Race: Human Female
Class: Mage (no specific school of magic), 20th
THAC0: 17
Armor Class: 3 (bracers of defence AC 3)
Age: 55 (31 from magical longevity effects)
Height/Weight: 4'10" / 98 lbs
Homeland: Kien Islands, Cartania, Solaris
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Str 10; Dex 18+; Con 14-; Int 20+; Wis 14; Cha 18+; Cml 17
Weapon Proficiencies: Staff, Taw Kwan Do
Special: Immune to 1st and 2nd level Illusion/Phantasms


Cherrylyn Serianna Tiegorus, or Cherry was born on April 16, 1182 (Cartanian Calendar). Her father was human, her mother half-elf. She is proportionally small, like an elf, with reddish-brown hair and blue-green eyes. She was a triplet, but only one of her sisters is still alive.

At the age of ten, after showing a natural talent for magic, she was sent into an apprenticeship with a group of reclusive magicians. She completed her studies at eighteen, and promptly took up a very flamboyant adventuring career, filled with dilettante style living, whirlwind romances, and lots of parties with her adventuring companions.

This first phase of her life ended abruptly when a war broke out in her homeland, and of her family only an uncle and one identical sister survived. She left her party and spent several years trying, unsuccessfully, to find them. She has never truly given up on this quest.

The years of frustration in trying to find her uncle and sister made her very distraught, and she underwent a type of "mid-life crisis." She wandered about Cartania, trying to find a place to settle and become a "real wizard." She never stayed long in one place, however, claiming that the place wasn't right somehow. In truth, she didn't know what she wanted, knew it, and was very close to hating herself. She was near suicide at one point, and only the intervention of an old friend (a member of her original party) stopped her. Her friend, by this time wealthy and established, took her in at that point, and she started to put her life back together.

Her life changed radically with the discovery of an old tome describing and order of wizards called the Nimar. She had heard of this order, credited with protecting Cartania in ages past, only to be banished at the end of the Magic Wars (a period of wanton magical hell). This book described what the Nimar actually were like. Much of the knowledge they used had been lost after the Magic Wars, and she decided to find it. She encountered a group of characters of similar power (the Silver Osprey Party), and joined with them. Since she had a purpose in life again, she began to "loosen up" and become more like her old jovial self.

Her life changed again when the Silver Osprey Party encountered the most powerful foe they ever encountered: Drogatha the Everdragon (Natives of Greyhawk know of him). Drogatha defeated the party hands-down, and the survivors (about half) had to grant Drogatha some concessions. Cherry has given a curse/quest: compile a spell library of 1000 spells before the end of her natural life. At that time, Drogatha would come and collect them. If she failed to complete the task, or trick him in any way, he would turn her into a lich, and she would forever be his consort. The Osprey Party temporarily disbanded at that point, with many of the characters feeling that their luck had finally run out.

As for Cherry, she believes she has found a loophole in Drogatha's terms. If she successfully harnasses the power of a Nimar, she will break the curse. She does have two other options: she can use power from the Negative Material Plane to destroy her own soul, leaving Drogatha with nothing to transform (and destroying her own essence in the process); OR, she can become an Arch-Lich (a very rare, Good aligned Lich) under her own power before Drogatha can come to make good on his promise.

As a result of this curse, she sometimes retreats into a silent melancholy, as she considers her own future, and the possible fate of Cartania, or any other world for that matter, if Drogatha had a library as large as 1000 spells. However, it does not dominate her life.

She still enjoys what life has to offer, especially good friends and natural beauty. She is now married to Bagath Droitan, a Cosmotist Priest (something like a Druid with Neutral Good alignment), and a former adventuring companion. She is still searching for knowledge about the Nimar, and her studies have taken her all over Cartania.

In fact, her quest has taken her outside Cartania. She now knows that the Nimar were not restricted to Cartania, though that was their greatest concentration. She has taken up spelljamming, and her current ship is a custom designed squid ship called the "Calla Maraine." This ship has a unique helm and a variety of magical enhancements.

Most of the time, she and her companions are "dirtside," looking for knowledge about magic and/or just seeing what there is to see. Because of this, she can be encountered in any standard game world. Because of her travels, she has access to spells from all over the known spheres. Any spell from virtually any world could appear in her library, so one should hesitate before challenging her in combat, since her magical skills are an unknown quantity.

She has a pseudo-dragon familiar, Nigerio, who has been with Cherry for most of her career. He is a personable creature, enjoying philosophical writings, exotic food, and stimulating conversation. He has proven an invaluable assistant to Cherry on numerous occasions.

Cherry has the following magical items: A Robe of Eyes, a Ring of Wizardry (2nd level spells), and her personal Staff.

The Staff of Tiegorus

This staff is a by-product of Tiegorus's accumulated research. It is made of rare wood, is about 4'6" long, and with a star-shaped tip holding a gem that continuously changes color. Cherry is NEVER without this staff. It is similar to a magi staff, and can perform the following:

Powers that drain no charges:
Read Magic, Detect Magic, Light, Feather Fall, Shield*
Powers that drain one charge:
Invisibility, Web, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, ESP, Tongues, Magic Missile, Levitate, Dispel Magic, Ray of Enfeeblement, Suggestion.
Powers that drain two charges:
Telekinesis, Cone of Cold, Wall of Fire, Conjure Elemental, Wizard Eye, Teleport, Passwall.
Arcane powers:
Absorb spells to recharge, Store ten levels of spells (as a Ring of Spell Storing), Astral Projection (drains five charges, lose 1-6 strength points upon return. Strength returns at a rate of 1 point/hour).

If the staff is ever broken it will perform a retributive strike, as a Magi Staff. Normally, it performs all spell functions at two levels below Cherry (18th at present), and it can strike creatures hit only by magical weapons. However, it has no "to hit" bonus and is considered a normal weapon in calculating damage. Finally, though the "Shield" function drains no charges, it can only be used as many times in a twenty-four hour period as there are charges in the staff. Like most staves, this one can hold 25 charges before becoming "full." Overloading it will result in a retributive strike.

For the record, the construction of this staff took a LONG TIME: about two years to construct the formula, another year to gather the ingredients, and eight months for actual construction.