Spelljamming Helms And Propulsions

 1 Erotic Helm
 2 Auto-Helm
 3 Temporal Helm
 4 Diver Helm
 5 Displacer Helm
 6 Ladle of the Star
 7 Superior Helm
 8 Heroic Helm
 9 Common Helm
10 Basic Merchant Helm
11 Flyer Helm
12 Pilot Helm
13 Racing Helm
14 Lesser Merchant Helm
15 Greater Merchant Helm
16 Basic Helm
17 Boat Helm
18 Spheresail Helm
19 Ioun Stone Helm
20 Ships Boatswain's Pipe Whistle (Bosun's Whistle)
21 Oar Drum
22 Experience Helm
23 Voltaic Helm (GSH Wheel/Gnome Cyclists)
24 Tri-Kreen Helm
25 Web Helm
26 Singer Helm
27 Bell Helm
28 Equestrian Helm
29 Sleeper Helm
30 Iron Maiden Helm
31 Prayer Helm
32 Ghost Helm
33 Air Guitar Bardic Helm
34 Gravity Well Helm
35 Soul Helm (Souljammer)
36 Abangur's Giant Spelljamming Helm
37 Cold Helm
38 Dragon Helm
39 Death Helm
40 Blood Helm
41 Green Helm
42 Thief Helm
43 Mimic Helm
44 Spirit Helm
45 Faerie Helm
46 Stone Helm
47 Brass Helm
48 Cloud Helm
49 Vats of Endless Air Engine
50 Carrot Hanging From A Stick Helm
51 Solar Sail
52 Jump Helm
53 Waterjammer Helm
54 Transjamming Helm
55 Phase-Helm
56 Whiz Bang Engine
57 Ship Catapult
58 Residual Spelljamming Magic Helm
59 Push Rod Engine
60 Clockwork Engine

Erotic Helm

An erotic helm is a one of a kind major helm powered by sexual energies. It is an ornate mahogany red and white throne with gold and silver trim. The helm can store up to 5000 energy points in the helm. The helm have a operating energy collection radius of 25 miles when the helm is unoccupied, but when the helm is occupied the operating radius is doubled to 50 miles. It collects 1 point of energy per ten minutes per one source of sexual activity. It use 300 EP to accelerate to spelljamming speed and use 50 EP to maintain cruising speed for one day. When on tactical speed, the helm uses 10 EP per one SR per one hour. It also use 50 EP to allow +1 MR per turn. It's major power is the ability to enter and read someone's mind in the middle of a sexual bliss within 50 miles. Anyone with an active mind bar or mind protection spell or psionic discipline are able to block such intrusion.

The "S.S. Paradise (Pair of Dice)" is a Barge of Ptah ship. Majestrix Jessica Emmanuelle is the captain. All of the crew helps with running the ship. When in port or entertaining guest the crew assume their special post. The ladies that do the entertainment itself are Lady Killah playing the lute, Lady Lukke playing the harp and Lady Enwhaitin playing the drums. The three incredible dancers are Maiden Gorea, Maiden Thaiwon and Maiden Chynna. The servers are Miss Terry, Miss Elle, Miss Take and Miss Cion. The bodyguards are Tau Ceti, a Minotaur, and Togo, an ex-Master Sargent of the Highlander Giff Platoon.

Majestrix Jessica recently read the mind of the Taurian Hegemony ambassador about the deal with the Saurian Empire of the use of their Super Soldiers. The super soldier project recently was perfected and a testing ground is required to prove the worth of the soldiers to the empire. The brewing border dispute with the Loxodon Republic have heightened the tension between the space-faring neighbors. The Loxodon have consulted with their long time ally the EIN to bolster their presence at the border space. Reports of EIN Spirit Warriors appeared regularly in the Loxodon Mastodon Class battle cruisers and Loxodon Mammoth Class Ship of the Line. Tau Ceti is an agent of her Majesty's Secret Service trying to find out what her military leaders are planning. Her Majesty is afraid if the military is not checked on their plans that they might ignite a major inter-stellar war. The massive twelve-foot bipedal saurian Triceratops Soldiers, ten-foot T-Rex Commando and six-foot Raptor Scouts and now appearing in small quantities in Taurian Cape Buffalo-Class battle cruiser and Bovine-Class fast frigate ships patrolling the areas where the Spirit warriors are appearing. Taurian Hegemony Regiments and Loxodon Republic Legions have clashed in some of the border planets. Majestrix Jessica is poised to sell the information to the highest bidder.


An auto-helm is an automated helm. It uses navigation beacons placed along the flight path to navigate to the ship's destination. Once it reached within 1000 yards of the navigation beacon it will search and fly towards the next beacon. The beacons are about 6 inches, spherical in form and has a unique signal signature. The auto-helm itself is usually placed inside a 5' by 5' metal safe for protection. The auto-helm is a 3 foot dark obelisk and capped by a 6 inch yellow crystal. These types of helms are used on well established and safe trading routes. The helm can be programmed to follow certain beacons. By laying several beacon routes the ship can follow any path and foil the would be pirates. The obelisk uses ambient energies to power itself. If a magical item is placed on board, the obelisk will draw and drain power from the item. If the item is charge base. It will drain one charge per day and will receive one extra SR per item drained. Any magic items aboard the ship will be drained and work at it's lowest setting. Most ship using an auto-helm are enclosed hull types. Without a crew the ship does not need any open spaces. An auto-helm can move a minimum of 10 tons and up to 100 tons. A beacon cost around 5,000 GP each. The base SR for an auto-helm is 3 and any non-charge based magic items on board add another 1/4 SR (rounded down). Any magical items that are charge based will be drained 1 charge per day adding 1 SR to the speed. All magical items on board will function at the minimum settings as long as the auto-helm is functioning. Any magical spell discharge will be absorb and will translate into additional SR (1 SR per level of the spell.) It cost approx. 150,000 GP.

Temporal Helm

Okay, let me see if I heard you right. You want me to travel back in time to help this lost kin that I never heard of to put back time in order. You can never guarantee that I might change events that might cause for me not to be even born in the first place or worst I might not have met my lovely wife. You say that this Azoun should be the king and not the current ruler of Cormyr. So you say you know this because of an obscure magic book that keep events in time written on it's pages. Okay, let's put that aside for the moment and I need to think of the implications of all what you have revealed to me. I am still not sure if I believe your holy order's crazy ideas.

About this time travel, why do we have to start from the wall of the crystal sphere to the center of realmspace without stopping. Do you know how astronomically huge spelljamming from the outer to the inner without encountering a single obstacle to drop us out of speed? Oh, you say two for this century, one is coming this month and the next would be two years from now. You are really serious about this? Can I ask one silly question? Why did you have to make the requirements so complicated to make the ship to jump time? Why can't you just make the ship jump in time while standing still? Well?

Diver Helm

A diver helm has the same power as a major helm. It allows a spelljamming ship to dive under water. It magically retains the air envelope around the ship when under water. The water pressure would shrink and flatten the air envelope causing it to form a convex shape bubble. The temperature inside one of this bubble goes higher as the ships go down lower into the water. It is harder to breath as the ship dives deeper because of the pressure of the water on the air envelope. This helm comes in handy for a merchant trading with sea folks.

