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Tri-Maran Ships

Trimaran Ship

How a ship would look like in transit.

Small Tri-Maran Ship

This is a small tri-maran ship. It is about 1 ton, 25 feet keel length and beam length is 5 feet (15 feet if the outriggers are included).


Waterjammer - Clam Ship

The liquid is magically held to keep it's shape and is smaller than regular spelljamming air envelope. When you enter the water envelope, you feel a resistance until you passed through and the break seal itself.

Waterjammer - Deck Only Type Ship

The ship consist of salvaged wood beams and planking from shipwreaks, secured by strong seaweed ropes and the wall consist of weaved seaweed.


Small Bugger Flyer With Chiggers

Rough draft version of the Bugger based on Blacktron's Volucris, StarCraft's Zerg and Starship Trooper's Bugs. The Bug Flyers, which are spelljamming capable and carries chigger soldier bugs for boarding actions, are now appearing in the known spheres. There are different sizes of flyers encountered and sages speculated that bigger flyers are possible. They also speculated that several type of bugs, as well as, winged fyers are possible.

Beast Ship

Beast Ship

Rough draft version based on Homeworld Cataclysm's Beast. The beast is a non-spelljamming capable creature. It travels using the astral plane and shifts to wildspace to hunt. It uses ships it captured to house their offspring and food when it hatch. It leaves a bud in the hold of the ship and bud grows by consuming the food store. The beast and it's offspring must periodically change to a bigger ship as it grows. The ship is held by appendages of the beast and helps raise it's armor by 2, ship's rating of 6 and it's maneuverability is D. It attacks with symbiotes that when save versus poison failed causes any animal-based creatures to polymorphs (mutates) into non-sentient mass of flesh. It can fire the symbiotes two times per hit dice of the beast, treat as a light catapults for range and THAC0. Any flesh mass are divided between the parent and the new bud in the captured ship. The captured ship is hidden in wildspace until the bud is old enough to shift into the astral plane. The beast are encountered as lone ship and also as in packs. A plane walker have reported that he once encountered a beast housed in a mammoth ship and he barely escaped with his life.

Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship

30's & 40's Flash Gordon type rocket ship used by spelljamming civilization.



The Tortuga is a combat oriented construct that is used for port security. It's bombard is used to repel enemy ships and raiding parties that managed to land on shore. The plate armored construct speed and manuever rate are slow, but adequate once in place in it's battle station. The Tortuga's bombard can be replaced with a light bombard, ballista or greek fire projector.

Spellengine Warp Drive Engine, Jump Drive Engine, Power Chamber & Helm

Spellengine, Power Chamber & Spellengine Helm

Progress Report: Alternate Spelljamming Capability On The Drawing Board

Spellengine "Warp" Drive allows faster than spelljamming speed travel for mage-tech capable civilization. The engine allows ships of up to 200 tons to reach one, two or three times the spelljamming speed. It will also allow ships beyond 200+ to reach spelljamming speed. Spellengine Jump Drive is an old technology that allows spelljamming travel by hopping or jumping to their destination using minimum energy. Power chamber, collector, charger, spellengine battery are mage-tech machines that helps collect magical energy to power the spellengines. The spellengine helm is a hybrid of mage-tech spellengine design and Arcane helm mage-craft.

I read the Alternate Helm, Manasail and Runestone based Helms on BTM website and I am incorporating some of the ideas into my spellengines. I liked it so much, I am also using the alternate power source spelljamming helm, manasail and runestone helms in my campaign for several wildspace nations that are not using Arcane spelljamming helms. I also liked the idea behind Blackmoor Power Chamber technology as well as, Nithian Pyramid power for wildspace travel. I am also thinking of old 30's & 40's Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type ship using sci-tech for wildpspace travel.

Port Rating Chart

Port Rating Chart

Supply, Shipyard, Crew & Shore Leave (Entertainment): 1-Bad (Nil), 2-Poor, 3-Common, 4-Good (Fair) and 5-Best (Excellent). A quick visual aid for DM on port rating.

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