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Ship TypeSmall Shuttle
Built ByHumans
Used Primarily ByRealm Exploration Group (REX)
Tonnage2 Tons
Hull Points2
Maneuverability ClassC
Armor Rating5
Saves AsThin Wood
Power TypeMajor Helm, Minor Helm, Spell Engine Helm (Tactical/Non-Magic Using Pilot)
Ship's RatingAs Per Helmsman, SR 1/Hour Per Charge Used (1 Charge/Additional SR Per Turn - SR 9 Max)
Standard ArmamentNone
Cargo1/4 Tons
Keel Length50'
Beam Length9'


Mosquito Deck
1) Helm
2) Passenger Seat
3) Cargo Hold

Mosquito Ship In Flight Mode

The "Sundowner" and other spelljamming capable Mosquitos are used to transport small cargo and/or personnel inside a crystal sphere. Some Mosquitos are used with the exploration fleet as ship-to-ship shuttle, small scouting vessel and landing craft. Mosquitos with non-magical helm are used to ferry cargo and personnel from ship to shore.

The "Sundowner" is equipped with Sails of Maneuverability +2 and Rudder of Speed +2. A magical air generator device is hidden under the passenger seat allowing for longer space flight. It is a fast courier shuttle used to deliver sensitive materials through naval blockaded areas. Jahenzil Silverstream (Moon Elf Male Fighter/Mage 5/5) pilots the "Sundowner."

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