Displacer Helm

A displacer helm has the same power as a major helm. The main difference is that the ship is always out of phase when the helm is manned by a helmsman. It gains bonuses when in ship to ship combat. [See Displacer Beast Stats and Major Helm.]

Ladle of the Star

Ladle of the Star is a powerful ultimate spelljamming helm. It was seeded when the Spelljammer passed by Realmspace around 50 years ago. The current owner is one Ladera Burrsfoot, a halfling hailing from Bral. She is the cook for the "S.S. Bountiful Harvest", a swan ship owned by the Periwinkle Trading Company. She found the ladle when she was adventuring with her current shipmates in an abandon asteroid ghost town. Because of her love for food, she accepted the ladle as part of her share of the treasure found in the town. The ladle is able to enhance any food that it is used on making it the best food the taster even tasted. It removes any poison and purify any spoiled food. When she is cooking and she is day dreaming of commanding her own ship, she affects the working of the major helm being used on the ship. The crew has not yet discovered that it is the ladle that causing all the problem with the ship operations. If the ladle is discovered to be a powerful spelljamming helm many enemies might come after it.

Superior Helm

A superior helm is used as the flagship helm of a powerful space-faring nation. A superior helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 150 tons. When two superior helms are placed in a series, it can move up to 300 tons with a SR of 5. A superior helm cost 500,000 GP each.

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               2
        3               2
        4               3
        5               3
        6               4
        7               4
        8               5
        9               5
        10              6
        11              6
        12              7
        13              7
        14              8
        15              8
        16              9
        17              9
        18              10
        19              10
        20              11

Heroic Helm

Heroic helm are rare magical items found in a handful of powerful space faring groups. It is used to move powerful gigantic flagship. A heroic helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 200 tons. When two heroic helms are placed in a series, it can move up to 400 tons with a SR of 5. A heroic helm cost 1,000,000 GP each.

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               2
        3               3
        4               4
        5               5
        6               6
        7               7
        8               8
        9               9
        10              10
        11              10
        12              11
        13              11
        14              12
        15              12
        16              13
        17              13
        18              14
        19              14
        20              15

Common Helm

A common helm equipped ships ply their trades among the stars. They are a common sight in trade ports and routes hauling mundane cargoes for the needy space nations. A common helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 25 tons. It cost 50,000 GP

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               2
        9               2
        10              2
        11              2
        12              3
        13              3
        14              3
        15              3
        16              4
        17              4
        18              4
        19              4
        20              5

Basic Merchant Helm

A favorite among independent merchants and skilled trade. They are able to ply their trade without breaking the bank. A basic merchant helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 10 tons. It cost 20,000 GP

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               1
        9               1
        10              2
        11              2
        12              2
        13              2
        14              2
        15              3
        16              3
        17              3
        18              3
        19              3
        20              4

Flyer Helm

A flyer helms are used on ships used as a run-about shuttle, short hop traders and personal transportation. A flyer helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 5 tons. It cost 10,000 GP.

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               1
        9               1
        10              1
        11              1
        12              2
        13              2
        14              2
        15              2
        16              2
        17              2
        18              3
        19              3
        20              3

Pilot Helm

A pilot helm is what is called a puddle jumper helm in most space regions. Ships equipped with these helms are mostly used for short trips. A pilot helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 2 tons. It cost 5,000 GP.

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               1
        9               1
        10              1
        11              1
        12              1
        13              1
        14              2
        15              2
        16              2
        17              2
        18              2
        19              2
        20              3

Racing Helm

A racing helm is the favorite of the wealthy and the racing fanatics. Magically enhanced racing helms are now appearing in the race circuits. A Racing helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 2 tons. It cost 50,000 GP.

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               2
        3               3
        4               4
        5               5
        6               6
        7               7
        8               8
        9               9
        10              10
        11              10
        12              10
        13              11
        14              11
        15              11
        16              12
        17              12
        18              12
        19              13
        20              13

Lesser Merchant Helm

Merchant helms got their name because they are a favorite of the merchant houses and trade guilds. They cost less than a minor helm, but moves the same amount of cargo. Because of it's low SR, the merchant usually hire low level magic user to save money. A 1st-Level magic user usually start on a merchant helm to gain experience. A ships using a merchant helm stay on established trade routes inside the crystal sphere patrolled by a space faring navy. A merchant helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 50 tons. It cost 50,000 GP

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               1
        9               1
        10              1
        11              1
        12              1
        13              1
        14              1
        15              2
        16              2
        17              2
        18              2
        19              2
        20              3

Greater Merchant Helm

Merchant helms got their name because they are a favorite of the merchant houses and trade guilds. They cost less than a major helm, but moves the same amount of cargo. Because of it's low SR, the merchant usually hire low level magic user to save money. A 1st-Level magic user usually start on a merchant helm to gain experience. A ships using a merchant helm stay on established trade routes inside the crystal sphere patrolled by a space faring navy. A merchant helm is able to move a minimum weight of 1 ton and up to 100 tons. It cost 125,000 GP

Level of Wizard         SR
  or Priest

        1               1
        2               1
        3               1
        4               1
        5               1
        6               1
        7               1
        8               1
        9               1
        10              1
        11              1
        12              1
        13              1
        14              1
        15              2
        16              2
        17              2
        18              2
        19              2
        20              3

Basic Helm

Basic helms are used on one-ton spelljamming craft. It is the most basic spelljamming helm available. It is SR 1. It cost 4,000 GP.

Boat Helm

Boat helms are used on one-ton spelljamming craft. It is the most basic tactical helm available. It is SR 1. It cost 2,500 GP

[The cost of the helms reflects the abundance and everyday life uses of small spelljamming crafts in my campaign. In wildspace areas or groundling kingdoms where spelljamming helms are rare, these items might be more valuable.]

Spheresail Helm

The last known surviving Netheril Helm that used the 10th-Level spell Valdick's Spheresail. Usually the spell was casted directly on a watercraft or spelljamming ship and the effect was permanent until dispelled by an arcanist of equal or greater level. The helm version allows this unique propulsion to be moved from ship to ship.

In a crystal sphere (Realmspace?), the helm dipped directly into the magical force of Mystryl (Mystra). It gives the ship a movement rate of 20 around planets and double the spelljamming speed between celestial bodies.

Outside the crystal sphere, it uses the gravitational energies of the destination sphere, pulling itself along this line, gaining speed. The ship travel the distance in half the time an ordinary spelljamming ship would.

[SOURCE: Arcane Age: Netheril - Empire of Magic]

Ioun Stone Helm

It has the same power a major helm. Anyone sitting with an ioun stone floating around their head can pilot the ship even if they are not a magic-user. The amount of ioun stone being used would translate to the SR of the ship in tactical speed. Any appropriate power by the ioun stone affects both the user and the ship.

Color - Shape - Effect - Ioun Helm Conversion

Brass - Lozenge - cure light wounds, on command - Helmsman can cast cure light wounds on anyone inside the ship.

Bright Silver - Cylinder - ethereal jaunt for 1 hour - A 25 tons ship can go ethereal for one hour, minus 1 minute for every additional ton. Ship that are 85 tons to 100 tons have 1 minute ethereal time.

Brown - Rhomboid - gaseous form for 1 hour - A 25 tons ship can go gaseous for one hour, minus 1 minute for every additional ton. Ship that are 85 tons to 100 tons have 1 minute gaseous time.

