"All hands, transfer cargo from the shrikeship to the Starflyer!" Captain Hart orders to his crew.  The crewmen quickly move onto the shrikeship and begin unloading its cargo.

"Don't forget 316's laboratory!" Lieutenant Oakwood reminds the Starflyer crew.

One of the crewmen turns to the captain of the Starbug and says, "Permission to speak freely, sir?"  With a nod from Oakwood, the crewman inquires, "Who is 316?"  The only response he gets is a finger pointing to the unconscious modron as he is being moved to the Starflyer via ropes and pulleys.  The crewman falls silent to gaze at the cubical body for a moment, comes back to his senses with a start and continues his work.

The amount of cargo is relatively light, consisting of food, ballista ammunition, materials for ship repairs and 316's laboratory equipment (an array of what appears to be blacksmithing and other unfamiliar tools with a workbench).

Ret, upon seeing the forge and other ironworking materials being loaded, ensures it is all taken care of properly and with great care. He takes it sort of personally and assists with its loading and getting it all into a particular area of the cargo hold. Ret proceeds to set up to his liking in the designated spot.

As the cargo is being moved, Anleef takes the time to pat down the two prisoners.  After a thorough search, nothing extra is found.  He, then goes to the shrikeship and is able to successfully recover one arrow.

The transfer is performed quickly, and the crew returns to the Starflyer.

"You, sir!" Lieutenant Oakwood calls from the deck of the Starbug to the half-elf named Tarith, who is standing on the deck of the shrikeship.  "I need you to help me tether the shrikeship to the Starbug."  Oakwood then throws the rope to Tarith and begins tying his end to the damselfly.

Once both ships are tied, Oakwood yells to Tarith again, "Thanks!  Better get back on the Starflyer."

Once all the crews are back on their ships, Captain Hart turns to Sergeant Trandar and says, "Let's get underway.  We've lost valuable time."

"All hands prepare to depart!" Trandar bellows, and the crew rushes to their posts.

Tarith, wanting to make sure that the prisoners are turned over to the authorities, starts to board the Starbug.

"Tarith!" Trandar cries out as he rushes to the half-elf.  "The captain wishes to continue the journey as soon as the Starbug departs.  You need to stay on board."  Without waiting for a response, the giff returns to the command post on the sterncastle deck.

With a shrug, Tarith climbs back onto the Starflyer.

Being informed of the wounded, Anleef volunteers his services and goes to them.  Attending first to the unconscious Apathy, he lays his hand on the elf's chest wound and begins his prayer.  After a few seconds, Anleef's hand glows a dim white.  Apathy's wound closes, and he stirs.  Apathy wakes up to find himself on the deck of the Starflyer by the starboard rail.  Despite some residual pain from the wound, Apathy sits up and quickly lies back down as he succumbs to sudden dizziness.

Anleef looks around to find another unconscious crewman, one crewman who is wounded but conscious and the unconscious modron.  The elf lays his hand on the unconscious crewman.  After his chanting is done, the crewman awakens, thanks him and returns to his post.  After taking two steps, the crewman turns and says, "Say, didja git the wing'd woman tak'n ker of?  I herd she got hit purty hard."  Seeing Anleef shake his head no, the crewman replies, "I t'ink she's b'low decks."  With that, he returns to his post.

"Will you be okay?" Anleef asks the wounded crewman.  With a grunt, he nods an affirmative.  Anleef, then, stands and quickly moves to the forecastle door.

The crew completes their preparations and awaits further orders.  Hart looks at the Starbug to see Lieutenant Oakwood waving to him.  The captain waves back and watches the damselfly move away from the squidship with the shrikeship in tow.  Captain Hart turns to the speaking tube and states, "Helm, resume original course."

Once the Starflyer and Garen's Gem begin moving, Hart turns to his giff first mate and says, "Trandar, get below decks and give Krillan the sphere." 

The giff replies, "Yes, sir." and heads below decks.

Upon reaching the helm room, Sergeant Trandar enters, locates a dull white orb setting inside a case in the forward-starboard corner of the room.  He pulls it out, walks over to Krillan and sets it in his lap.

"Here." the sergeant says as he sets it down.  "Put both of your hands on this and concentrate on the tradesman.  After a minute or two, you will be able to control both ships, provided they relinquish helm control.  As long as you hold this sphere, you will be able to fly both ships on the same course as if they were one."  Without waiting for a response, Trandar turns on his heel and leaves the helm room.

Krillan puts both his hands on the orb and notices through helmsight that the orb starts to glow, dimly at first but gradually gets brighter.

