Inspections of the ship show the Starflyer as ready to sail.  Soon after, Sergeant Trandar leaves the helm and calls all hands on deck.

The entire crew, total complement of 25, assembles on the main deck. Sergeant Trandar is standing on the sterncastle with a strong-looking human male with sandy brown hair and thick mustache.  The human is wearing the same type of uniform as the giff first mate with the exception of a gold bar on the left breast of the jacket.

"Good day to you all," the human cries.  "For those of you who are new to the Celestial Legion, I am Captain Hart, commander of this vessel.  As members of my crew, I expect the best from each one of you.  Give me your best, and you will be well rewarded.

"Our mission is to protect that vessel," Captain Hart exclaims as he points to the tradesman docked next to the Starflyer, "and make sure it gets to the Heart of the Dragon and into the Flow.  Let's show them why the Celestial Legion is the best.  Prepare to leave port."

Sergeant Trandar steps forward and yells, "All hands to posts.  Prepare to depart."  The crew scrambles to their positions and gets set.  Once in position, Trandar looks to the tradesman.  After seeing someone wave to him, he calls out, "Clear all moorings!"  After the ship is untied from the dock, Trandar nods to Captain Hart.

From the captain's station on the sterncastle, Captain Hart calls through the tube that leads to the helm, "Helm, take us out."  After a moment of silence, the ship shakes and shudders.  All hands of the crew attempt to grab onto something solid to keep from being knocked to the deck.  Finally after a few seconds, the ship steadies and moves away from the dock.

Captain Hart glares at Sergeant Trandar and says something that can't be heard on the main deck.  The captain goes below deck to the helm, opens the door to see Krillan on the helm and ShadowBane examining the star charts. Upon seeing the holy symbol of Celestian on Krillan's garments, Hart's look of anger melts away.

Captain Hart takes a deep breath and sharply states, "Krillan, I know this is your first time on a helm.  I will expect you to work on improving your skills as a helmsman."  He then closes the door and returns to the sterncastle.

ShadowBane looks up from the starcharts and relays the course heading through the tube to Captain Hart.  The captain replies down the tube, "Thanks, Ms. Bane.  We will hit spelljamming speed when we clear the asteroid field."

Three hours later at tactical speed, the Starflyer and tradesman emerge from the asteroid belt.  Within seconds, a cry is heard from the fore near the catapult.  One of the crewmen yells out, "Ship ahoy off the port bow!"

Captain Hart pulls out a spyglass and looks forward and left.  Sergeant Trandar, reaching the catapult, searches in the same direction.  After a moment, Trandar looks aft, nods and rushes to the sterncastle.  The giff whispers something to the attentive captain and nods as well.

Below decks at the helm, Krillan has detected a vessel within tactical range of the Starflyer and tradesman, and it is heading toward you.

Trandar turns to the crew and bellows, "All hands to battlestations!  All hands to battlestations!"

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