Cerulean Blue - Rhomboid - Acts as a ring of freedom of movement - Allows the ship to move through infinity vine or other obstacle unhindered.

Clear Pink - Sphere - User’s essence is transferred if death blow is landed - (??? No idea how to use this...maybe allowed only for the user/helmsman.)

Clear - Sphere - +5 to Spell Resistance - +5 to Spell Resistance for ship

Copper - Rectangle - read magic (at will) - Allows helmsman to read to read magical writings both inside and outside the ship. Items to be read must be in The open and not locked away.

Deep Black - Sphere - see in magical darkness (30 ft.) - Allows the helmsman to see 30 ft. in magical darkness outside the ship and allows the helmsman to see anywhere inside his ship even in magical darkness.

Deep Purple - Prism - darkvision (+30 ft.) - Helmsman is allowed to use darkvision inside and outside (30 ft.) his ship.

Flickering White - Snowflake - +5 Cold Resistance - +5 Cold Resistance for ship.

Bright White - Rectangle - +5 Acid Resistance - +5 Acid Resistance for ship.

Gold - Ellipsoid - User can go astral for 1 hour - A 25 tons ship can go astral for one hour, minus 1 minute for every additional ton. Ship that are 85 tons to 100 tons have 1 minute astral time.

Green - Sphere - +2 to saves vs. poison - +2 to saves vs. poison for creature inside ship and /or +2 to saves vs. poison for "living" ship.

Light Blue - Prism - tongues (always active) - (???) Helmsman can understand and speak any language spoken inside the ship or 30 ft. outside.

Maroon - Star - DR 10/+1 - (???)

Orange - Cube - Acts as a ring of mind shielding - Acts as a ring of mind shielding for the helmsman and/or ship.

Pale Yellow - Lozenge - Acts as a ring of water walking - (???)

Puce - Cube - detect thoughts (at will) - Allows helmsman to detect, but not read, thoughts inside the ship. The helmsman can detect stowaway, rats, chattur, humanoids and other minds in his ship. He can tell what species the thought he detected belong to, if he detected the species before.

Pulsing Red - Star - +5 Fire Resistance - +5 Fire Resistance for ship.

Rainbow - Ellipsoid - levitate (at will) - Helmsman can levitate anything inside the ship within the weight restriction of a levitate spell. Helmsman can levitate ship with DM discretion.

Rainbow - Spindle - User can polymorph self for 1 hour - (???)

Silver - Rod - +5 Electrical Resistance - +5 Electrical Resistance for ship.

Silver - Sphere - uncanny dodge (as a 5th level barbarian) - (???)

Silvery Mirror - Cube - Immunity to gaze attacks - Immunity to gaze attacks for helmsman.

Soft Black - Rectangle - energy drain protection - Energy drain protection for helmsman and/or crew.

Yellow - Sphere - continual flame on command - Allows helmsman to create continual flame on command inside his ship.

Yellow and Black - Sphere - continual flame or darkness on command - Allows helmsman to create continual flame or darkness on command inside his ship.

**** It might be better if 30 ft. can be converted to 300 ft. Just a suggestion on my part. =)

Ships Boatswain's Pipe Whistle (Bosun's Whistle)

It is an ornate silver pipe whistle. A spelljamming speed capable magic item. It is used on a one to five tons ship. It is capable of SR1 to SR3 tactical speed. It takes one week for the whistle to acclimate to a new ship. This is accomplished by blowing a tune on the whistle for 5 minutes each day on board the ship. Once it bonded with the ship it can be used as a helm. There are several tunes that are played to control a ship. Some of the commands are:

PUSH OFF STARBOARD SIDE (from side of the ship or dock)
SLOW (required to bring ship out of spelljamming speed or down to lower SR)

A direct jump from a full stop to SR2/SR3 is possible but items and personnel not strap down must roll for damages if failed save. Once spelljamming speed is reached the helmsman can move around the ship. It cost 10,000 GP.

Oar Drum

This is an ornate drum made from quality hide and wood inlaid with silver and gold. It usually comes with two drum hammer. It takes a week for the oar drum to get bonded to a new ship. On ship using oars as propulsion, it can add +3SR to the speed when use in conjunction with the oars or it can move the unmanned oars for speed up to SR3. When used on ships without oars, it manifest a set of oars along side the ship. One of the few helms that can work with other helms, but in a support capacity. When used with a working spelljamming helm, it adds up to +3SR to tactical speed and ramming speed of SR5 with lost of 1MR. Ship rammed takes damage plus 3 for oar drum damage bonus. If the ship doing the ramming is not armed with a ram, the damage bonus is applied to it's damages. The drummer must be changed every two hours and after combat.

Experience Helm

This helm functions as a major helm. It's major difference it it's ability to allow regular people to operate the helm. Magic-users and natural spell abilities are not drained of magic energy when using this helm. The helm used the helmsman's experience (points) to power the helm. It takes about 100 experience points to bring it to spelljamming speed. It drains 25 experience points per hour when cruising at spelljamming speed. It only takes 5 experience points to drop out of spelljamming speed or 0 experience points if a body of sufficient size is in it's path. At tactical speed it drains 5 experience points per hour in normal operations. An additional 5 experience points to raise the SR or MR by one per round. It takes 0 experience points to lower the SR or MR by one. The user will exhibit lost of memory and difficulty in executing skills pertaining to their class. Total memory or skill lost (drained one point below the next required level) happens to helmsman who never exercise their skills through adventuring.

This helm was designed to help desperate adventuring party, who pretty much lost everything, leave a ship graveyard in an asteroid in the middle of a Sargasso area.

There are two types of experience helm, one removes experience permanently (only very evil DM might try this helm) and the other after some rest allow the experience points to be recovered. For every day away from the helm, the helmsman recover 250 XP of the helmsman's previous lost experience points. The experience drain is continual and only detected if lost abilities and skills are used. Since it is only abilities and skills using brain power that is temporarily lost, hit points, AC and such are not affected. The level lost is only towards abilities and skills gained through leveling.

The experience lost is not permanent, but it affects any abilities and skills that used brain power gained when a character gains levels. When enough experience points is lost placing the character one point below the "experience points required to gain next level", they lost the abilities and skills earned with that level. Experience points are recovered 250 XP per day away from the helm.

Note that level/HD is equivalent to spellcaster level for the purpose of SR.

Voltaic Helm (GSH Wheel/Gnome Cyclists)

What these helms have in common is called a static generator (see Van de Graaff Generator) that power a voltaic helm, gnomish console helm or tactical engine. A giant hamster wheel and gnomish foot powered bicycle turn a belt drive that in turn turns the inside mechanics of the static generator. The static generator consist of a rubber belt that runs on two different roller (plastic and aluminum) and two "comb" of wires, one is grounded at the bottom and the other on top is connected to a metal sphere. As the belt turns around the roller, it gets electrified and the upper comb of wires collects the charge.

In a tactical engine, the energy is discharged to a grounded metal target outside the ship through a glass tube. This process concentrate the force and the wave generated moves the ship. The tactical engine allows matter to be attracted at one end and repel the entire universe of matter on one end (Morton Effect.) One SR per one giant hamster or 5 gnomish cyclist powering the tactical engine. The ship can move in any direction by discharging through several glass tube located throughout the ship.

