, Ret cries to the dissonant crewman, "Hey, you there with the tone dead ears. Sing with some balls!!! Sound off like ya gotta pair!"

The crewman, shocked at the blunt outburst from the dwarf, takes a step back in response, frowns and silently continues to load the catapult.

Meanwhile, the Starbug glides in and stops within 200 feet of the dragonship. Anleef spots several crewmen on the dragonship picking up bows and nocking arrows. Not seeing any spellcasters, he launches an arrow at one of the pirate bowmen. The arrow embeds itself into the man's chest, and the pirate falls lifeless to the deck.

The four bowmen left on the dragonship complete preparations and fire at the crew on the Starbug. The arrows fly through space, with two hitting targets. One of the arrows hits 316 in the side of his cubical form with enough force to send him sprawling across the deck to land on the floor unconscious. The other arrow finds its mark in Anleef's shoulder. The elf winces from the pain but continues to prepare his second arrow.

Shar, seeing 316 go down and Anleef injured, leaves his post at the catapult, picks up his loaded crossbow, runs to the rail and fires at the dragonship's crew. The bolt hits the chest of the dragonship's injured captain and throws the unfortunate human to the deck, where he doesn't move. Chaos begins to ensue on the dragonship's deck. The bowmen drop their weapons and run for cover inside their damaged ship. Two more of their ballistae are abandoned as their crew retreats below decks. One ballista remains manned, and it begins to turn to fire at the Starbug.

Anleef's second arrow, finding a new target, fires at the remaining ballista crew on the dragonship. The arrow hits its mark and drops him to the deck, leaving one man on the ballista.

Round 14:

By this time, everyone on deck of the Starflyer hears the dwarven song being sung, and most have joined in.

The weapons on the Starflyer, with preparations complete, fire. The catapult and the aft port ballista (Tomas's station) fire at the approaching shrikeship, while Jareth's ballista fires at the dragonship.

On the deck of the Starbug, Lieutenant Oakwood rushes to 316's side to see him unconscious. The half-elf commander looks up to Anleef to see that he's okay and rushes to assist in loading the ballista, whose crew is now back up to three.

While Shar continues to load his crossbow, Anleef fires another arrow at the remaining ballista crew. His shot hits the base of the ballista, causing the pirate to pause and gaze at the arrow for a second and then continue loading the weapon.

Some of the crewmen on the deck of the dragonship are trying to bandage their fallen captain, while the rest are attempting to find cover either below decks or behind structures away from the Starbug.

Anleef's second arrow hits home in the ballista crewman's neck, dropping him to the deck where he lies motionless leaving the ballista unmanned.

Round 15:

The catapult shot from the Starflyer hits the deck of the forecastle of the shrikeship, sending the ballista crew flying backward to the main deck. The ballista shot from the squidship misses its target.

The ballista crew on Garen's Gem aim at the shrikeship and fire. The man formerly on the catapult moves to assist the crew of the tradesman with the rigging and operation of the ship.

The shrikeship continues to move closer to the Starflyer. Captain Hart shouts to the crew, "They're going to try to ram! All hands, brace for impact! Prepare to be boarded!" The captain rushes to the starboard rail of the sterncastle and braces himself. The rigging crew braces themselves on the main deck.

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