Race: Human Male
Class: Sage
THAC0: 20
Armor Class: 10 (9 HP)
Age: 80
Height/Weight: 5'6" / 112 lbs
Homeland: Shou Lung, Toril, Realmspace
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str 5-; Dex 4-; Con 11; Int 18; Wis 17; Cha 15; Cml 13
Special: Noweapon Proficiencies: Celestial Navigation (16), Astronomy (18), Wildspace Survival (14), Semaphore (18), General Planetology (15), Realmspace Planetology (18), and Spacemanship (5).

Seko is a frail, elderly, Oriental man who once worked on a Shou Lung dragonship that had the misfortune of crashing on Cartania. He survived the crash, but his body was permanently damaged. He can still move around normally, but his physical skill are gone. He was considered one of the best navigators in the Shou Lung fleet, and his skill as a navigator is never questioned. He currently works for the Seekers.

He is a wealth of knowledge for all aspects of spelljamming, and he has been compiling a library of the worlds and spheres he has visited. He has accelerated his work on this collection of books, because he fears that his life will end soon, and he does not want his life's work to go unfinished.

Seko is an enigma. He rarely speaks, but when he does he can give a book's worth of advice and almost any aspect of life. What's more, the advice is meaningful. After spending many years of his life on Cartania, he is glad to be in space again. However, he has passed up numerous opportunities to return to Shou Lung. He has found planet life to constrained, and fears that if he returned to Shou Lung, the emperor will make him remain as an advisor to his admirals. He wants a simple life, and he wants it in space.