Waiting for what seems like an hour in an auditorium in the basement of the Celestial Legion building at the asteroid city of Hestia in Hyrkulspace, seven people have arrived in response to an advertisement found around town.

As they begin to grow impatient, an elven man clad in dark blue walks in the back doors and makes his way to the front of the room.

"Greetings," the elf states with a pleasant voice. "Obviously, you are here in response to the message displayed in the marketplace. I am Erid. I am a member of the Celestial Legion and here today to offer each of you a job performing a service for us."
Erid pauses for a moment, watches the group and continues.
"The Legion has been hired to escort a merchant vessel heading to Krynnspace to the crystal sphere. We have a ship prepared for the job, we just need a crew since most of our people are out on other assignments. The trip should take only four months to get there and back. Since you would be considered new, the pay isn't quite that high, but it pays two gold per sevenday for a normal crew. Now, that would be for a normal crew. Crew that take up positions of responsibility would pay higher, of course. Anyway, I'll let you think about it for a moment. If anyone has any questions, just ask me.
"Oh, we will also need a couple of helmsmen to help on the voyage. Do we have anyone capable of helping with that?" Erid looks expectantly to all of you.

"What does that job entail?" asks a black clad moon elf.

Erid turns to the moon elf, raises an eyebrow for a second and responds, "The helmsman is the person responsible for manning the helm of the ship, to make the ship move through space. Each helmsman will only need to man the helm for a maximum of eight hours per day, unless we are short one."
Erid turns back to the rest of the group and inquires, "Any other questions?"

"Well, since as far as I know, a spelljamming helmsman has to power the helm with magic, so I guess I could if necessary" replies the black-clad elf. "Now, what exactly is Krynnspace?"

A dwarf carrying a satchel and wearing a backpack, obviously carrying weapons and other various equipments steps forward. He reeks of pipe tobacco. "Erid? Ret. Nice to meet you. I can handle gunnin' and armours and whatever needs done on a ship. Where's the boat so's I can stow my gear?"

A short, silver-haired elf equipped with a lute, bow, and sword stands and says, "My name is Aysle Lyre. I am a bard and traveller from the Rock of Bral. I am with the Ret...in the sense that I, too, am eager to get underway. I have some skill as sailor on the wildspace seas, and as helmsman, though my experience during combat at the helm of a vessel is...non-existant.

"I am also a skilled entertainer, and in my youth a carpenter as well." He hefts a sailor's sling bag that seems light (almost empty, those more perceptive will surely note). "Show me where to sign my name and stash my gear and I will be your loyal employee."

He finishes his speech with a polite bow to Erid and an honest, gee-whiz-I'm-a-real-farm-boy smile.

A male high elf wearing loose-fitting nondescript clothes steps forward and states, "I can man a helm if need be. I am also in need of another job so it looks like we need one another."

A slender, fair-hared man in simple homespun robes speaks up. "I'm afraid I don't know very much about this, but I am willing to hire on if you will have me."

A bald half-elf with a black goatee stands up. He is wearing a black robe that is filled with stars. Seven stars are more prominent than the others. "Blessed be Celestian! I, too, have the capability to man a helm, although I have not had the fortune to do so yet. I would join this crew, although I would like to know those that I would travel with! Please make yourselves known to one and all! I, for one, am Krillan, Wanderer of Celestian!"

The nondescript high elf turns to greet the new arrival, "Greetings, wanderer of Celestian. I am Tarith Bloodblade. I have some small experience on seafaring as well as spelljamming vessels."

Ret, the dwarf, says, "Bah. Elves." then turns to Erid and continues, "Where's my berth. I got some new tobacco I wanna try."

The slim, fair-haired man speaks again. "My name is Jareth, a follower of the Way of Harmony. I fear I know little of this 'spelljamming', and I too would like to know with whom I travel."

"I know very little about traveling the stars, but I believe I can do the helming, if necessary, if being a spellcaster is the whole requirement. Name's Daegail, but everyone calls me Apathy." says the black clad male moon elf.