Upon reaching the sterncastle deck, the first mate pulls out the signaling flags from their storage space and begins signaling the tradesman.  After a moment, the tradesman slows for a second but then resumes speed.  Another minute passes, and both ships suddenly accelerate quickly until the stars around the ships appear to have become slightly elongated.

Trandar turns to Captain Hart and says, "Spelljamming speed achieved, sir."

"Very good." comes the captain's reply.  "Stand down maneuvering crew."

"Maneuvering crew, stand down!" Sergeant Trandar shouts.  The crewmen move away from their posts.  Some of the crewmen move below decks, while others take up chores on deck.

"Sergeant," Hart says.  "Gather some of the crew and begin repairs to the ship.  We took some major damage during the fight, and we need to get it done as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir." Trandar replies, and he walks to the main deck.

"Oh, and sergeant . . ." the captain calls after him.

The giff turns and replies, "Yes, sir?"

"See what we can do about reviving the . . . what was he, again? . . . the modron."

Trandar nods and says, "Yes, sir."  The giff turns and continues down the stairs.

Below decks in the captain's cabin, Anleef has found the unconscious form of ShadowBane.  Using his last spell, he lays his hands on her upper chest and begins chanting.  The white glow returns to his hands.    After a moment, the avariel awakens.  Anleef smiles and leaves the room.  Taking a moment to find Aysle, he finds out that an arrow stash is kept in the ship's armory and proceeds there to refill his quiver.

Sergeant Trandar, while assembling a repair crew, finds Jareth and tells him, "Jareth, the ship appreciates your talents as a healer.  At this time, I am appointing you ship's medic. 

Jareth tucks his hands into the sleeves of his robe, and bows respectfully to the Sergeant. "Very well. I will be honored to serve in whatever capacity I may."

Trandar continues, "See to the . . . modron and see what you can do about him."

"The... modron, did you say?" Jareth's brows furrow in concentration for a moment. "That would be the unusual box-shaped crewman brought aboard from the Starbug, would it not? I shall do my best."

After gathering together the repair team, the giff informs them that all ship damage needs to be located, reported and repaired.

"Aye, aye!" replies Tarith, and he rushes away to begin repairs in the helm room.

Anleef reports to Jareth to see what can be done about his shoulder before doing any repairs.

Jareth looks up from his observations of 316 with a frankly confused expression on his face. Glancing at Anleef, he asks, "What is the matter?"

Anleef points to the large hole and bloodstain saying, "I was hit by a pirate's arrow. Since you're the medic, I assume it's your job to make my shoulder serviceable once more. The captain wants me to help with the repairs, but that won't occur until I'm physically able to do some."

"Well, then. Let me have a look at that." Jareth takes Anleef's arm and begins to examine the wound.

"That doesn't look too bad. With the cooperation of the spirits, you should heal quickly. Let me take it up with them." Jareth's eyes unfocus slightly as he continues to stare at the wound, and he begins to mutter under his breath. Slowly, the wound begins to reknit. The wound closes after a moment, and the pain from Anleef's shoulder disappears. Aside from a small scar, no evidence of a wound exists.

With his shoulder now healed, Anleef nods his thanks and joins the repair crew.

Before he assists with the various boat repairs as directed, Ret seeks out Sergeant Trandar and inquires, "Sir... I know ye know I'm a dwarf and I thankee fer loadin' up all that nice 'quipment what with tha forge an' all, and, well, brings this dwarf ta a tear ta think he kin work the fires 'gain. So, if ya kin work it, sir, I'd 'preciate you lettin' me stoke it up and work some plates out to try and help reinforce this wood as make 'pairs on the spots we're doin'?

"Also, I think I might be able ta do sumthin' fer that gnomish contraption. Not sure, but I'd ta have a look or at least assist. Kinduv an interesting lookin' thing, ain't it? Wonder what it's fer?"

Arvien grabs the tools he needs and then tries to grab some lumber. Realizing that he can't do this alone, he looks around for a second and calls over to Ret, "Hey umm... Mr. Dwarf guy! Can you please help me out here a second, I can't do this myself."

"Bah. 'Course you can't do it yerself." Ret replies with a huff.

As Ret begins to walk to the halfling, he feels a strong tug on one of his feet and starts to lose his balance. Quickly looking down, the dwarf notices that his boots have been laced together. As he begins to fall forward, Ret tries desperately to maintain his balance . . . and manages to do so! After some stifled laughter from some of the crewmen dies down, Ret manages to untie his boot laces while muttering dwarven curses and oaths of revenge. By the time he is done, Arvien has disappeared.

Once everyone has reported for duty, the repair crew separates into smaller teams and begins work on fixing the damage done during the battle.

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