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Simulation Chamber (based on X-Men's Danger Room, Babylon 5 and Star Trek's Holodeck)

5'x5' per human size user
10'x10' per giant size user

How does it work?

The simulation room is controlled from another room. The room allows simulation to train personnel.

The Control Room

The control room contains the heart of a Simulation Room. There is a control panel with different shaped crystal. It controls how the simulation is run. There are several different magical items that contributes to a simulation.

* Ever-Map Table - This table is a 10'x10' mahogany table with runestone top. The magic of the table allows it to copy any map placed on top of it on to the runestone. It can then project and display the map on the table top when needed. When the table is not in use the runestone is blank until a map is requested to be displayed by giving a command word. The ever-map table is also capable of projecting the map in 3 dimension. The Ever-map table allows the simulation room to display locations, cities or ruins. The simulation is only as accurate as the map that is being used. If a newer map is placed on the table, it keeps both copies, but uses the newer copy unless commanded to use the older map. The table can display both the older and newer maps allowing comparison to detect new buildings, changes in river course or just seeing how far the forest edge changed. The table can zoom into a particular area of a map or show a several maps together to depict a region. The maps used must be drawn with symbols and measurement for the table to interpret it correctly.

* Astrolabe - This device allows space, planets and crystal spheres to be projected into a simulation room. Hundreds of star charts and information are stored in the astrolabe for study and simulation. This unique device is also capable of magically contacting REX ships' enhanced astrolabes that are in port to update information and data.

* Simulation Glasssteel Case - There are several cases of differing sizes on the shelves and tables in the control room. The cases allow metal miniatures, ship models, paintings and items to be placed inside it. The Simulation Case projects the items inside them to the simulation room.

* Miniatures - These colorful and detailed metal figures are formed and magically enchanted to hold the essense and information about a particular monster, items, plants or animal. When placed into a simulation case the miniatures are them projected in any numbers into the simulation room. The miniatures are only as accurate as the information instilled into the metal figures when first created. A new miniature, with appropriate identifiers, must be created to correct any wrong information or detail about a creature, plant or item and the older figure must be retired. It is a fast and near accurate way to show details and capabilities about new monsters that might be encountered by the simulation room user. The more the miniatures details are refined and recast the better the information is passed to the simulation room user. This is a great way for explorers and adventurers, who knows how to craft miniatures, to report their findings to their superiors.

* Models - Models of ships, machines, siege weapons and buldings are projected into the simulation room. The user is able to interact with the projected creations. The items are only as accurate as the information used to create the models. Shipwrights, engineers and other experts are consulted when building a model for a simulation room. Any unknown details and information can be guessed, but that would introduce errors into the simulation that might affect a real life mission. Simulated spelljamming ships can be manned by users to train them in space and any hazards that might be met by the crew. New spelljamming ships that are encountered can be studied in a simulation room for better preparation for close tactical combat.

* Paintings - A painting can provide the background or an interactive figure of the simulation. Paintings acts like a model and miniature allowing users to interact with a depicted subject. The strong point of the painting is it used of abstract ideas. It could lend the feel, mood and essense of places like Limbo, astral plane and Outerplanes.

* Items - Items in short supply are sometimes placed into a simulation case to able to project many copies to the users. Magical items can be placed into a case and it's powers are also projected when wielded by a user. Use of weapons are restricted to only non-lethal in user to user simulation. Powerful magics contains and dampens magical items and spells restricting them to only illusionary discharge of magic when used inside the simulation room. Users being injured and the simulation room burned more than once by powerful spells and magic are the root cause for these restrictions being adopted. Several command words and several special and unique magical items are needed to lift this restrictions.

* Control Panel - The pedestal holds several glowing crystals, metal rods and gems. It regulates the simulation room and from here allows the simulation to be programmed. It is also able to tap for information from a ship's library and a S.A.G.E. when available. The control panel allows the integration of all materials, sounds and condition being used to create the simulation.

* Ship's Library - The library is a virtual collection of books, tomes, grimores and scrolls collected from several hundred real libraries stored in burnt-out ioun stones. Land based ship's libraries are several times bigger than the one found on a REX spelljamming ships. The information found in the ships library help shape the simulation.

* Ioun Stones - Burnt out ioun stones are magically prepared and then infused with the data from book copied from the libraries. A single ioun stone is able to hold several hundred books and huge libraries sometimes requires several ioun stones to hold all of the information. Spellbooks and other magical tomes are the only books the ioun stones can not store. If forced to store a spellbooks or any magical book, the magical energies controlled by the books are set free causing the ioun stone to explode. Active libraries are sometimes updated every few years to include new books in the libraries collection.

* Ship's Library Viewer - It allows the ioun stones to be viewed and searched. It is a flat mahogany panel with a runestone front on a mahogany base. The virtual book page can be manipulated with command words.

* Portable Ship's Library Viewer - A small thin mahogany board with a runestone and several gem stones on the topside. It allows a single book to be copied from the ship's library and stored on the portable viewer. It can be re-used by copying another book into the viewer.

* Ship's Library Unimatrix - This magical mahogany cabinet contains several hundreds ioun stones, gem stones, precious metals and exotic materials. This item allows library viewers connected to the unimatrix to search several books at once. Instead of the user searching each book manually for pertinent information, the user can command the unimatrix to search the ioun stones and collects only the information needed. The unimatrix takes from a several minutes to several days depending on the information being researched and the quantity of the ioun stones to be searched. The unimatrix is also capable of calculating numbers faster than a person using an abacus. The unimatrix can also access and search other unimatrix in the same crystal sphere for additional information. It has the capabilities to magically connect to another unimatrix that permits this type of connectivity. A closed unimatrix can not be contacted and will not register on any other unimatrix. Messages are sometimes passed using this network of unimatrix and scholars are able to keep in touch with their peers. Unimatrix user also are able to play a few rudimentary games like chess, checkers, go, poker and solitaire alone, with another user on the network or the next viewer screen. If two or more simulation room are using connected unimatrix, they can interact with each other. This is called Multi-User-Device or MUD.

* Ship's Library Copier - This device allows books to be copied into an ioun stone. It can also copy a book or information into a portable viewer screen from a ship's library unimatrix. A single book page or information can be magically written on a sheet of paper. This device allows the duplication of a book or an entire library collection, if disaster happens, into a hard bound paper copies.

* S.A.G.E - S.A.G.E stands for Sentient Arcanum Guide Explorer and it functions as a REX ship's virtual navigator, ship's detection device and tactical combat advisor. It is able to operate the teleport pad and other ships devices. It is an 8' tall, 3' wide quartz crystal pillar on an obsidian base. When installed on a spelljamming ship, S.A.G.E. can project itself into any part of the ship. It can also project itself inside the crystal pillar. It monitors the simulation room and tells the operator the condition of the users and the simulation scenario.

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