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Shantyr Brightmoon (Human Male Bard 8)
"The Space Harper"
Armor Class: 1
Hit Points: 56
Alignment: Neutral Good
Special Abilities: Spells 3,3,1; +1 on attacks due to strength; +2 on missile attacks (dexterity bonus)
Bard Abilities: Climb Walls:80%, Detect Noise:75%, Pick Pockets:40%, Read Languages:50%
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword, Dagger, Staff
Non-Weapon Profiencies: Blind-Fighting, Musical Instrument, Singing, Swimming, Riding (Land-Based), Agriculture, Reading/Writing Common, Fishing, Cooking
Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish
Magic Items: Harper Pin, "Silver Flame" - Silver Bladed Sword+1, Flame Tongue; Dagger+1; Bracers of Defense AC3, Ring Of Protection +2, 4 Potion Of Healing in corked steel vials; 3 bone scroll tube (1 scroll per tube, 1 spell per scroll) containing Polymorph-Self, Remove Curse and Teleport; Spell books; and traveling spell books.
Possessions: 1 long sword, 2 daggers (inside the boots), fishing pole, fishing tackle box, lute, harp, reed-flute, music sheet album
Treasure: 1000 GP, 4 Rubies - 400 GP Each
Age: 25 Height: 6' Weight: 140 lbs. Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue
Spell Book: 1st Level: Change Self, Detect Magic, Identify, Magic Missile, Sleep, Unseen Servant; 2nd Level: ESP, Fog Cloud, Melf's Acid Arrows, Locate Object, Web; 3rd Level: Dispel Magic, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Wraithform

Shantyr Brightmoon dreams were to find out what was beyond the borders of Shadowdale. Growing up poor, with a widowed mother and his younger sister, he supported his family while he was still young. He hired himself to the neighboring farms as a laborer. One farm in particular was owned by Storm Silverhand. When the harvest was done, Storm set up a harvest feast for everyone involved in the year long farm work. Shantyr came to Storm attention when he sang and played his lute with the celebrating group. During the years Storm taught Shantyr between lull in the farm work. He blossomed into a fine singer and lute player. Storm also thought him the harp, the flute, how to read music and how to compose. Storm's friends, who were frequent visitors to Storm's farm, from time to time would teach Shantyr in swordsmanship, music, languages, and magic when he was between work. They tend to treat him as a young sibling and his awed full attention when stories were told made him their favorite listener.

Shantyr first introduction to the Harpers was the time Storm sent him with a message for Lady Alustriel to Harper Hall in Silverymoon. In next few months he was sent to Twilight Hall in Berdusk, Moongleam Tower in Everlund and to Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep. His excursion outside Shadowdale gave him a glimpse of the adventuring life. He had a long talk with Storm, friends and family about what he wanted to do with his life. He later joined an adventuring party called "The Silver Band" and started in a new life. After several harrowing, profitable adventures in the next few years, he decided to leave his adventuring group and return to Shadowdale to recuperate. He bought a small cottage with a small farm land and apple orchard. He moved his aging mother Morgana, his widowed sister Adelia (she married a soldier while Shantyr was away), his nephew Angus and his niece Melody to the new home. As he was just getting settled into his new life, an orc horde attacked the outlying farms of Shadowdale. He joined the local militia and distinguished himself with his fighting skills. His best contribution was his ability to scout and gather intelligence on the horde allowing the militia a timely information which to plan an effective attack. It took them a few months to hunt down, push the horde back and finally broke the back of their attacks. Shantyr was promoted to sergeant in the militia before going back to his home.

Storm recruited him into the Harpers and sponsored his first assignment earning him his harper pin. His association with the Harpers of Shadowdale led him to meet some of the most powerful harpers in Faerun. Elminster, Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, Alustriel Silverhand, Storm Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, Cylyria Dragonbreast, Laeral Silverhand and even the Symbul were among the many people he met. He was later assigned to the Twilight Hall and helped shadow the many enemies who are vent on evil in Faerun. He worked in the back woods, country side and cities against the Zhentarim, The Red Wizards Of Thay, The Cult Of The Dragon, and the others who try to spread their evil tentacles. His reports on the groups against the harper helps Twilight Hall plan actions against them for months to come.

On one of the mission, he found out that the Zhentarim has an operative in a city called Bral. Khelben assigned him to be their eyes among the stars. He was booked passage on a tradesman bound for Bral. His first spelljamming flight awed him speechless, as the ship lifted off the water and headed off world. His first contact in Bral was the archmage Gamalon Idogyr, a friend of Elminster. He sings and play in the many taverns of Bral allowing himself a lot of opportunity to gain information among the patrons as he mingles with them. He also tried his hand at acting with the Royal Theatrical Company and gained access to some of the more powerful people in Bral. He also joined a few spelljamming ships to learn about space, visit other spheres, and meet new contacts. He is at the moment watching over Halwarin, a Zhentarim priest, and the Bral sect of the Holy Keep Of Bane. There are also disturbing rumors about slaver abducting people from Toril and being sold to illithids and neogis. He constantly send reports back to Twilight Hall and receive instructions on how to proceed. He hired a few adventuring groups to investigate and stop the many machination of the people the harpers deem as enemies. Shantyr takes his duties to heart and being in space was beyond his wildest imagination. He can truly say that he is way beyond the borders of Shadowdale and his adventures are just starting.

He owns a mosquito ship with a major helm called the "Mad Harper". The wing sails are sails of maneuverability +2 and a small rudder of speed +2 is attached at the tail end. Shantyr uses it to run pass Elven naval blockades and outrun enemies. The choice of a major helm paid off when he needed to tow a larger ship to port and the added speed helps out run pursuing vessels. A blue 1'x 1'x 1' cube under the passenger seat magically purify the air. It takes one turn to freshen the air one step better. His space tactic are trying to out run the enemy ship using the Mad Harper's superior speed and out maneuver pursuing ships using any available space obstacle.

Mosquito Ship In Flight Mode

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