The voltaic helm uses electricity to power the helm. Most voltaic helm runs on 50 five-foot tall amphora jar batteries. The battery (see Baghdad Battery) is composed of a clay amphora jar, an asphalt stopper, an iron rod through the stopper, copper surrounding the iron rod and grape juice (electrolyte.) The helm can be directly connected to the static generator instead of using batteries. One SR per one giant hamster or 5 gnomish cyclist powering the helm.

The Gnomish Console Helm is a voltaic helm, but used a console to control the charging and discharging of the static generator. A Console Helm is a convoluted piece of a nightmare of a machine with it's bells, whistles and steam pipes. The helmsman still able to use all abilities available to a standard spelljamming helm like 360° sense awareness. etc.

Hamsters and gnomish cyclists must be replaced every hour or a maximum of two hours for best result. For every 15 minutes over the two hours of work the helm lose 1 SR.

I would assume one ton per hamster wheel/cyclist equipment (we are talking gnomes here, you know, by golly) and one ton for the static generator. I conclude that the limit of space would set the limit for the giant hamster/gnome cyclist numbers and equipment set up. It is up to the individual captains to decide how much is needed.

   -- HELM ---           HELM + HELM + HELM
   |    |    |             |      |      |
  SG   SG   SG - GSH      SG     SG     SG
   |    |    |             |      |      |
  GSH  GSH  GSH           GSH    GSH    GSH

[SG= Static Generator, GSH= Giant Space Hamster]

I would suggest a Series Helm be able to move double the tonnage allowed per regular GSH powered helm.

I would suggest about 35 tons per one giant space hamster, one static generator and one helm set up, enough to power a Gnomish Sidewheeler at one SR. Series helm would raise that to 70 tons, enough to power a Gnomish Deathglory at one SR. Adding giant space hamsters and static generators to the series or regular helm would raise SR per additional power source introduced.

Remember, gnome ships are known for outriggers and other odd ship areas that are not found in normal ships. GSH wheel and Gnome cyclist can be located anywhere, since gnomes have been know to run a Rube Goldberg type chain system to connect the machines to the static generator.

Tri-Kreen Helm ("Y" Helm)

Spelljamming ships with tri-kreen helmsman would usually have this type of helm. This helm comes in both minor and major helm varieties. The major difference with normal helm is that the helm is shaped like the letter "Y". The tail or elongated part of the "Y" is slanted to help support the thorax or abdomen of the tri-kreen. Their feet is able to straddle the seat better. The two forks or tines of the "Y" helps support the upper body of the tri-kreen allowing them to man the helm longer in comfort. Kreenies are more inclined to sign up with ships that have this type of helm. A human or humanoid helmsman can operate this helm, but they must straddle it, like riding a horse. This helm double the fatigue on normal helmsman since the "seat" is slanted and the helmsman must support their body with their legs.

Smart humanoid helmsmen will add stools beside the helm to give them support - with a little effort fatigue can be brought back to (near) normal levels; you could get back to only +10% fatigue.

Web Helm

This helm is a variation on minor and major helms that caters to arachnid type helmsman. The helm can be as small as 10 feet and as big as 50 feet. The helm can be positioned both in vertical or horizontal orientation. The helm is made of black spider silk with shiny gold and silver threads intermingled in the web. The helms can be setup in a series to power heavier ships.

The bigger the web helm the bigger tonnage it can move. Web helms (mostly smaller) can be connected to power heavier ships. A central web might linked with up to four web helms. Web helms can be located anywhere in the ship, they don't have to be placed together to work properly when linked. they are linked using the web network created by the arachnids in their ship.

The helm is not sticky, but all bets are off about the webs surrounding it. Since the helmsman is suspended, it can take a lot of shock and abuse that normal helmsman might suffer injuries. I don't think non-arachnid type helmsman, unless the polymorphed themselves, should be able to operate web helm. You need eighth legs to properly connect to the web helm.

Singer Helm

The singer helm is a minor helm that allows the energy and emotions generated by those listening to the singer to power it. The singer can affect and interact with any part of the ship controlled by the helm. The singer must know have the appropriate qualifications, from perfect pitch to the ability to carry a tune to successfully operate the singer helm. The singer can affect the crew as if he is a bard of the same level. If the singer is a 0-Level or lower level character then she uses the lowest allowable bard level to use the appropriate bardic ability. The helmsman sing a tune to operate the ship, as well as to affect the crew. The singer can stop singing once the ship attains spelljamming speed. The helm appears as a silver and gold one-foot long one-inch diameter baton with a four-inch egg shape head (see microphone). The helmsman can move around slowly while operating the ship or singing to motivate the crew, but can move normally after the ship reached spelljamming speed. It takes a week of one hour singing to acclimate the helm to a new ship.

Bell Helm

The bell helm is a variation of the minor and major helm. The bell helm are mostly found on monastic type ships with the bell used in ceremonies and spelljamming operations. The minor variant is five-foot tall and three-foot wide, while the major variant is ten-foot tall and five-foot wide metal bell. The helm is activated by hitting the bell in a certain cadence, locations on the bell struck and the strength of the strike. The helm is operated by when a command is struck on the bell. Each command used is a complex tone and sound composition that control the ship. There is no helmsman that control the ship, but the bell crew control the ship's movement and action by the striking of the bell.

Equestrian Helm

A variation on minor helm that allows a helmsman to straddle the helm like riding a horse. The helm is shaped like a horse with a saddle. The helmsman operates it like riding a horse.

Sleeper Helm

"I Jarul, pledge my sword and myself to my people. I will protect them in time of need. I join the ranks of the sleepers."

The sleepers, the protector of a long abandoned and forgotten asteroid empire, are in preservation chambers in the cargo hold of the ship. Fifty men and woman champions now in stasis waiting for the call that would never be sent. The ship, Rendezvous With Destiny, is inside an asteroid cavern ready to be flown into danger.

The turbo charged helm is a modified major helm. The fifty chambers channels it's energy to the helm for the next twenty-four hours after the helm is first activated. The chambers power the major helm when manned by a helmsman (even non spell caster). SR rating is the level of the helmsman (treat as a wizard) on a major helm plus 5 SR. After twenty-four hours the chambers are depleted of energy and the chambers open awakening the sleepers from their stasis sleep. They will meet with the helmsman and his crew to receive the reason why they are awakened. If the helmsman cannot give a good explanation how they came to control the ship, they will be attacked. If the helmsman can explain that their vigilant service to their beloved empire is no longer required and they are free of their oath, the sleepers will not attack. The helm would act as a normal major helm after the chambers opened and will require a wizard or a priest as a helmsman to operate.

The helmsman might have searched for the fabled sleepers to help him accomplish a task and might ask the champions to join him in his own quest. The sleepers are a mixed levels and classes. The sleepers magic items and gears are inside the stasis chambers with them.

Iron Maiden Helm

The prisoner was put inside the iron maiden screaming and struggling to get away from his captors. He was held while door was closed. The sharp spikes covering the inside of the iron maiden bite into his flesh. The spikes missing his vital organs but piercing his most sensitive areas. The scream echoed in the helms room as the helmsman guided the ship into his next destination on the ornate throne. A smile formed on his painted face, a clown's face, disfigured and horrific if not for this evil mask. He contemplates his next move, his next triumph, his revenge on the people that made him what he is now. The smile on his face faded as he looks into the void of wildspace.

