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The Ghost Ship

"I believe I can enlighten you on that matter, me lad," exclaimed Aghar.

"And what do you know of ghost ships and ghosts, old man?"

Young Irondar eyes the old man, if he really knows anything.

"I saw it once, while sailing under the Bloodhawk. You know that ship, me lad?"

Oh yeah, Irondar heard of the legendary Captain Timor and his infamous ship while growing up. All of the people in this port have heard of him in one way or another. Only when the Elven Imperial Navy arrived did he curtailed his activities. There is a rumor that he is plying his trades in another part of the crystal sphere. He is, or was, a hunter seeker, a bounty hunter, and his ship is, or was, crewed by some of the most fearsome skilled men and women this spaceway have ever seen. His name and his ship is synonymous with unrelenting tenacity to catch a mark.

"I was a cook in that vessel and after seeing ghost ship, I went to shore and never boarded another spacefaring ship."

"So was it that scary seeing the ghost ship?"

"Yes, after the watch alerted the crew, I went on the main deck to see the commotion, and in front of me was a galleon, in all it's spooky glory. The ship was in full sail and it was bearing down like it was going to ram us on the portside. I can still see that eerie glow and that unearthly essence from the ship. I felt it pulse from a distance, like a heart beating. I swear that I saw the stars behind the ship, it was translucent and shimmering, in an eerie way. The weird thing was from all the stories I heard before of ghost ships, this one was in good condition. The sails were not tattered and the ship itself was in better condition than the Bloodhawk. I saw ghosts adjusting the riggings, masts and sails. They look like they were alive and not an undead sense that I saw or felt, if you know what I mean. We did all we could, but that ship rammed us, or it tried to, and it passed through the Bloodhawk. When part of that ship passed through me, I felt the coldest chill this old bones have ever felt. It scared me and when we docked for repairs and supply, I left the ship and never again returned. I think that is why Captain Timor left for other parts of wildspace, because he can't bear to witness again the only thing that ever scared him. You can fight the living and even the undead, but ghost and their ghost ship is another thing. Most of the crew aged that day, and the oldest ones were dead cold when we saw them next after the incident. It seemed like they were scared by a hundred ghosts at the same time, which happened, I tell you."

"So where can I find this glorious ship of yours old man?"

"We saw it by the leeward side of the last moon of Deneb, Mystera," the old man answered young Irondar in frank candor.

"I think that is one area I will avoid," smiled Irondar, "I am not ready to be sent to the next realm, my god can wait, if you know what I mean."

Aghar laughed and hoped that that ship would stay where it was, like a good ghost ship and not wander around scaring god fearing folks.

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