Non-Player Character

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Non-Player Character

Warwick Windsong - M25

Chani Windsong - P25

Jasmine Windsong - She is a mithril golem. She was created at a harper refuge as a new type of magical construct. She is a free willed sentient golem. She is able to learn and use languages when someone teaches her or able to listen and observe for a period of time. She has the ability to absorb raw magical energy directed or around her. She is able to release and direct the energy. [See Spellfire] She left Toril for space after one of Halaster's apprentice wanted to capture and study her. She was adopted by Chani Windsong and she is now part of the Realm Exploration Society.

Alpha - A sentient mithril golem designed for combat. He is designed for speed.

Omega - A sentient mithril golem designed for combat. He is designed for strength.

Blind Harry - F15 Blind

Whisperleaf - T15 Mute

John Jacob Hammersmith - A sentient mithril golem designed as an engineer. He is able to design, build and repair items, craft or structures.

Character Class/Jobs

Magician - A person who is adept at manipulation and misdirection. Any class can be a good magician/illusionist, but a thief is the most suitable. Dexterity is the prime requisite. Envokers and such loaths magicians, since they are stage magic. Where fireballs and most destructive spells are outlawed in the city limits, magician are welcomed to perform their stage magic to the chagrin of real magic-users. Illusionist and the like loves them and even try to imitate some of their more popular stage magics. They are several type of magician. Slight of hands, including card tricks and many hand magic; mind reading; illusion, sawing woman in half, etc; and escape magic are some of the variations of stage magic.

Space Groups

Shou Lung Junk Community - Living in their ships, they hire themselves to work on the nearby asteroid farms and trade with the Rock Of Bral.

Steel Justice - The circuit magistrate visits outlaying asteroids community not served by a royal magistrate. It takes them a few months to traverse and visit each small community in the space nation. They record births, marry people, collect fines and dues, mediate between parties, prosecute criminals, pay bounty on criminals caught and take the criminal to Bral to serve his time.

Space Harper - A bard in wildspace.

Realm Exploration Group (REX)

Windsong Trading House

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