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Circuit Magistrate/ Justice Of The Peace
"Steel Justice"
Cost: 87,000 GP
Tonnage: 29 Tons
Hull Points: 29
Crew: 1/29
Landing: Water & Land
AR: 5
Saves As: Metal
Power Type: Major Helm, Minor Helm (Backup Helm)
Ship's Rating: Per Helmsman
Standard Armament:
3 Medium Ballistae (1-F, 1-AP, 1-AS)
Crew: 2 Each
1 Light Catapult (F)
Crew: 1
Piercing Ram (F)
Cargo Capacity: 16 Tons
Keel Length: 125'
Beam Width: 15'

Description: The heavy jettison was removed to make room for a brig. The brig is magically protected against teleport magic and has an anti-magic shell operating inside it. The cargo bay was turned into a small court room.

-Magistrate Jonathan Steel (Level F10) - Captain
-Sgt. Jacob Highwinter (Level F5) - Magistrate's Watch/Bailiff/First Mate
-10 Magistrate's Watch (Level F1-3) - Acts as Steel Justice's Crew
-1 Magistrate's Mage (Level W8) - Primary Spelljamming Mage
-1 Scribe/Recorder (Level W5) - Secondary Spelljamming Mage
-1 Court Manager (Level P8) - Ship's Medic

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