Sauntering down to the meeting room, an attractive, black-haired winged elf cautiously looks into the meeting hall. She sits down toward the back of the hall and waits.
Erid looks to the back of the room, noticing the arrival of a new person, opens his mouth to speak, when Tarith stands and greets her for him.

Tarith stands up and announces, "Welcome, newcomer. Pray tell whom might you be? I am Tarith Bloodblade."

The avariel replies, "I am ShadowBane. I have come to see the great display of amusement that is being performed here this day. So Tarith Bloodblade, what are you doing here on such a nice day?"

Before answering her question, Tarith notices someone else wishing to speak, sits down and yields the floor to Erid. Erid waves for him to continue and says, "No, it's okay. Go ahead."

Tarith nods his thanks, "I merely wished to introduce myself, nothing more. You can go ahead, I did not mean to interrupt something you were about to say."

ShadowBane replies, "You two are fighting over my affections. Isn't that sweet. I have heard of such a thing, but I have never really encountered it." ShadowBane's thoughts go trailing off when she reads her notes for today over again and thinks to herself, 'This is not a playhouse. This is the big job that I was going to apply to. Oops!' ShadowBane sits down further into her seat and turns bright red from her embarrassment.
Erid nods, smiles in response to Tarith's reaction and says, "That's alright." He, then, turns to the newcomer and asks, "Are you here for the posting in the marketplace? We are looking for crew members for a voyage. Would you be interested in joining us?"
ShadowBane replies, "Yes, that is my hope if my skills could be of use to you all. I am a navigator. So if you have need of one, I will be happy to oblige."
Ret mutters, "Bah. Damned elves are too polite to get anything done." Speaking up, Ret continues, "Look, Erid, I know ya gotta job for us and ya've already said ya just want us to crew a ship for merchanting purposes. Great. Can we stop standing around with the pointy-eared shuffle and get to the boat and get moving? I've only got so many heart beats left in my life."

"I agree with the dwarf." says Apathy, the black-clad moon elf. "Can we just get to the job already? I think everyone has said their 'Hello's'."

Aysle Lyre scratches his pointy ears, puzzled. "I, too, agree with the dwarf...though dancing a pointy-eared shuffle may be quite fun. Perhaps Ret would be kind enough to teach me the steps once we board.

"However," he continues, nodding to Apathy and Krillan, "There are now three pointy-eared people, including myself, agreeing with fork beard here." He smiles at Ret. "Though, that may simply mean we are dancing the same way to a different tune. I, too, am ready to depart." Aysle, still smiling, hefts his gear and waits patiently for Erid to lead on.

Silent until now, a half-elf speaks, "My name is Tomas Stoams. Now I may not be the wisest, but I would like to know what all I am signing on for. Two gold for 7 days is nice only to a living man! Has there been any trouble on the route that we are to take?"

Erid acknowledges the question with a slight nod and opens his mouth to answer, when a loud crash is heard from the middle of the room. Everyone turns around to discover that Ret, the dwarf, has dropped his gear to the floor and is sitting down with it while pulling out his pipe and a bag that smells of tobacco.
Erid gives an obvious sigh and continues, "There have been no reports of trouble that I have heard of in the last few weeks. At least, no more than usual.
"Now, unless there are any other questions, you may take your gear and prepare for departure. The ship is a squidship named the 'Starflyer'. You will find it moored at the docks. I will get in touch with our client and let him know we will be ready to sail in two hours."

"Great! Finally, we can do something!" says Apathy.

Tarith stands up and gathers his things, "I'm ready whenever everyone else is."

With that statement, everyone gathers their gear and begins the walk to the docks.

On the way there, ShadowBane rushes home and grabs her gear as well as her bag of games from home to amuse everybody on the long trip, a few extra blankets and two dozen sugar cookies that she made the night before. She, also, makes a couple of additional stops to grab a few things from town: a few books, another bowstring and a bottle of feather cleaner for the long trip.

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