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Cargo Barge
Ship TypeSmall Trader
Built ByHumans, Mind Flayer, Neogi
Used Primarily ByRealm Exploration Society (REX)
Tonnage25 Tons
Hull Points25
Maneuverability ClassF
Armor Rating8
Saves AsThick Wood
Power TypeNone; Spell Engine Helm
Ship's RatingSR 1/Hour Per Charge Used (1 Charge/Additional SR Per Turn - SR 9 Max)
Standard ArmamentNone
Cargo20 Tons
Keel Length40'
Beam Length20'

Truth Seeker

"Truth Seeker" - Research Barge
1) Library
2) Laboratory
3) Common Room/Meeting Room
4) Galley
5) Crew Quarters
6) Storage
7) Head
8) Helm Room
9) Deck

The research barge is use to study any information the REX exploration fleet found in a particular survey. The research barge is capable to research magical and mundane subject.

Star Gazer

"Star Gazer" - Astronomy Barge
1) Telescope & Library
2) Common Room/Meeting Room
3) Galley
4) Crew Quarters
5) Storage
6) Head
7) Helm Room
8) Deck

The astro barge catalogue the stars and all things inside a crystal sphere. They also map the heavens for the best place on the crystal sphere to exit to a particular flow river cutting down the time of travel. They map the heavens to predict eclipses, planetray alignment and celestial events. They also study the astrology of a particular sphere to predict auspicious days and bad omens.

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