Round 10:

Jareth, seeing that his work is done, leaves the helm room and begins to
make his way back to his post at the ballista.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Trandar gingerly picks up ShadowBane in his arms and
leaves the helm room as well without saying a word.

Under the control of Krillan, the Starflyer begins to come about to
starboard to rejoin with the tradesman.

The shot from the tradesman's catapult flies wide of the dragonship on its
starboard side and continues its flight toward the distant asteroid field.

Round 11:

Jareth reaches the ballista in time to help with some final adjustments.

With all weapons ready, the catapult and ballistae of the Starflyer fire.
The catapult and aft port ballista aim for the approaching shrikeship, while
the aft starboard ballista fires at the motionless dragonship.

Meanwhile, the Starbug finally comes within range to assist and fires its
ballista at the helpless dragonship.

The Starflyer glides alongside Garen's Gem a good 200 feet to its starboard.
The crew is busy at work loading and preparing the catapult and ballista
for its next attack. Both ships are holding their positions.

Round 12:

The catapult shot from the Starflyer hurls through space past the
approaching shrikeship without inflicting any damage. The ballista bolt, on
the other hand, strikes the shrike's starboard hull. The shrikeship
continues to approach.

The other ballista bolt from the Starflyer pierces through the forward wall
of the dragonship's building structure, just missing a couple of crewmen.

The ballista bolt from the Starbug hits the dragonship's lower hull behind
its port "wing". On deck of the damselfly, Lieutenant Oakwood calls out,
"Helm, take us closer to the dragonship! Anleef, prepare your bow. See if
you can find the captain. Ballista crew, good work. Keep it up!"

The dragonship, although motionless, fires their ballistae. Two bolts fly
toward the tradesman, while a third speeds toward the Starbug.

The shrikeship, now about 1000 feet away from the Starflyer, fires three
ballistae. All three appear to be aimed at the Starflyer.

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