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Dragon Ship
Ship TypeMedium Warship
Built ByShou Lung Humans Of Toril
Used Primarily ByShou Lung Junk Community
Tonnage45 Tons
Hull Points45
Maneuverability ClassD
Armor Rating5
Saves AsThick Wood
Power TypeMajor Helm, Minor Helm
Ship's RatingAs Per Helmsman
Standard Armament2 Medium Ballista (Forward) - Crew: 2
Cargo22 Tons
Keel Length150'
Beam Length20'

Celestial Dragon

Temple Deck
1) Kitchen
2) Pantry
3) Head
4) Storage
5) Sail Lockers
6) Companionway
7) Shrine To The Path & Way
8) Ballista
9) Dome Over Bridge & Helm

Crew Deck
1) Bridge &Helm
2) Companionway
3) Officer's Quarters
4) Storage
5) Crew Quarters
6) Storage
7) Storage
8) Crew Quarters
9) Crew Quarters
10 Recorder's Quarters
11) Recorder's Library & Chart Room

Drill Deck
1) Armory
2) Parade Deck & Communal Galley
3) Open To Shrine Below

Scout's Deck/Meditation Deck
1) Forward Lookout
2) Captain's Quarters

A modified Dragonship used as a townhall and temple by the junk community. Added features are a Magical Spring Well (providing clean drinking water for the community), a magical bonsai miniature forest (cleans the air for the dragonship and the junk community when lashed together), and Meditation Sandbox. A High Priest Sun Xi (15th level cleric) is the religious head of the community. He is helped by 3 priest (1x 10th level, 1x 8th level and 1x 6 level clerics) and 6 acolytes (1st-3rd level clerics). The rest of the crew are provided by the junk community and the priest man the helm for some of the junk ship when needed.

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