Round 1:
The dragonship closes the gap to be within 1000 yards of the Starflyer.

Two ballistae bolts from the dragonship speed at the Starflyer. One bolt
flies high overhead. The second bolt slams directly into Tomas's ballista
partner, while Tomas barely avoids the incoming missile. The crewmember is
swept up by the bolt and pinned into the floor on the opposite side of the
sterncastle, where the unfortunate man lies lifeless.

"Garm, to the port ballista!" cries Sergeant Trandar. One of the deckhands
rushes from the rigging to the sterncastle to assist Tomas on the weapon.

The crew on the tradesman fire their weapons, one catapult and one ballista,
at the dragonship.

Round 2:
While maneuvering to stay on an intercept course with the Starflyer, the
dragonship loses some ground, and the gap widens once again.

The catapult shot from the tradesman rips through the sail attached to the
tail of the pirate vessel. The tradesman's ballista bolt punches into the
front side of the oriental-style building on the deck of the ship.

The Starflyer's catapult and starboard aft (the one with Jareth and the
blonde human male) ballista fire at the approaching squidship.

Round 3:
Now flying parallel with the Starflyer and the tradesman, the dragonship
lags slightly behind the other ships while still maintaining a distance of
nearly a mile.

The catapult shot from the Starflyer crashes into the hull near the same
location as the first shot. The ballista bolt slices through the mainmast
of the dragonship, causing the sail to start swaying.

The dragonship fires again, sending three ballista bolts at the Starflyer
and the tradesman. Now with a full crew, the port-aft ballista on the
Starflyer (the one with Tomas and Garm) fires at the dragonship.

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