After searching the rest of the ship, all items found are listed as follows along with where they were located.

Cargo hold

food (60 man-day's worth)


cooking supplies

Captain's Quarters

ship's log


large chest


star chart of Hyrkulspace

long sword

wheel lock pistol

5 bags each containing 30 gp

Crew Quarters

10 small chests w/ clothes (one chest contained a sheathed dagger)


Once everyone is back on deck and reported that the ship is clear, Ret and Tarith wave their arms to signal the Starflyer.

On the Starflyer, Captain Hart lowers his spyglass and states to Trandar, "The shrikeship is clear.  Stand down the weapons."

"Weapons, stand down!" Trandar cries.

Hart puts the spyglass into its sheath on his belt and orders, "Sergeant, signal the Starbug.  Have them escort the shrikeship to our location."

The giff first mate whips out the signal flags and begins sending a message to the Starbug.

On the Starbug, Lieutenant Oakwood emerges on deck looking better than before without any signs of being wounded save the rips in his clothing and scars where the wounds were previously.

"Good work, everyone."  Oakwood addresses the crew.  "You came through very well.  I will be sure to include that in my report back on Hestia."  He looks to the shrikeship, sees everyone on deck and nods with a smile on his face.

At that point, Oakwood squints for a moment, pulls out his spyglass and looks toward the Starflyer through it.

"They're signaling us.  Escort . . . shrike . . . ship . . . to . . . our . . . location . . ."

The lieutenant lowers his spyglass and cries out to everyone on the shrikeship, "We need to fly with you to the squidship.  Bring the prisoners over here, and we will secure them below decks."

The prisoners are brought over to the damselfly by Tarith and Raijin while being watched by Anleef's careful eye and ready bow and secured in the cargo hold.

Shar and Robb, about this time, finish moving 316 to the cargo deck.  Robb then begins working on stopping the modron's "bleeding".

Once the transfer is complete, the Starbug and the shrikeship come about and fly to the Starflyer.  En route, 316's condition is stabilized.

Upon reaching the squidship, the Starbug stops above the Starflyer's deck, and Lieutenant Oakwood begins to climb down the rope.  The shrikeship comes to a full stop just off the Starflyer's port bow.

"Lieutenant, well met!" Captain Hart cries up to the half-elf as he walks toward the rope hanging from the Starbug.

Oakwood reaches the deck, turn and gives a casual salute to Hart.  "Well met, Captain."  Hart returns the salute and beckons for the lieutenant to follow.  The pair walk toward the forecastle and go below decks.

In the captain's cabin, Captain Hart and Lieutenant Oakwood walk in to find Jareth finish checking up on ShadowBane.

"How is she?" Hart inquires.

"She'll be fine.  She just needs to rest for a while." responds Jareth.

"Thank you.  Return to the deck." Hart states.  Jareth leaves the room and shuts the door behind him.

After a few minutes, the captain and lieutenant return to the deck.  Oakwood proceeds to the rope and climbs up to the damselfly's deck.

Lieutenant Oakwood calls for assembly on deck and announces that the Starbug will be transporting the shrikeship and the prisoners back to Hestia.

"Since the shrikeship was captured by Celestial Legion members," Oakwood announces, "the ship is considered the property of the Celestial Legion by salvage rights.  The prisoners will be turned in to the Hestian authorities, and any reward money will be added to the Legion's treasury.

"I also have orders from Captain Hart that all recruits on the Starbug are to be transferred to the Starflyer for the remainder of its voyage.  Anleef, Arvien, Shar, Mercurin and 316 are to transfer to the Starflyer immediately.

"Robb, I will need you and Raijin to help me move 316 to the deck of the Starflyer.  We will take the shrikeship in tow back to Hestia.  All personnel on the shrikeship is to evacuate the ship."

Upon hearing the same message from Captain Hart, Sergeant Trandar delivers the message to the group on the shrikeship via signal flag.  Mercurin interprets and recites the message to everyone on the shrikeship.

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