The iron maiden is a form of a lifejammer, but used torment, pain, misery and agony as it's motive force. A separate throne is used to focus the energy provided by the iron maiden to propel the spelljamming ship. The ship has a tactical SR equivalent to the level of the helmsman (treat as a wizard) using a minor helm. Each day, victim takes 1d8 damage and must save vs. death or perish.

The clown prince that controls the ship is named Jackal. He is a wizard that was captured by a conclave of creatures that used humanoids as experimental subjects. He along with other prisoners were subjected to horrible torture and experiments. Their bodies were disfigured and their faces resembled grotesque mockery of humanity. They bid their time and revolted against their captors. They won their freedom, but they are as twisted inside as their outside appearance. They took their vengeance on their captors and delivered to them the same torment they endured. Jackal in his lucid moments created the iron maiden helm and escaped, along with his fellow survivors, on a spelljamming ship. They hid their disfigurement behind the smiling clown faces. The wildspace insane clown posse is on a vengeance tour and everyone is invited to their dark carnival.

Prayer Helm

The prayer helm is not new spelljamming helm. It was once wildly used by clerics of deities entering wildspace. It fell into disuse when the more modern furnace helm, minor helm and major helm became available. The helm is powered by devotional prayers by true believers and converts. Some helms used the raw energy produced by the congregation as a direct motive force to move a spelljamming ship, while other helms store energy produced by prayers to later power the ship. The focus and storage container of the prayer energy is usually some item associated with the religion. An obsidian obelisk, a jade idol or a jewel encrusted gold ark might be some of storage vessels for the prayers. Each vessel have their own amount of energy they can store and how much energy used to power to move the ship. Each person in the congregation might be able to generate 1 point of devotion energy, while a true believer might be able to generate up to 4 prayer energy and a church elder might be able to generate up to 6 prayer energy. The cleric might be able to used their stored divine energy to power the helm. Each spell level surrendered to the helm release 25 prayer energy plus one point for each level the cleric attained.

A 20th-level High Priest surrendering one 9th-level spell and two 3rd-level spells to the prayer helm. (9x25)+20=245, ((3x25)+20)2=190, 190+245=435 Spell Points.

SIDE NOTE: In my campaign, a cleric can access all level spells when in the same sphere that his Deity has influence, unless prevented for some reason. A cleric by converting one person to his Deity can access low level spells when entering a new sphere his Deity does not have access previously. It takes 10,000 true believers to be able to commune with the cleric's Deity in the new sphere. It takes 50,000 true believers and converts to gain acces s to higher level spells requested from the Deity in the new sphere. The Deity must pass a "test" set by the old deities of the new sphere. If the Deity failed to pass the "test", he will need another 50,000 followers before taking the "test" again. The Deity can keep taking the test for every 50,000 new converts and true believers he gained or until he gives up. Once the deity passed the test his clerics have full access to their spells and special abilities. When 100,000 convert and true believers are reached, the deity can dispense one quest level spells to one his cleric. Higher level quest spells (miracles) and dispensing it to more clerics need more followers before the deity can dispense them. In my campaign, a 0-level minister/priest/teacher can lead a congregation to generate enough energy to allow faith healing to occur. Energy of 25 points can equate to a 1st-level spell like bless, cure light wounds, remove fear or protection from evil. Only cure or self reality altering effects are allowed with faith healing. If there is enough people in the congregations higher level of faith healing can occur.

Ghost Helm

A ghost helm is a major helm with the ability to phase the whole ship into a non-corporeal state. The helmsman can activate the "ghost" effect once per shift. It takes one turn per ton to phase corporeal matter into non-corporeal state. The ship can phase to a non-corporeal state and maintain this state even if the helmsman leave the helm. Everything inside the ship's air envelope will would turn into "ghost." The ghost ship does not have the real ghost ability to aged creatures viewing them.

The ship would turn ethereal to anyone viewing the ship from the outside of the ship's air envelope when it phased to non-corporeal state. Anyone inside the ship, when it phased into a ghostly state, everything remain the same since the crew also became non-corporeal. Since the crew are also phased into a ghost-like state, they view the ship as normal matter. Any real ghost or ethereal creature that gets on board the ship is viewed as normal creature (normal matter body, no ethereal, ghost based attacks) and can be attacked normally (magical item not required).

Anyone from the outside trying to board the ship would just pass through the "ghost" ship and float away in space. Anyone with the ability to phased into ethereal form can phased into the ship and be able to board it as "normal" ship. Anyone boarding the ship in this manner must be careful where and when they phase into ethereal form. Anyone phasing when between "ghost" decks, walls or material will be take damage and be ejected into empty space adjacent to the object. If the person phased while in the same space as a "ghost" crew, both will take damage and separated.

The ghost ship can travel and be able to pass through solid matter, except ethereal prohibitive material, like ghost steel. If the ship phased back into reality while inside or partially into a solid object, it would take damage equal to the percentage of the ship in the solid matter. spelljammer shock, ship shaken and disintegration also applied when appropriate.

**NOTE: A ghost inside a phased ship is treated as a normal creature. Okay, a very ugly undead, but can be attacked with normal weapons and does not exhibit ghost aging attacks.

Air Guitar Bardic Helm

The helmsman activate the bardic helm, an ornate guitar pick, by strumming the air as if playing the instrument. A semi solid ebony guitar appears while the helmsman plays a tune. If the air guitar is played by a bard, it would flare with an flame illusion surrounding the guitarist and the SR would be six instead of three. [Play RUSH music when helm is activated =)] The air guitar bardic helm can move at spelljamming speed and three SR ships ten tons or less. This helm works well with shuttle for short to medium in sphere travel. The bardic helm can be used on any ship that does not have an active helm on board. The helm can be used at any time and does not need to bond with the ship.

Gravity Well Helm

The gravity well helm is an artifact created to help ancient elves explore the crystal sphere. The ambient magical energy found in wildspace is used to power the helm without draining magical energy from the helmsman. It works by creating a gravity well that the ship falls into, propelling it. An unfamiliar helmsman is always surprised when the gravity well opens under the ship. The ship would fall accelerating it one SR per turn until it reaches critical speed at SR10. If the ship is away from any mass that is 200 tons or more by SR8 the ship will jump into spelljamming speed. The helmsman can adjust the position of the well along the ship's axis to help direct the ship. The helmsman, with several practice, will learn to point down the front of the ship toward the hole to help steer the ship when underway.

Anything not tied down or nailed down would float up towards the ceiling and be pinned. Items and people on the reverse gravity areas will be pinned to the floor if the hole is under the ship and the helmsman did not redirect the ship's orientation to the hole while the ship's speed increased. If the hole is in front of the ship's bow, then the items and people who are not tied down will float to the back and pinned against stationary objects. Once spelljamming speed is achieved, the gravity plane returns to normal until the gravity well again appears when the ship decelerate. Anything pinned to the ceiling would fall to the floor and the reverse gravity will be able to stand up again. People can still move when the hole is open, but they have to pull themselves along the ship.

The gravity well can affect any ship's gravity plane if their gravity planes intersect with the ship carrying the gravity well helm. Their gravity plane would orient in respect to the position of the gravity well. Their ship would also falls toward the gravity hole. An experience gravity well helmsman knows how to orient the well to snap the other ship out of it's gravity envelope and slingshot it forward. A helmsman learn this snap and roll to slingshot the other ship to smash into an asteroid.

