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Ship TypeRunabout Shuttle
Built ByHuman, Elves
Used Primarily ByRealm Exploration Group (REX)
Hull Points10
Maneuverability ClassB
Armor Rating6
Saves AsMetal (Copper)
Power TypeMinor Helm
Ship's RatingAs Per Helmsman
Standard Armament1 Light Ballista (Forward) - Crew: 1
1 Light Catapult (Forward) - Crew: 1
Cargo5 Tons
Keel Length54'
Beam Length10'

Victory & Valiant

Upper Deck
1) Catapult - (Light catapult - Forward Arc, Range: 5, Hull Damage: 1d2, Personnel Damage: 2d10, ROF: 1/2, Crew: 1, THAC0: 14, Critical Hit: 20, Cost: 500 GP) There are 25 catapult shots in the container.
2) Helm - The helm and an oak table is next to the ladder to the lower deck. There are a crystal ball, star charts and a communicator on the table. A waist high railing prevents people from unknowingly falling inside the hatch. There are two large drapes depicting the four seasons hanging at opposing side of the room.
3) Officers Quarters - There are 2 bunk beds used by the spelljammer and the captain. A cabinet, with two separate compartment, is next to the bed. An oak desk table and a chair is on a Calisham designed carpet. On top of the desk are star charts, a spelljamming sextant, telescope, an inkwell made of brass, adjustable compass, straight edge ruler. The top drawer of the desk contains a bottle of ink, 3 goose quills, an ink blotter, magnifying glass, 4 candles, tinderbox and scissors; on the top side drawer contains 3 map case with star charts, a small box of pipe tabacco, a wooden rack with 3 ceramic pipes and a bottle of whiskey; and the locked (-20% to pick) lower side drawer have 2 leather bags with 200GP and 200SP respectively. There is a book shelf with the mages spellbooks, novels and science book. There is a secret door to the upper cargo hold.
4) Upper Cargo Hold - The cargo bay holds supplies.
5) Cargo Doors - Allows access to the cargo bay from both side of the ship.

Lower Deck
1) Ballista - (Light ballista - Forward Arc, Range: 6, Hull Damage: 0, Personnel Damage: 2d6, ROF: 1/2, Crew: 1, THAC0: 12, Critical Hit: N/A, Cost: 400 GP) There are 25 ballista bolts in the container. The front hull side can be opened to allow the ballista to fire. The hull door can be opened and closed within a few rounds. The door has a sealed gasket preventing water from entering when the shiplands on water.
2) Galley - There are an oak table, 3 chairs, a pantry cabinet, and a stove. There is a covered water pitcher, 4 glasses, and chess board on the table. A trash bin disintegrates any non-living material put in it after being idle for 10 minutes.
3) Crews Quarters - There are 8 high teak bunk beds in this room. Each bed is a hinged shallow locked chest containing personal properties of the crew. Two teak cabinets are divided into 4 separate storage compartment each.
4) Lower Cargo Hold - The cargo bay holds supplies.
5) Head - There is a table with a magical wash basin that drains after use, a magical continuous water pitcher, soaps and towels. Extra soap and towels are found in the drawers under the table. The toilet is magically kept clean by a disintegration field inside the box. There is a magical painting of a flower garden that emits sweets flowery scent in the air. An unseen sevant spell was programed to clean the Head in between use.
6) Cargo Hatch - Opens up to the upper cargo hold.
7) Sail Fins - Printed canvas sail allowing the ship to manuever.

Hatch - Docks with the hammership to allow entry and exit.
Deck - A Dory is secured on the deck. The dory "Serenade" is on the "Victory" and the dory "Serendipity" is on the "Valiant".
Cargo Hatch - Allow access to the upper cargo hold.

The remora is used as a long range shuttle craft. It's 5 tons cargo capacity allows it to haul supplies from local sources when the REX 1st Exploration Fleet is on an exploration mission. Remora can also ferry personnel and equipment between REX ships, space port and planet surface. It's ability to land on both land and water makes it an ideal exploration craft. It can dock with the Quest using a docking ring under each eye allowing easy access to the remoras.

Ship Crew
Captain (F7)
First Mate (F5)
Helmsman/Navigator (M6)
Chaplain/Medic (C6)
6x Sailors (F/T/B1-3)

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