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Ark Ship
Ship TypeFleet Flagship
Built ByArcane
Used Primarily ByRealm Exploration Society (REX)
Tonnage200 Tons
Hull Points200
Maneuverability ClassF
Armor Rating2
Saves AsStone
Power TypeSeries Major Helm
Ship's RatingAs Per Helmsman Average
Standard ArmamentNone (Colonial Ship)
Up To 20 Heavy And Medium Turreted Weapons (Rogue or Private Ship)
Cargo100 Tons
Keel Length500'
Beam Length300'

R.S.S. Realm Princess

Top Deck
1) Helm Tower - This is a 6 story tower. The 1st floor has the main office, aides offices, guard room, guard quarters, armory, storage room and waiting room. The 2nd floor has the kitchen, mess hall, servant quarters, laundry room and great hall. The 3rd floor has the alchemy lab, magical lab, spell test lab and storages. The 4th floor has the library, scribe office, scribe room, and vault. The 5th floor has the mages quarters, sitting room and bath. The 6th floor has the helm room, chart room, meeting room, and storage.
2) Tavern - "Tavern By The Green" is a two story building. The tavern serves beer, spirits and wine from all parts of wildspace at a reasonable price. They sell good priced comfort food that would remind one of their mother's cooking. A feasting hall and some private meeting rooms are available. A small brewery and a moonshine still is at the back of the tavern.
3) Inn - "World Serpent Inn" is a two story building. The food is the best in the Ark ship and very reasonable at their dining hall. The rooms are clean and well decorated.
4) Mercantile Store - "Sarah's General Store" sells most common supplies needed by a ship at +10% price markup. Hard to find or rare items have a 10% chance of being sold in the store at +20% price markup. Exotic or very rare items have only 1% chance of being in the store and the price have to be negotiated. Most common magical components are available at +10% price markup. Rare components have 10% of being in stock at +20% price markup. Very rare, Exotic or custom items have only 1% chance of being in stock and the price must be negotiated.
5) Warehouse - 6x
6) Library - The library hold
7) Chapel
8) Crew's House - 28x
9) Captain's House
10) Catapult Tower - (12x Medium Catapult, 4x Heavy Catapult) Two story tower with the catapult located on the roof.
11) Wood Grove

The ark ship was converted from a colony ship into a science ship by the Realm Exploration Society. The ship contains laboratories, libraries and observatory (above the library) to help map and study wildspace. Each building has a door leading into an underground corridor connecting them to several underground barracks, magical laboratories, alchemical laboratories, cargo holds, offices, bath areas, armories, a huge research library, hospital, temple, shops and many other rooms. There are marines stationed in strategic areas of the ship to prevent enemies from entering the underground deck. There is a trail to each of the 2 wing sail that allows adjustment and repair of the sail. The right trail continue all the way down to the gravity plane where a small dock is located to allow cargo ships to dock with the ark ship for resupply. There is a light catapult and a light ballista protecting the dock. There are 4 wreckboats and a mosquito ship (scout ship) and a dragonfly ship (used for local supply run) and several long boats stationed with the ark ship.

Ship Crew & Passengers
Captain (Admiral F15)
First Mate/Chief Of Operations (Commodore F13)
Commander (F11)
2x Lieutenants (F8-10)
4x Ensign (F5-7)
Ship's Mage (M20)
Senior Helmsman/Navigator (M14)
8x Assistant Helmsman/Navigator/Battle Mage (M6-12)
Fleet Chaplain/Chief Medic (C15)
4x Assistant Chaplains/Medics/Scribes (C3-10)
Weapon Master/Chief Of Security (F12)
Battle Poet (B10)
Chief Engineer/Master Artificer (F8/M8)
Sail Master (F5)
Bosun (F3)
Purser (T3)
50x Sailors (F/T/B1-3)
Marine Captain (F12)
2x Marine Lieutenant (F6-8)
4x Marine Sargeant (F4-5)
48x Marines (F1-3)
20x Assorted Idlers (Head Chef, Cooks, Carpenters, Head Gardener, Shipwrights, Blacksmith, Inn Keeper, Tavern Keeper, Servants, Cabin Boy, Etc F/T/B/C/M 0-3)
45x Passengers (Scientist)
(Additional 100 crew/people in an emergency or as needed.)

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