Soul Helm (Souljammer)

Using the Well of Souls, it can propel any mass into spelljamming and tactical speed. It uses souls to power the helm.

Abangur's Giant Spelljamming Helm

Fiero Abangur is an ancient red dragon that calls the area known as the Smoking Cauldron home. The rumors about his treasure hoard is legendary. One item in particular stand out of his collection and that is the giant chair, now called Abangur's Helm. The item is immense measuring 15 foot from the floor to the seat, 15 feet wide between arm rest and no back rest. The item is made of unknown reddish hardwood, silver, gold and platinum. It is known to be a spelljamming helm, but for what ship or who used it is unknown.

Cold Helm

A cursed item or by design this normal looking minor helm drains the heat from the surrounding air envelope when first bolted to the ship. The temperature would be constantly just above freezing. Snow and ice would appear when condition permit.

Dragon Helm

The dragon helm is really a saddle strapped to a dragon. It allows the dragon and it's rider to travel at spelljamming speed. The helm also allows the dragon to move at tactical speed with SR of 5 and a MC of B. The dragon usually has only enough air for a few days so no more than a quick patrol each time the dragon leaves the planet's airspace.

Death Helm

Powered by negative energy, evil intelligent helm, can be used by non-magic wielding creature, corrupts good aligned creature/PC/NPC, able to create and direct control minor undead like skeleton and zombie with the helm, add points to reaction when encountered an intelligent high level undead, Cloak of darkness ability encompassing the ship's air envelope and poison air ability with charnel house type smell.

Blood Helm

A Maztica (Aztec) type altar used for human blood sacrifice to power the helm. The heart belongs to the gods, but the blood powers the helm. The altar absorbs the blood as blood points. 1 human sacrifice equals 10 blood points.

The blood helm uses humanoid blood as a power source, think of it as a vampiric helm. The humanoid heart sacrifice is a religious ceremony and the blood is also used to power the helm.

Okay, the plot would go along this line, that an evil maztican high priest developed the blood helm after his city-state was visited by a spelljamming ship. After consulting his gods, he is able to fashion a helm out of a stone altar that was placed on a wooden ship, fashioned after the visiting spelljammer ship. At first, the ship was used as a mobile temple within the kingdom for humanoid sacrifices, but as the gods demanded more sacrifices, the ship is used to raid nearby neighboring cities. The defeated foes that fell to the city-state's army were sacrificed on the altar. The ship and regular spelljamming helm ship escorts were seen entering wildspace about a year ago. What is the fleet of ships doing in wildspace?

One regular humanoid sacrifice equals to 10 blood points, a giant is 20, a small humanoid is 5 blood points and tiny humanoid is 1 blood point.

The helm is the size of an Aztec stone altar.

The altar can store up to 2000 blood points. It takes 250 blood points to move into spelljamming speed and 2 points to maintain spelljamming cruising speed per hour. Tactical speed is achieved by spending 25 blood points to initiate movement of SR 1, 2 point per 1 SR raised per hour and 2 points to maintain cruising speed per hour. In combat the ship use 2 blood points per SR raised per turn/combat round.

250 BP - jump from tactical speed to speljamming speed
2 BP/Hour - maintain spelljamming cruising speed

25 BP - jump from dead stop to tactical speed SR 1
2 BP/1 SR - To raise SR by a factor of 1
Current SR (2*SR)/Hour - Maintain tactical cruising speed
2 BP/SR - Combat rounds tactical speed

If the altar is moved to another ship, it takes 10 blood points per 1 ton of ship to initiate spelljamming speed. It takes 1 blood point per ton to initiate tactical speed.

1T   =    5 BP
2T   =   10 BP
3T   =   15 BP
4T   =   20 BP
5T   =   25 BP
10T  =   50 BP Ship is too small to accommodate the helm
25T  =  125 BP
50T  =  250 BP
100T =  500 BP
200T = 1000 BP
300T = 1500 BP

Animal blood is used on a type of 'pyre' helm, pouring the blood on the fire as a 'burnt offerings'.

I guess, you can have a divine energy helm, which intrigues me to no end, but it might operate only within the god's sphere of influence and it's outer/innerplane domain for the faithful.

Green Helm

Unique to a giant tree dominated asteroid. Druid using a staff of the wild is able to move the asteroid at tactical speed of 1 and MC of F. It uses the living energy of the tree to move the asteroid. The asteroid is moved only in an emergency.

Thief Helm

It appears as a twelve inch blade dagger with Damascus steel, light blue handle and a blue star sapphire set on the pommel. It is a +1 bonus on attacks, +2 bonus on damage and +3 bonus damage to anyone sitting on a spelljamming helm. It will emit a light blue glow 10 feet radius when unsheathed from it's scabbard. When plunged into any part of a spelljamming ship, it will sink up to six inches deep, no matter the material of the ship. The light and dark band of folded metal would glow and dance while activated. It will override any spelljamming helm currently operating on the ship. It would take 1d6 rounds before the ship's helmsman realize that s/he lost control of the ship and also lost the helmsman's 360° point of view of the ship. This blade is rumored to have been lost in the flow.

Mimic Helm

A favorite pet of an Arcane who was passing by the area. It was trained to manipulate it's body to form a throne. The Arcane experimented until he found a way to pass spelljamming abilities from other creatures to his pet. In his last voyage the Arcane was slain by a pirate raid and the "helm" was taken as one of the pirate's booty. The helm now operates on one of the ships in the pirate fleet. When the mimic feels secure that it can act undisturbed it will attack and eat the helmsman. It attacks only when the ship is docked. The captain and crew on the ship is very superstitious and would not tell the new helmsman about the disappearance of the old helmsman. The helm is very comfortable, like old leather chair and seems to fit and adjust to the helmsman.

Spirit Helm

When a helmsman dies while operating a spelljamming helm, his spirit is sometimes trapped and tied to the helm. There are several spirit helms, but all are unique in the way they operate and interact with the ship, the crew and the helmsman. The spirit would appear as it would in life, but in an ethereal form. It does not have the ghost attack and it can only be harmed if the helm is attacked directly or it allowed to take damages meant for the helmsman when the ship is attacked. If the helm enters an dead magic area like a Sargasso or anti-magic area, it will be able to leave the helm. If the helm is not destroyed once it emerge from the dead-magic area, it will pull back the spirit to the helm trapping it once more. A spirit that is trapped alone for a long time can go insane and try to harm the new ship, the crew and the helmsman.

1) The first type only allow contact with the helmsman and the helm spirit. Every time the helmsman sits down on the helm, he is able to feel and converse with the trapped spirit. Depending on it is a malevolent spirit or a helpful one depends on what type of personality the spirit was before being trapped. A good spirit would help the helmsman in navigating especially in places the spirit sailed before, add to the SR/MR of the ship, or just talked and swapped stories with the helmsman. A bad spirit would do the opposite or only help if it thinks it can gain it's freedom. A spirit helm can control the ship when the helms man is weakened. A good spirit would help take the ship out of danger, while a bad spirit would try to destroy the ship to find release. If an attack is about to hit, a spirit can elect to take the damage instead of the helmsman. The spirit will only take damage up to half of it's hit points and only will defend helmsman they see as a true friend. If the damage is enough to cause shock, the the spirit will be out of commission for several days.

