In a rather disturbing development, several of the Illithid nations have recently united under a common banner. The idea here is to promote greater co-operation between the Illithid nations, which would benefit all of them. Non-Illithids have a more cynical interpretation of this development. If all of the established Illithid nations united into a common unit, they could threaten every space-faring race in existence, including the elves. Typically, the Illithid ships carry their own national colors, but also carry a pennant representing the Illithid United Navy (IUN); this is a practice similar to that of the Imperial Elven Navy. The fleet commander is an incredibly egotistical Illithid called Mind Sifter.

Fortunately, this federation of Illithid nations is still fairly loose. The member states do not openly fight one another, but they don't always help each other either. While the Illithid fleet is not a major threat, it may one day become one.

The fleet is known to operate in Realmspace, but they do not have a lasting presence. They have also been sighted in Krynspace, but are usually just "passing through." Interpret that any way you want to. In Greyspace the Illithids are a minor, but lasting problem. They maintain numerous bases throughout the system, but no central base has been located. Ships in Greyspace tend to take an offensive stance when an IUN ship appears, and skirmishes are common. The IUN has recently began to explore other spheres as well. A recent spy mission to the sphere of Solaris was foiled by a Muldravian commander, Deliliah Ferrengal.