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Ship TypeGroundling Craft
Built ByGroundling Humans Of Shou Lung On Toril
Used Primarily ByGroundling Humans Of Shou Lung On Toril
Tonnage20 Tons
Hull Points20
Maneuverability ClassF
Armor Rating9
Saves AsLight Wood
Power TypeMajor Helm, Minor Helm, Etc.
Ship's RatingAs Per Helmsman/Helm Type at -1 Penalty
Standard Armament2 Light Ballistae (1-FPS, 1-APS) - Crew: 2 per weapon
1 Bombard (Aft) - Crew: 3
Cargo14 Tons
Keel Length75'
Beam Length30'

These nondescript ships are nothing more than the Junks common in Shou Lung marsh and coastal areas adapted to wildspace. Generally, these craft do not possess any weapons, since they are used primarily as civilian ferries. However, now that the Shou Lung have experienced the perils of wildspace, they are beginning to bolt weapons on modified Junks as convoy security.

Junks tend to have three times as many passengers as the ship can theoretically hold, causing an ever-increasing number of them to be found floating derelict with a poisoned atmosphere. These ships are usually good sources of riches and cargo for those bold enough to brave the poisoned atmosphere.

Golden Pheasant

Upper Deck
1) Bombard
2) Deck
3) Forward Mast
4) Middle Mast
5) Helm/Craft Room
6) Stairs

Aft Castle
1) Ballista
2) Aft Castle Deck
3) Aft Mast

Lower Deck
1) Family Head's Room
2) Honorable Elder's Room
3) Cargo Hold
4) Children/Relative's Quarter
5) Crew's Quarter
6) Galley
7) Head
8) Bathing/Laundry Room
9) Pantry
10) Storage
11) Hallway

Other Junks

Medium Junk

Small Junk

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