2) The second type allows itself to be seen in the helmsroom unable to leave the area. The spirit will be seen by the crew if it trusted them. It can do all what type one is capable of doing.

3) The third type is able to manifest it self in any part of the ship except places warded off from spirits.

A helmsman might be driven to find release for their friend and he might be set on a quest to find a solution. A blessing ceremony, as well as bringing the ship to the spirit's home port are part of the ceremony to release the spirit.

Faerie Helm

A small spelljamming minor helm designed for use by faerie folks. The wing sails and the rudder sail are magical sails and add SR1 to the ship. The ship has an SR of three and an MC of A.

The faerie spelljamming ship 'Drake' resemble a flying duck. It has the green, yellow and brown colors of a mallard. It is able to land on both water and land. It is a one ton ship with a length of eighteen feet and six feet wide. It is a galleon type with forecastle, stern castle, weather deck (main deck) and cargo deck. The ship does not have any tall mast like a regular galleon. The bow sport a duck's head and neck that blends into the fore castle and body of the ship. There is a folding mast on the side of the ship. When deployed, the mast extend a wing sail and resembles bird wings. Behind the stern at the main deck level are two smaller mast that when extended stretch between them the rudder sail resembling a bird tail feathers.

The crew are made up of several types of faerie folks. The captain is a sprite named Sidar of the Enchanted Elm of Clan Red Oak. The helmsman is a Brownie named Helmut Darkearth. The ship rarely leave the confines of the forest and only on special occasion will they venture into space. The ship is mostly used to patrol the forest and keep an eye out for trouble. The PC can hitch a ride if they can make friends with the ship's crew and make themselves equal or smaller than two feet.

Stone Helm

The spelljammer helm and stone ship are made from a single roughly hewn and sculpted solid granite. The helm is a major helm with the ability to phase into bedrock, stones and metals. The ship is a double deck ship, with a weather deck (main deck) and a cargo deck. There is a stern castle and no mast. The helmsman has the ability to sense fifty feet radius around the ship. Everyone inside the ship will not detect or be affected when entering the bedrock. If the crew open the entry hatch they will be met by a wall of rock or stone. Loose rocks might fall inside the ship and must be cleared to close the hatch. Anyone using a scroll of Xornform can leave the ship while the ship is still embedded in the stone. Anyone on the main deck while in the rocks, can ride the ship while in Xornform. When it land or breach a rocky area, it can phase into the rocks and sail at a base movement rate of 3 miles per hour. When the ship is underway, it can sail through both rocks and soil. If the ship stops at a layer of soil, it would float to the top and crest on the surface moving to the side any plants or items in the way. The ship can safely stop at a rocky area and would not be forced to surface. If the ship's entry hatch is situated at a void or fissure on the rock bed, the crew can disembark. The ship must use caution when entering caves and caverns, as the ship may not stop in time if the ship is at top speed. If the cavern is big enough the ship can levitate and lower itself to the floor, if the ship entered the cave above ground level. The helm's stone phase ability even used on and off only last one day or 24 hours and then must rest 48 hours before operating again.

[Scroll of Xornform is from The Code of the Harper book FOR4 Accessory]

Brass Helm

This is a major helm created from highly polished brass. The copper and zinc components of the brass helm were mined from the elemental plane of fire. The helm is currently located at the first planetoid nearest the primary sun. The ship carrying it crashed into one of the craters marking the landscape. The ship was also created from brass, but the metal ores are not mined from the elemental plane of fire. When the ship was tested and flown to the sun, the ship's metal hull started to buckle and twist from the tremendous heat as it near the core of the sun. The helmsman was able to escape death because the brass helm protected him from the heat and eventually escaped into another dimension. The rest of the crew, who were polymorphed into fire elemental humanoids to survive the brief test flight into the sun, died after the magic duration ended while inside the sun. The ship is a charred, melted and twisted metal ruin lodged into one of the craters. The brass helm is still intact and functional. They say that the crew haunts the ship wreckage.

Cloud Helm

The cloud helm was the brain child of the famous weather mage Professor Dingleberry of the Asakari Sky University. The helm was created to help him study the various weathers and clouds found in gas planets. As a sky denizen, he only visited solid ground a few times in his life. He lived and breathed the open sky.

The cloud helm is a major helm with the ability to levitate in the atmosphere. When it was first activated it created a cloud ship, a clipper sailing ship, made of hardened solid cloud and with sheer cloud sails. The ship is able to support the weight of the crew, materials and cargoes normally carried by a regular spelljamming clipper ship. The ship is able to travel at MC B and 480 miles in a 24 hour period in the atmosphere. The ship can levitate even if the helm is left unattended and will rise and fall to match the prevailing cloud zone of a planet.

The ship's defensive weapons are a lightning bolt and cloud bank. The lightning bolt fires 360° around the ship originating from cloud hull of the ship. The lightning bolt has a 480 yards range, when in wildspace, the lightning bolt can only activate if the two ship's air envelope touches together. The white cloud hull of the ship darkens when the lightning bolt is employed. The lightning bolt can be used 100 times before being depleted and replenish itself at the rate of 1 charge a day. The charging can be speed up by casting a lightning bolt directly at the helm with one charge per lightning bolt. The cloud bank acts as a cloaking element covering the whole ship, since it simulate a cloud floating around. It could be activated three times a day with an unlimited duration time until canceled, dispelled or the lightning bolt is activated by the helmsman. The cloud bank can replenish the air in the ship's envelope when in wildspace. The cloud bank does not work in the flow.

Vats of Endless Air Engine (Urns of Endless Air)

The Urn came from an idea when a wizard first saw a magical decanter of endless water. The idea of harnessing that power to move a spelljamming craft was first born. Since a decanter lacks the power to move even a small boat at a good clip, it was decided that a bigger container was needed to harness the desired power needed to move a spelljamming craft.

The urn is about 10 feet tall with a mouth as wide as 5 feet. It was set at the below deck level at the stern of the West Wind, a small galleon type vessel. The mouth is facing away from the ship while the rest of the urn is inside secured in timber framework to hold the urn steady. the "engine man" can readily touch the urn to give it the command words when needed. Two smaller urns are attached to the starboard and port side of the ship with in a movable gimbals framework. The urn could be move in any direction by the gimbals system to turn the ship left, right, up or down and even rotate the ship in a barrel roll. Two "engine men" with 2 helpers each would control the direction of the smaller urns. The smaller urns are harder to reach because it is positioned off the deck of the ship. The "engine men" must reach for the urns to activate and deactivate them.

The Urn of Endless Air does not function in the flow. The air is always fresh and does not suffer from running out of air. Any attacks like stinking clouds and other air-based attacks at half the effect for only one round if the saved failed.

Carrot Hanging From A Stick Helm

The pole is about 10 feet long, about 5 inches thick on the butt end and 3 inches on the point. The pole is made of ironwood with a gold pommel. There are words written on the length of the pole carved and inlaid with cherry wood and oak wood. The words are instructions on how to use the pole and the magical command words. The instruction are to tie a 5 foot length of string at the end of the pole and tie something on the other end of the string. The command words are "Go get it" and "Whoa, you dumb thing!"

To make the magic work you need to tie something on the string. A carrot or an apple would work well. The person then sit or stand in front or back of the wagon, cart, chariot, sled, boat or spelljamming craft with a weight of one ton or less and hang the carrot over the edge of the craft. The person then holds the carrot in front of the craft and speak the command word. If the carrot is moved to the side of the craft, it would turn in the direction of the carrot. If it moved to the back the craft would slow down and stop before accelerating in the opposite direction. On a spelljamming craft, if the carrot is positioned above or below the craft, it would rise or sink depending on the position of the carrot.

Land craft move at the speed as if they are being pulled by oxen, mules or horses. They have the normal cargo weight capability and travel restrictions. Water craft of one ton or less are able to travel as if they are on full sail with good stiff breeze behind the sail. Spelljammer craft of one ton or less are able to accelerate in 4 rounds to SR1. The pole gives a better reaction roll if used to make a stubborn animal to cooperate.

Solar Sail

A solar sail is made of heavy canvass material used to power small boats in wildspace. It is used primarily by Sun Republics that dots the inner sphere ring of a crystal sphere. It is black on one side and white on the other. The sail allows a one ton craft to sail to a speed of one SR.

Jump Helm

A jump helm functions as a major helm with a special function. It can jump between crystal sphere without entering the flow. It used the power of the fire bodies in the crystal spheres and transporting itself to another fire body in another crystal sphere. For it to function properly the ship must be aligned properly with both fire bodies. As the ship get nearer to the sun, it collects the sun's energy to power the helm to jump. The ship is gated to to the next sphere.

The astrogator must know where in the flow the two crystal sphere are positioned at all times. Since some spheres tend to wander or bob up and down on the flow the astrogator must compensate to get the true position. An excellent new star chart of the flow and the crystal spheres would help in the calculations. The astrogator must also know which constellations he must use to align the ship with the target crystal sphere. If the calculations are right then the ship would be transported to the target crystal sphere's sun moving away from the it. If the calculations are wrong then the ship is "lost." The ship could end up in the flow between the spheres away from the colored river that connects them. The ship could be pointed a different direction than original heading, away from the target sphere and it could be located anywhere between the two spheres. A natural roll of 100% is an automatic failure and the ship could be located anywhere, even inside a different crystal sphere. If the crystal sphere is in an unknown area, it make take the ship and crew years to return home.

   _____              _____
  /     \            /     \
 ( .-O---)----------(---O-. )
  \     /            \     /
   -----              -----

Percentage For Successful Jump
+ INTx2
+ WISx2
+ Map (+1/+10)
+ Experience (+jump helm years x1)
+ Astrology/Astronomy (+5)
+ Navigation Equipment (+1 per 500 GP worth)
+ Non-Planned Jump Less Than 24 hours (-10)
+ Non-Planned Jump Less than 1 Hour (-25)

1 Year Old      +10
2-5 Years Old   +5
6-10 Years Old  +2
11+ Years Old   +1

INT 18x2= +36
WIS 13x2= +26
Map +10
Astronomy +5
Experience 2 Years +2
500 GP Equipment +1
Planned Jump 24 hours advance -0


This helm is in the category of enhanced helm. Enhanced helms are helms that are minor/major helms in function, but have other special abilities. A jump helm functions as a major helm in all ways, plus the ability to gate the ship into another sphere.

An enhanced helm also are capable of +1/+2/+3 to SR or MR or both. They also exhibits cloaking features, self sustained levitation features and other features the DM allows. Intelligent helms and Artifact helm (Epic Helm) are two helms that have their own powers and abilities charts and should not be used as enhanced helms.

A mis-jump is really a bad thing in my book. Look at it like Star Trek: Voyager type mishap. I used fire bodies since the requirement for large amount of energy to power the helm.

There are standard sets of Navigation Equipment, with a limit on value of 10,000gp (i.e. +20) under normal circumstances. A minimum set at 500gp, a standard set at 1500gp, a superior set at 2500gp, and a master set at 5000gp, and a superior master set at 10,000gp.

A bonus is gained by people with really good Astrology/Astronomy skill, another +5 given three ranks in it, and a final +5 given five or more ranks. Alternativly, the bonus is 4+ranks, so one rank gives +5%, four ranks +8%, six ranks +10%, etc.

Waterjammer Helm


Transjamming Helm

- Acts as a major sj helm
- Allows once a week to fold space (telepoort the whole ship) to any coordinate the helmsman desired within the crystal sphere. Any obstacle within the chosen coordinate would prevent the fold to happen and waste the teleport until another week recharge. If there is enough space for the ship, a called shot teleport can occur allowing the ship to appear inside an asteroid cavern. A wrong alignment of the ship with the passage of the cavern would prevent the teleport. - Require a very talented navigator/astrogator to pinpoint coordinates. A called teleport to x,y,z coordinate would require familiarity with crystal sphere planetary procession and other events in the cosmos (and lots of dice rolling and DM giggling). A simple teleport to open wildspace happens except on a roll of 1 which mean something else botch the teleportation of the ship.


- Acts as a minor/major helm
- Allow twice a week for the ship to phasee in and out of wildspace into the ethereal plane. Each phase shift counts as one use of the power and for each charge would require a week to replenish the power. The power can be used separately and can charge at different time. Allows passage through solid objects at non-spelljamming speed at SR per helmsman. (DM can enforce a time limit for the phase shift to end.) - Require a very talented navigator/astrogator

Whiz Bang Engine

A gnomish rocket engine design being perfected as an efficient replacement for helms. The new Whiz Bang engine is currently being tested on a gnomish sidewheeler. The rocket engine is a modified design, but the new fuel is what set the experiment apart from the rest of the gnomish rocket department's projects. It used 10 tons of space for the storage tanks for the new fuel, which is Greek fire. All weaponry on board are changed into Greek fire projectors.

Ship Catapult

A set of magical ship catapults are used to propel tactical only ships at spelljamming speed. The two colonies spent their money on this huge transportation project to facilitate trade and commerce between the two colonies. There are many interested parties and the huge cost of proper spelljamming helms makes this project look cost effective.

Residual Spelljamming Magic Helm

When a particular chair, throne or stool (top quality) is used for casting create minor or major helm spell, residual energy are sometimes left behind. The energy would dissipate after a time because the minuscule amount of energy in the helm was not used. There are times when enough casting of the spell in a short time period might have enough residual energy to power the helm for a few minutes to few hours beyond the usual spell duration. There is also a one percent chance per casting that the spell might double or triple in duration because of the helms constant use. A temporary helm used often for casting create spelljamming helms will have a higher success rate, if used to create a permanent spelljamming helm, because of it's ability to accept magical energy.

Push Rod Engine

A push rod engine can be either magical or mechanical in nature. It is a machine that slide a heavy rod with a ram at one end into a block secured to the engine deck. It is an engine only a gnome could love, since it would rattle the teeth off any other space loving creature. There is a chance the rod could cause damage to the hull because of the constant ramming. One engine could propel a 5 ton ship at 1/4 SR. The engine weighs one ton each. The usual gnome setup is a four banger configuration for a SR of one.

Clockwork Engine

Mostly magical in nature, with a some pure mechanical specimens available. the clockwork engine is a nightmare of close tolerances and spaced springs, gears and knobs. The smaller engines that are 1/4 tons are used in one-ton ships. It takes 10 minutes of winding to have power for one hour. For bigger ships, it takes 30 minutes of winding for four hours of power. The engine could power oars, flapping wings or tail fin wiggling to power the ship. If used with helms, it could enhanced both the SR and MR.

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